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  1. Claire walked to police station as she did any other day taking in all the detail of the people of the street she could. She waved to a few people, but no one approached her in a neighborly fashion to ask her about her morning. She was born to the streets of Elma but not welcomed like some. She sipped on the cup of tea she had brought with her from her big fancy mansion. She was only stopped by a small child tugging on her black dress almost causing her to trip. Calmly, she turned around to see a tiny child crying. It was not that strange of an occurrence. Everyone knew everyone in the town so every child knew who the police were when they got lost. "Hep me, powlice lady. I cant fin my mummy," the small boy asked through teary brown eyes. She spotted his mother immediately knowing the family. "Hey, Moraine, your sons over here," she called out to the woman.

    As the woman came rushing to get her son, Claire noticed a face she had not seen much. Something about him seemed different. No one was greeting him and he was greeting no one. Her curiosity told her to go over to him, but she knew she could not at the moment. They would worry about her if she did not at least check in. She wondered with a sigh if having someone care was a blessing or a curse. She forced her eyes off of him and continued on to work. Her gut cringed though as she got the feeling she would be seeing him again soon.

    She sighed in after she entered the doors. She pushed her wavy brown hair out off her face as she stood back up and collided with someone. She said nothing to them for it was one of the new officers who had been giving her trouble. He called after her and even walked behind following her to her desk demanding an apology. She ignored him though finding silence a better statement than any.

    When he finally left after one of the chiefs scolded him, she found herself watching the door. She wanted him to walk through it so badly she did not know why. She waited impatiently for something to happen and even tapped her pen on the table some. Her green eyes never even flickered from the door. No one in the room dared messed with her. They could all tell she was focused on something or thinking up something important.
  2. The aspect of befreinding become did not come heavyily to neverin, he knew that he likee being by himself most of the time and he was this way for a long time, he wouldn't change that fact for this new place he was led to, it was a nice little town that depended on it's steel factory a little to much. But he was here and there was no where else to go, his black clothes stuck to his body in the humid atmosphere of the town, it felt as if the sun was litterally on his back, these were small complaints that he had rolled over his head a couple times know, he kept complaining to himself that it was to hot here and that this place would lead him to nothing but more despair and lost causes.
    He could feel the community's eyes boring into his skin, inspecting and expecting him to act in some manner to get him kicked out of town, but staring along is all they acomplished.

    Walking past several streets he found himself by the police station, it was a small thing and it seemed to send out police on patrols every quarter of an hour. Neverin thought this funny, he would want to attack a cute town like this, it was so ...... neutral, he knew otherwise though, its past was a dark and gloomy one! Filled with mysteries and untold story's, checking his watch breifly he saw that it was ten after twelve, it was starting to hit off into the after noon he since he had gotten here he had not ran into one clue to why he was her. Stepping along the side walk became repetitive, so he stepped of into the paved road, it was rough but most towns werent even paved yet. Checking for signs of his past he drew his gaze upon a small chappel building, it was only two blocks away from the police station and it was snuzzled in between a set of art deco styled houses, a black circle inside a triangle with an x through it was on the side of the building, he wondered why no one else had noticed this and taken it of the building, but he didnt question what he supposedly thought was fate.

    Walking towards the Chappell he felt his heart quicken its never ending beating, and his blood rushed to his head. He could tell this was something he was supposed to see but! He really didn't know what he was meant to see, he could fill a source spot drawing him close to something but he saw nothing, have faith in the blind for they shall lead the way, he went back to the phr ase his old step dad would tell him. He believed that his step father said this truthfully, so neverin closed his eyes...... and he started walking, he let the tug of the source bring him to where he need to be, and within an instance he found himself inside the chappel standing beside a booth. As he took a step back shocked at how quickly he had come into the building he saw a small book fall out of the booth, he looked inside the booth to see if anyone had purposefully pushed the book out for him to look at it but?..... no one.

    Grabbing the book he briskly took his leave of the gloomy place, he walked out and into the back, toward the police station almost instinctively. As he drew near the police station he noticed that it was getting dark out, and the clouds cascaded a dark purple across the sky as thousands of shinning dots started to appear, something switched inside him then, as he stared at the sky on the street void of many people, pain lanced down his body. He knew what this was, he had it happen to him many times before, as he slowly fell to his knee's he heard a roaring sound, it sounded sad and pitifull...... he did not realize it was him screaming in pain, light flickered across his skin and his eyes glowed in the low light. He could feel the energy come of him in waves...... the street light around him flickered of and the paint on the nearby building peeled of, shaking took Pl ce next right before a booming sound accompanied by smoke and a bright purple and orange light.

    He fell to the floor then, having left a two foot deep crater that was seven feet in diameter, as well as ruin and some houses that lost electricity, he hoped to god that no one would have noticed, but the forebodding feeling groped at his chest, and he knew someone was to see what had happened, what he had kept hidden for so long, what he was!
  3. (1800s: only the rich would have electricity of some sort excluding the street lamps. If that. Just a note to go off of for later reference.)
    Claire had stared at the door for over an hour doing all kinds if tricks with her pen. One of the older officers noticed the look in her eye. It was very similar to her on the close trail of a murderer. In fact, most everyone that was in the station noticed, which was not many seeing that their they're numbers were small and they had a different two walking the beat every half hour. Everyone who was in the station knew Claire very well and two of the three had been the original police Claire had met when she first walked into the stations.

    One of the said two stood up and made his way over to her desk. "What's it you're looking out for, C? You take a new case behind our backs?" he asked with a big of worry and also a but of humor. She did not take her eyes off the door when she spoke to him, "My gut told me that someone new guy was going to do something another. I do not know of it will be something he walks through doors for or not. I must be ready though. I am planning out every step of when he gets here. The usual, Harold." Her voice had a strange ring to it that even though she talked softly anyone would have heard it among people for the way it stood out. It was feminine but not very high with a slight undertone of something dark in it. She had always liked her voice. The officer patted her on the head and said in a voice almost to serious that was filled with all the trust and respect in the world, "Okay, C, you let us know if we need to head out, alright." One would think that a female in her position would have earned a laugh for saying what she had said, but everyone, excluding the new guy, would put their lives in her hands in a flash of a millisecond. They all trusted her "planning" and judgement maybe too much.

    Before leaving her desk, he smiled brightly and said,"And, C, I told you to call me Papa H." He let out a loud booming laugh and a smile lite up her lips as her eyes stayed glued to the door. A loud very distant voice rang over the man's laugh, one with lots of authority and dignity in it with undertone of humility. It was the type of voice that could make a criminal stop and listen. "Harold, I thought we agreed I was her Papa and you were her ma. Now, leaver C alone while she does what she does," this time it twanged with humor. She laughed softly. "Ma and pa sure do argue," she spoke in her normal soft tone that she did. Everyone lost their socks over that one.

    They all laughed as a loud sound began to ring out side the station. She stood up immediately and grabbed only her badge leaving her gun and started to walk towards the door. "Guys, I think this is it," she said heading through the doors. The three quickly shuffled out after her with their guns. By the time they had made it through the door, she had taken off running at full speed. If the noise which now sounded like some sort of scream was not so loud everyone would hear the sound of red high heels hitting the ground. They all followed behind as best they could.

    Claire's mind reeled as to what she was about to she. T say the least, she was excited. She wondered who she was running to. Her guy screamed it was him, but she knew she had to be prepared. All a sudden, the ground shook violently knocking her off her feet. She saw but four over people on the street. Two were the patrol cops who had come running, one was the older man who ran the bakery, and then there he was knelt. She wanted to each him so badly. Her guy had been right. He looked to her in terrible pain. She glanced around and saw strange things happening. Her laughed and felt her aderiline pumping. The paint pilled of the off of the buildings and the lights flickered. Her head began to ache for the noise to stop so much she close her eyes and then it did.

    She opened her eyes and he was gone. Glancing back at the police who look rather frightened, her eyes eyes flickered with joy and excitement like a child in a candy shop as she took lead again and ran to where he had been a moment ago. She stopped herself just before she fell in it, a small crater. Her voice rang out commanding the police, "I got this one. Mama H, this is the guy," she said with slight excitement she tried to contain. The new guy's voice raised in protest but Harold and the head of the station quieted him. All of the police out their guns away at her word. Claire then walked right in front of him and took a seat. "I need a moment to get a plan together though. This was... Unexpected," she said with a smile. Her eyes ran over his every inch examining him. She found him strangely attractive immediately. Her mind then began its process of making a plan as she watched him carefully.
  4. (( I know this, elma's houses that were next to the police station were almost always the rich people.))

    His nerves fired off responses unanswered, he felt pain and fear but he knew not how to move, his body was rigid, he noticed people collecting around him, and fear grasped at his chest, he knew he was found out... but how much had they seen of him, how much did they know, he wanted to talk, wanted to know how much they knew of him? how much had they seen? the questions bubbled inside filling him with panic and desire. His sanity seemingly disappearing of into a void never to be seen again, was it going to be like this forever, was he to sit here asking for an eternity... Why?

    He wouldn't have it, he would not end his search here, his destiny was not in some other hands, it was in his, Neverin knew that this fact was true, this fact was his reality, power surged through his body again... but this time it was controlled, almost soothing his body, ending the torment of pain. Opening his eyes he saw that he was glowing only slightly know, and he was slowly rising from the pavement he had fallen on, everywhere he looked he saw a new face! he was frightened of the onset of people, that there were looking upon him, upon a monster. Neverin was chaos itself; this was only the truth, he knew it was true, and he felt as if they knew it was true to, he could see fear in some of there eyes, no in most of there eyes. But he saw courage in one of there eyes, a girl, a lady: he felt like he knew this girl, felt an attraction to her the instant his gaze fell upon her.

    His heart beat slowed as he looked on upon her, and he slowly drifted to floor again. He tried walking to her but he fell instead and landed on top of her, trying to utter a few last words "can you" his voice was full of joy, that it made it seem as if he was in no pain at all, but he was wracked with gut wrenching pain from head to toe, his last words left the people around him scared, he noticed it as his eyelids drifted over his eyes, closing him of from reality, he was scared. It was to much for him and he fell into a deep sleep, concluding his outburst on the dark street in Elma.

    The day is only a place to hide from what your afraid of, the night is a place where you face your fears so the day does not have to be so full of fear. Neverin drifted across the plane of darkness, this place was his jail, his locked sanity. The place he felt for sure he would die someday, was it already time for him to pay his time here yet again? he didn't want it: it was unfair, not true to what he wanted, not what comforted him, but this place, this dark place washed over him in a soothing way. It was relaxing here, but it was also so frightening here! there was no one but himself and the darkness. But something seemed different, another energy drifted around him, it was dark and sinister. And when he met it face to face, he saw himself "so we finally meet? I have been waiting for a long time nev. I know, I have always been with you, since I am you. But you never gave a damn to look in my direction, so here I am, to influence you to the right path!..... you do know..... you ate me in the womb of our mother" the voice was his , the face, the clothes, but the eyes. They were that of an abyss, he felt as if he could fall into them forever, Neverin tried to speak out to himself... but nothing, no noise no echo to be heard. Just those black eyes for him to stare at for an eternity.

    Neverin's body started to shake in the girls arms, he knew not of this of course, but his body was reacting to his dream, his captivation in the other place... on the other side was affecting him in reality, small black tendrils on his skin started to appear and form runes, and the air around him seemed to lose its humidity, the people of elma were not ready for what was in store, the people of earth were not ready for what was in store. The man that lay on the ground was a man of many secrets, his name was neverin, and it was shared by another with the same face but black eyes, the town of Elma was going to be in for a shock.
  5. Right as Clairse went to talk finally, he stood and stumbled forward and fell on her. The five other officers raised their guns immediately. He said something that puzzled her. Her eyes darted around. Her mind raced to did the "it". With a sigh, she patted the boy on her passed out with wonder and splendor. "He is basically harmless I believe. He sounded like he was in pain earlier. The chaos he is causing is not under his control. My plan is simple this time. I am taking him to my mansion to rest and heal. Any hospital could not treat him like my staff on hand with care or respect. When he awakes, I will bring him in for questioning if I feel he is mentally able to be questioned. I will tell the chief if other wi-," her voice had been the only one until the young new recruit spoke out again. His voice was rough and mean like no young man's should be as he said,"I don't understand why you all can let this girl make her own plans! She is female! What does she know about this job? She should be at home in the kitchen!" The chief cleared his throat and said with great anger and command, "You will either learn to respect Claire or hand in your badge in the morning. She is wise beyond her and your years. She has solved more cases than any of us. Heck, she solved her first at age 8. She knows criminals and the unusual better than any of us. She qua raised with it. She is your senior of this field. You do not hav to respect any other woman, I usually do not, but Claire is not a woman. She is a fellow officer. You understand, newbie?" The new guy simply sighed and nodded.

    "As you were saying, C? The rest if the plan?" Harold asked. Claire nodded and starred down at him. "I will inform the chief if I feel his is mentally not able to handle the questioning. He will stay in my custody. I have great interest in him. I do not feel he is a criminal. There is something strange happening here," she finished happily. They all laughed slightly nervously at her. "Yeah, there definitely is a big hole to prove it," Harold said. They all exchanged nervous looks. Claire did not care what they thought though and as she just noticed the boys quivering which then became violent shakes. "We need to get him to my house Asap!" She said with a light panic in her voice. The two younger men who had been around for a while stepped forward to help her. "I only need one of you," she spoke calmly handed the boy to the blond slightly more muscular one. She nodded her head and they took off towards her house.

    Her mind raced and so did her heart as they ran towards her mansion with its strange placement on the outskirts of town. Both pounded in a way of their own. She was filled with worry for some reason. It was not of what he could do, but of id he would wake again. She glanced back and saw his thrashing for continue. Her mind planned out every second of the entry of her home.

    When they reached her home, she had the young blond take him to a room all his own and lay him down. She sent her nurses in the help him, and the blond left. It all went as planned. Then something unexpected happened yet again. The nurses came to her and told her that they could find nothing wrong with the young man. She ran off to her room and slammed her door. She pulled out a board with pictures mostly blurry of many thing and small notes posted all over it. It was of all the cases and circumstances of the town she had seen and heard of that were out of the ordinary. She stared at the board as if trying to connect dots. They had never seen anything like this.

    Claire jumped if fright when she heard a knock at her huge wooden oak wood doors. She laughed at herself softly then ran to it. She grabbed her pistol that sat beside her bed and brought it with her though. As she tugged the door open she had no idea who to expect. The gun was ready to pass judgement of her say on any soul behind it. The friendly face of the chief was behind it. He silently handed her a book then said calmly and factual way, "this was a book found close to the scene. We thought it might have something to do with it, so I brought it to you." She nodded and hugged him then opened the door wider to him. She tucked her pistol away again as he shook his head. "The wife told me to hurry home tonight. I haves lot of paper work to file if I am going to get home on time. Let alone early," he turned down what he knew to be her offer to come inside. He patted her on the head and then left. Her thoughts and body quickly returned to I front of her board. She knew some sort of connection had to be made.
  6. Neverin awoke with a jolt, he felt naked as he realized he was being examined by nurses, he jumped up from the spot he lay and looked around shocked. Were was he and why did it look so damn fancy, why was he here, he tried to recall what happened in the last couple of hours, but he could not recall anything of importance.... a streak of pain ran across his eyes, and a vision played in his head, he lay on the street a crater.... the street he had his outburst, had he done that the....was he the to the cause of that chaos? Yes! it shocked him that he had forgotten such a important situation, but it had happened and he had to deal with that fact, "sit down sir, you need to rest" a woman of the age of thirty told him, she wore a nicer suit then the other nurses, she was most likely in charge.... but she had no idea what she was getting herself in, he didn't need there help, they most likely needed nothing to do with him " please don't come near me..... I am afraid of hurting you" his voice shook with fear, he was afraid for them, no need for them to be afraid they had no clue of what he was capable of, but he knew, he knew he could blow this whole town up with one mistake, the nurse payed no head to his pleas and walked forward, she tried to grab him and bring him to a sitting position on the cot beside him. He tried to tell them that he needn't the help they offered, that they would only hurt themselves, he was dangerous to touch, to talk to; he was chaos itself, and as the lady's hand lay itself upon his forearm he could feel the energy transfer over to her temporarily, her wrinkles slowly faded and the grey marks under her eyes faded away, but this was before she went flying back and hitting the wall in a blinding flash. He knew she wasn't really hurt, but the other nurses though she was hurt and screamed in fear, he had told them not to touch him, he tried to warn them, this happened way many times before, this is why he never made friends.

    Turning to run, he was confronted with a large hallway leading of to several other rooms and sub rooms, where was he to go, were was he to hide. He turned left then right, and then ran... he knew not for how long he ran, but as he stopped he found himself in the back of a dark room, it was the liquor room, he knew this because of the small island bar in the middle of the room and the shelf of expensive wines and liquors, he was in some fancy house or mansion, he knew that was for sure! but why? why was he put in this new environment, what was he to think, what were the owners to think of him " oh god what do I do, where am I.... WHAT DO I DO" his voice shook the house in all its glory, it shook like a child in fear. Everything shook in fear in the face of chaos, everything was afraid of something, neverin was afraid... afraid...... of himself, he feared what he was and yearned for what he was not, he was no regular old joe, he was something much more. Once again he felt the feeling of being naked, of being found out, Of being alone, he stood from where he sat, which was a dork corner in the liquor room, he ran once again his emotions on fire, as he ran the wallpaper and paint on the walls curled in on themselves and melted leaving black marks along the floor and walls, he was leaving a trail for people to find him without even knowing it, he ran and found him at a grand set of stairs, they were magnificent to behold, and he felt the urge to run up them, but someone was at the top of them, a man, who wore a smug look on his face and inquisitive eyes that looked through everything, it was most likely the owner of the house..... but the body it was see through..... it was him again seeing things, it was a clue for him to follow, he ran up the stairs each step leaving the floor burnt. The apparition turned and started walking at an inhuman speed away from neverin, it walked down a hall and right through a door.

    He could feel himself being drawn to that spot, he knew he needed to go there, but he had a feeling of dread run along his body, whatever he was getting himself into it was big and it was bad, but his body moved on its own and that voice, his voice rang through his head "come on do not be afraid of destiny, go on and explore your fate!" The voice was his but it soothed him, and he took control of himself and started to walk by himself, not noticing that as he walked the building around him was reacting to his emotions running high. As he drew closer to the door his eyes fixated on the bottom, were light was flooding out, some one was in there, was that the reason he was going there, why wasn't he running out of this damned house...... because he had to meet that person on the other side of the door, he needed to see there face, to know there name and voice. and as he stepped closer the door opened, no one was opening it, it was him but his fingers never lay upon the handle of the door, it opened because he wanted it to. Things started to connect to him, realizing that he was there for the greater good, everything was leading him to what he was to find. And as he stepped into the room he found himself fixated by what he saw.

    A girl... a lady, sat on the bed in that room he had entered, she was utterly beautiful and waves of energy came off of her. He was wrenched from what he considered reality and thrown into a dream of insanity, he did not know of what he should say to this girl who sat in front of him, he had no explanation to why he was here or for what he had done, he had all but one sentence " I found you" his voice was full of joy yet filled with depression and grief, and he fell to his knee's in an emotional, he had found what he needed to find, what he had been searching for so long, he had found his anchor to this world, the person that was to lead him to his fate, lead him to his parents and the final answer to his life. But this was only a start to what was to unfold, this was only a drop in the ocean to what they were to do in the coming years.
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  7. Claire say with her board in front of her for a few hours and thought of nothing. She had no plan hey. She felt as if she was missing to many pieces to really plan. It was strange to her though. It was almost empty. She slid her board away when she heard the screams break the silence of the house. With that, she somehow knew he was awake. Again, her gut told her that her would come to her. That for some reason, fate wanted them to meet more. She had been lonely in the house for many years besides the staff who barely would speak to her because of her parents orders. She felt the house quake softly on its foundation. She giggled softly. Something about the way he affected everything enticed all of her senses. Everything she was told her that as must get to know him. He was the great mystery that she had always longed for. No simple strange occurrence of a murderer with ties to the dead of some sort had ever been enough for her. Her every particle had always been craving more and more mystery. A bigger picture of sorts. Something deep inside her mind told her this was it. Something at the front told her this way another new and exciting adventure.

    Then out of no where the door creaked open. She watched him drop to his knees and proclaim in joy those words that she did not quite understand. She slowly brought herself off her bed and down to the floor in front of him. Her every being was filled with the adrenaline she loved. Her emotion was somewhere between joyous and very calm as if she was coming down to comfort an old friend. Her green eyes flickered with awe as she noticed the paint in the hall looked at her as if it had been burned in a few places then splashed with water.

    She sank to her knees and wrapped her arms around him. "Yes, you found me," she knew not why she had said it but it felt right. Her heart skipped a beat she embraced him. Her mind searches for some sort of olan to go off of, but he was to unpredictable for that. She then searched to an answer as to why she felt so happy right where she was. Then it came to light in her mind, she has also been searching something the whole time. Someone who was not an easy read. Someone who dared with all they were to be to be just theirself. A person to be her greatest mystery. Someone even if she knew all that they were she would never fully understand and be able to predict. "And I found you. I know not your name, but that only adds to the reasons you must not leave my side," her voice shook softly. She was jut afraid or worried. She was simply overcome by emotions.
  8. He shook with anticipation, but he knew not what to say, or how to respond, he sat there her warmth mixing with his. He hoped he would not harm her, he felt connected to something finally and he did not want to let it go, he intended not to, but sometimes things did not go as you strictly planned. " names Neverin Elfiace...... but can I still stay by your side even though you know my name" he tried a smile as his voice broke, he was an emotional wreck, and for what reason, he was trying to stop it but it kept affection everything around him. Like her clothes turning a slightly darker tinge and the walls creaking slightly, it was calming down a little, but he was still affecting everything around him, was it because of her, was she causing him to be this way, he wondered if she was the source to his hope.
    But he had already confirmed that she was, why was he know doubting himself of what he so blindly though seconds ago, He threw this though form his head as he looked on her bed, his book..... how did she have it, anger took him then, neverin didn't know why she would have what was his, his eye glowed a dark purple and kept his glare on the book, the temperature dropped a couple degrees and the light faded as the book lifted into the air, he whisked it up and behind him, and as he hid it away.... He went back to normal; as if everything was perfectly normal, and the fact that he had just acted like a beast never happened. "that's mine... please, tell me did you look through it" His voice was full of ice, sharp and to the point, this girl was a part of him now, but his past would keep him from fully ever trusting her. The doubt increased turning his heart black and surrounded by steel, He only did this if he had a big suspicion of a person, and the idea of her knowing things she should not know kept him from trusting, neverin was insecure on this fact, he knew this but he could not keep himself from doing it, it was what he was, it was what he did to protect himself.

    Neverin tried to shake this off, he was acting: insane, psychotic, demented. He tried to smile and speak, but his voice caught in his throat, he felt ashamed of himself, he turned from her and looked at the ground, was he going to be alone forever, if he kept on doing this to people no one would ever like him, He shamed himself for acting so ruthless, like the monster he told himself he always thought himself as.
    " I'm sorry.... I don't usual act this way towards people..... I mean I have never even talked to someone like this" His emotions kept on switching he could feel it going on inside him, it felt bad and burned. He wanted to be recognized but he kept on changing so no one would know what he really was, or how he really felt or acted " I must look insane to you, a almost grown adult acting like a pitiful child" His voice was soft, and almost sad know, why was he doing this, all sides of him were turning to show themselves to her, he was exposing his very being to her, everything he ever was threw itself at her. And he loved it, it felt good to finally express himself, to be able to show someone who he truly was. Tears rolled down his cheeks, but he did not weep, he smiled in joy, his happiness was causing him to cry and weep for joy.

    Having let go of what he had been holding back for so long, he looked up at the girl " I am sorry again, I was not trying to be so...... Crazy" his voice was calm now, and it rang with joy and clarity. He felt like he needed to know her name, what was her name, who was she addressed to "may.... may I know your name" he tried to ask this nicely not to frighten her off, but her attitude told him that she would most likely tell him anything he would need to know, Neverin noticed that he was not affecting anything around him any more, and he looked down at his hand, in his palm lay the small book, and it was contorting and glowing in ways he could not even understand, but what he did understand was.... it was helping control his power, the energy that almost always flowed out of him know was still and stagnant, shock and realization shook him to the core, he was no longer going to be the monster he always thought himself as, his heart beat faster as relief overtook him, to the girl beside him it probably looked like he was having some sort of fit, but he was just finally feeling at ease. This peace was interrupted with a nurse barging through the door, it was the nurse that had tried to touch him "don't touch him, you will hurt yourself" she spoke like a madwoman as three other nurses followed in at a quick pace, almost like they were waddling in sync, they all looked on in shock as they realized him and the girl were hugging, as if they were long lost friends. The main nurse acted infuriated and tried a step forward to part them from each other, but neverin gave a glare that shot through her very being, and she back-stepped and almost fell onto her rump. Was she really this surprised, he felt as if the girl beside him was someone very important and different, he felt like they should have expected this to happen, but apparently not. They looked on afraid of some strange occurrence to ha happen, they waited for something to go wrong, to go haywire.

    But nothing happened, and neverin felt as if they should take there leave " I am very sorry girls, but you shall take your leave know!" he let go of his book and his eyes glowed a dark indigo, the nurses were about to protest, but they eyes glazed over and they walked away, as if they had an urgent errand to run. Neverin wanted to laugh at them as they walked away like drunk penguins running into each other, He looked at the girl again and smiled " sorry, I wanted some alone time so we can continue our conversation.... so your name, if you would" he asked politely know, he wanted to seem like a friend, and nothing else.
  9. She felt him shake beneath her arms and for some reason she wanted to comfort him. A tiny part of her mind told her to stay on guard in the chief's voice. That would have made sense. She did not anything definite about the boy in front of her not even his name, but it did not matter. She wanted to protect all the uniqueness that she could already tell he was. Her every being wanted to make him comfortable. His voice did not make her jump but instead calmed her. " names Neverin Elfiace...... but can I still stay by your side even though you know my name" his voice broke some making her want to speak out to him, but she could not find the words yet. His name sounded almost like a whole symphony to her ears. Her mind wanted to plan them out. She could tell this was something important. Her eyes and mind where all of a sudden distracted though by the way he was affecting the whole room. Her amazement and curiosity in him grew.

    Her mind was captured by his power or effect over things. She wanted not only to solve the mystery of where it came from, but to learn all about. All of a sudden her attention she back on his actual being though as she felt him stiff beneath her hands. She felt chills run through her body and realized abruptly that it she not her but the room itself. As she realized that, she noticed the glow of his eyes, a dark purple glare. She followed his glare onto the book the chief had brought by. His air about him was very intense and anger filled. She wanted to be in his head and know what he was thinking. She watched in awe as the book floated through the air and right to his hands. His demeanor changed back to calm as he quickly placed it behind his back. "that's mine... please, tell me did you look through it" his voice would have cut her if she knew him any better. She was in fact taken back by this slightly. Words usually did not effect her. Normally, she was able to just block anyone out she needed to, no matter how personal the threat or stab at her. This was different though. He was almost like a long lost friend to her. She was lucky her walls were built high from the stabs society usually took at her for being a working woman.

    " I'm sorry.... I don't usual act this way towards people..... I mean I have never even talked to someone like this" his apology came and her mind grew only slightly confused. She had seen mutliple personality in people before, which related to this in her mind,but this was very different. It seemed to her like forced changes. Then his voice came out again but this time it sounded more clear to her as if his real emotion was showing through, " I must look insane to you, a almost grown adult acting like a pitiful child" He did look inssne to her, but she wanted to tell him that was not a bad thing. She had a love for crazy things. Her whole life was an enjoyable crazy mess to her.

    When spoke another few times her mind was too consumed in though to react in anyway. She was not even sure what he said. She felt the need to wrap her arms around him again so she did. She had only noticed the room had calmed down when the nurses came running in and yelling frantically. Their reaction to him almost enraged her. She did not move or say something. When his look knocked the nurse down, Claire's laughter filled the air. He then took her words and used them for her. She made the connection between him and the book when he let it go and they obeyed his will.

    As he asked of her name again, she picked up the book and handed it to him. She jumped backwards onto the edge of her bed. She also realized she had to trust herself to speak without a plan this once. Her voice came out in its usual strange way, but a little uncertisnity it never had before, "Claire Ledig is my name. Not as beautiful and unique as yours, but it is mine." She took a look around and breathed it out. "You are quite unique yourself from what I have seen..." She paused again and though about her words. Joy filled her and her legs dangled against the edge of the bed as she said,"You are even quite insane. I do enjoy things like insanity that others do not apperciate enough or even at all. I believe your being has been unappreciated also." She thought a quick moment then held up her finger and said with delight, "As for staying by my side, not only do I really want you to, you are required!"

    She patted the spot beside her. Her mind screamed at her to plan next time that what she had said may scare him away. Her heart though her it would be okay and to have confidence. She was never one to spiky follow her heart, but this time she did. She took its word becaus it was what she wanted to believe. Her mouth wanted to spill all of her secrets to him, but she knew not how to. She went back to her minds side of things and began to make a plan as she awaited his response to what she had already said.
  10. She handed him his book back after she laughed at the nurses, she was not afraid of what he was, what he could be. This comforted him greatly, her calling him unique, understanding he was insane yet she liked that fact of him, was she crazy herself, did think the same as he. The greedy need to know what she thought bore through his being, but he calmed himself; for when Claire sat up on the bed, she seemed to be inviting him to sit next to her, he stood, and walked towards her bed and sat next to her. Her warmth was inviting, it made him feel at home! at peace non the less, he knew he was in the right place to fall into place, but it felt wrong, as if he was tricking himself in not seeing something so very important, it nagged at him but he sat there beside Claire trying to ignore it. " so Claire...... Why am I here... I mean i woke up in the infirmary with nurses poking and prodding me, what was that all about" his voice was soft know but his attitude and emotions had switched once again, it was a neat transition, that happened almost every minute, as if every minute of an hour kept a secret emotion waiting for him, it kept his mind at a restless state and it agitated him that he couldn't hold onto one emotion for more then a mere minute. He really was not waiting for her to answer his questions, he just needed to fill the empty space with noise, he needed to know that this all was not just all another allusion, it was a fact that he had allusions of a lot of things, he was just hoping this wasn't another one. He had felt the heat from Claire's body, but had it been real, had her scent just manifested itself to trick him into another deep dark hole, was he just in another rabbit hole; tumbling,tumbling,tumbling down the rabbit hole, what a perfect fall. " tumbling down the rabbit hole, what a perfect fall, for they never call" He hummed out the melody, it sounded dreary and dark, but it suited the moment the best, it kept him remembering that he was that monster he always thought he was, that he always would be the same, he would always be repetitive. It was an eternal repetition cycle! His life was, no one ever listened to him as the world around him glistened in protest to his existence. He was lost in his thoughts, not noticing that he had stood up and was staring blankly at the ceiling, his feet not even touching the ground. His eye a blank glossy reflection to everything around him.

    He was torn back to reality when he saw a glint of something cross past the door way, his feet touched the floor softly as he turned his head towards the door, if Claire was to talk to him know, she would not be able to get through to him, he took a step forward as the door opened, and he found himself yet again, covered in red and black " hey there little rabbit, done with your doll face yet, gonna show your true self yet little boy? no...... well then we should get to work, lets see how damd deep you have gotten yourself this time" the apparition turned and looked across the hall, the hall was full of doors; five in all, and with a turn of his head all doors slammed open, but one, one stayed closed " well then, my my little rabbit why wont you go on and find out whats being hidden from you"
    Neverin shook in protest as his body moved forward, the chanting of ' down the rabbit hole we go, what a wonderful hole, you have dug yourself past the tole...... time to pay up boy' his body was rigid yet it moved towards the door in a hasty matter, as he reached the door he regained control of his body, and he turned to Claire, fear was in his eyes, and it was as if he was grabbing out to her, he needed her to be an anchor, and she was to far away to be that. His hand lifted to the door knob, and it opened with a click. The room in front of neverin was full old dust, and pictures all over the wall, scribbles on the floor and ceiling, it was if the room had not been touched for the past thirty years, and it looked like it was owned by lunatics. It was out of place with the house, it had a different paint color and different set of furniture, the thing that intrigued him the most though! was the black table in the middle of the room, it had a picture of a women and a child, and a father whose face was scratched out, it sent chills down Neverin's spine as he looked on at the picture, the faces stared back at him with glossy dead eyes, yet they were smiling? they were smiling and yet they looked so dead, so empty yet so vibrant. He hated it "WHY, STOP SMILING, STOP SMILING AT ME DAMN IT" he yelled at the picture, his voice booming through the house, it affected the room and the room alone, everything shook, dust flew up. But the picture stood still unaffected, unharmed by his chaos, the picture was left leaving the family smiling..... but then it curled in on itself and burst into flames, he knew this was a haphazard, but all he could do was fall to his knee's as the dust settled, he knew who the people in the picture were, he had to many answers questioned in a short amount of time, to much questions arising with the downfall of suspicions. " Damn it Andrea, damn it lance, why did you have to be here" he whispered under his breath, silent was his voice settling across the floor and not traveling any further.

    Neverin's Heart beat fast in his chest, it beat so hard he swore any around would be able to hear it, he was afraid of what he found, he was afraid of finding something new and losing again, why couldn't he just lock himself up and never look at anything again...... because she was here, because Claire needed him, and he needed Claire. It was an unfathomable fact that he had to deal with, he would not be able to run anymore with Claire beside him, even though she sat in her room, he felt as if she was beside him, as if he was still beside her. It was funny that when your the farthest from a person you feel so close to them. Neverin let out a sigh as he tried to reckon with what was unfolding before him, to much thinking brought tears to his eyes yet again. Everything was affecting him and he had no way to stop it " Claire... do you know who used to own this house, who used to live here.... do you know what they did?" his voice was sharper then ever before, it was as if he was holding a knife to his neck and Claire's, he did not want it to be this way, but he was angry, he was mad. The things they had done to him, they were a perfect family, but no one ever saw what went down in the kitchen, everyone thought they were perfect, but looking through the curtains showed things that no one else saw but the neighbors and him. They were the ones who caused him the pain he was going through know, no one had died for them, no one had died for him, yet they were gone. They had left without a trace, leaving there toy behind to deal with the fact that he was alone. " Do you know what they did to me, what they said, what they showed me" he was mostly talking to himself, he was berating himself.... for what happened to him, for what his family did, Claire would not understand, she had no clue, he wanted it to stay that way, but he knew she would know, he knew he would tell her, it was an inevitable occurrence; he was bound to tell her, for each time the minute ticked on he would do something different, that was how it was planned at least, he waited counting down the seconds until he would spill the secret, but as one...two... three minutes past nothing happened, he felt himself go through the different emotions but no voice could be heard, no tangible thought came to him. It confused him deeply, but he liked the silence, to much had happened, and know it was time to be silent.

    Turning to look at Claire through the doorway he tried to feel happy again, he Wasn't screaming anymore, and he felt like Claire wouldn't run from him.He had his doubts at time, but he felt certain that she would stay by his side, that's what friends were for right.... was she his friend, neverin contemplated that thought, could he be considered Claire's friend, they really had only met minutes ago, what did she really want from him. So much paranoia but he could not help himself, he couldn't escape the fact that he had to doubt everything he was and everything he knew, because if he didn't his world would most likely come tumbling down on top of him "Claire, your my friend right?" his voice was soft again, his emotions switching to a more happy mood, he didn't want to go back to being angry, but the minutes were clicking down, he had only a couple a minutes to be like this " I mean, we can be friends, we only just met.... but i feel connected" he tried to explain his irrational thinking but, it only came out awkward, as if he did know what he was really going to say.
  11. When he asked of why he had been there, Claire's mind started to plan again. She wanted to plan the best way to tell him that he as being introgated. She did not let her mind wander from it until he started to hum. It had an eerie ring to lines. She understood what he was humming though. Well, what but not why he was. She had always been great at motives. Her favorite was always predicting what would happen next on the other hand. Still, motive was often needed for that. She was unable to pick out any motives for Neverin yet. From what she could tell, he was being influenced by something that he did not know how to control yet. He knew how to use it, but not control it.

    She had thought nothing of it when he had stood. Now, she noticed he was hovering and the glow to him. Her interest rose. She had little to no fear. He was dangerous. Her gut told her he could be trusted though. So she watched him silently and waited. When his feet hit the ground, I small glimmer of something was seen by her only a moment before. She watched as he stepped through the door was covered in strange light of sorts. It was very quiet for almost a minute she figured some force was talking to him. She had seen criminals pause in such ways to listen to voices before.

    When he moved to the door again it looked to her as if he was but moving himself. She felt it was only him again when he looked back at her. She nodded softly. Maybe even to soft fur him to see. She tud not reach for him, see wanted to see what was on the other side.

    The next part happened to quickly for to do anything but take in his questions and watch in silence. She had not known who lived in the house before her. She had been seven when they moved in. She only remembered the whispers of people as they walked by. Until now, she thought it had been because of who they were not who the house was. Then he asked another question. She had no understanding as to what he meant. Then connected it. They had lived here before her. They had. They had done terrible things in the house. That was the reason she never felt right in the house as a child. Her gut had been speaking before she knew how to listen to it. That feeling, lack of attention, and boredom were why she took to the street. That had been a big part in her becoming who she was. His downfall was her triumph. As she felt this and he kept looking around oin the room a voice whispered in her war, "Welckme to the hole." She had chills crawl up her back as she looked around and wondered what it had been about.

    When his eyes fell on her again, she felt guilt for the first time she ever had. She only knew what it was by what others had told her it would feel like. Her legs called to be stood on, so she stood on them. His question if they were friends made her smile and feel better though. She considered him a friend. She had four friends up at the police station but they did not feel as connected as he did to her. She felt that maybe he would and could understand her mind. How she longed for someone to not just admire her mind but understand it and not fear it. When he explained himself, her heart skipped a beat. She smiled softly.

    "If I believed in fate, I would say we wee fated, Neverin," Claire said slyly. She wondered about that had just happened. "Please, come back in this room now. I have a few things to explain to you that you asked of." She thought up a quick plan on telling him of his stay here. She could not imagine not telling him what he had already asked. She walked a few steps forward and held out her hand through the doorway not wanting to also want in to the other side out of fear of being trapped. She held out her hand palm open as if asking for something in it. She was. She was asking for his hand in hers. She wanted to feel his warmth. "You are my friend. I hope you allow my to be yours," she said as she had made short notice plan of in her mind.
  12. She offered him her hand, she acted so nice, no judgment, only clarity and love. It was like she fit him in a puzzle piece, they were meant to be. But some part of neverin still disliked that, it felt unnatural; not in place with everything else going on in the world, but he still took her hand feeling this way, he still stood and acknowledge that she was only here to protect and help him "Yeah.... I would like that" his voice was hoarse know full of pain, but it resonated with joy. Two sides of a face always showed themselves, always something different to behold, nothing was ever the same with neverin, hell even his eye color changed with his emotions, it was how he was, and he was used to people being afraid of him because of it, But Claire did not mind this....why? why was she so different, it was like looking at a sane version of himself, gender swapped. He chuckled at this little thought of his, so content was he that he was thinking of things like being like some one else, he was that comfortable, neverin felt as if he really was safe now. "Claire, the people who lived her last..... were my parents" He hoped this wouldn't shock her to much, but from her last reactions he doubted that she would be shocked by anything, even if he tore the world to pieces just for her, the weird thing was he would do just that if she asked him of it. He knew that he would do anything for her, but his made him question his rationality, was he thinking straight to be able to accept the fact that he would do anything for her, were these emotions he was feeling real? he had not time to ask this as he stepped forward and out of the room, he did not like being lead to much, so he took Claire's hand in his and took them towards there room..... but he stopped, he wanted somewhere a little more secure, a place where they wouldn't be so rudely interrupted so often, he turned and started towards the stairs to the lower floor, a dark room, lower, no one knew about it, memory's flooded Neverin's thoughts. He remembered him running down these stairs many time, but it was not him, it was his ...... no it couldn't be, he was dead, he whipped the memory from his mind and walked down the stairs with Claire's hand in his, He turned right of the bottom of the stairs and walked over to a black door on the back wall in the main room. It was locked currently but as his hand touched the cold brass of the knob he heard a clicking sound, He smirked at the fact that nothing could contain him, or restrain him. To be truthful this was the strongest he had ever seen himself, since he had walked into town he could feel himself gaining strength every minute.

    "sorry for taking us somewhere different, just I don't want anyone to barge in on us" his words came out weird, as if he had not planned out what he was going to say, but no turning from what he had said, so he went along with it " I mean do we really want anyone else knowing about my existence....." he asked this forgetting about what had happened almost a couple hours ago, it came back to him in a blinding flash, several people already knew of his existence, neverin felt this as a bad thing, but did not speak it out, he did not want to seem anti social and hateful of everything. His heart skipped a beat as he entered the room, it was cold in the room, and yet he felt warm, he had no true words to explain it. But it felt right, turning to Claire he smiled " do you feel that?"
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    She followed him without hesitating. It was strange she felt as she would go anywhere for him in a heart beat. She felt while by his side she needed less planning. Though she was still planning out the conversation in her head. She just felt like they were less important around him. As if even if she did plan, there would never be much use or room for her plans. His actions and all that he was unplannable and could not be predicted by any means, no matter how well she got to know him or how deep in his mind she got. His voice rang out over her thoughts and she understood the room before. It did not shock her at all. She had realized earlier that there must have been a reason connected to him that the house had an effect on him. She also realized how that strange creepy feeling the house gave her was almost gone by his side. She felt like for the first time she could trust her life in another's hands. The police force had always been a family to her, but she could not trust anyone with her life after her parents had cared so little for hers. He had done nothing to show her he would protect her, but she felt a deep security in him Even if he did throw her life away she probably would just be glad it was him. In her mind, she felt that she was supposed to die by his hands for some reason. Almost if they were supposed to meet and be enemies. They had never been one's to follow fate though. They fit better as whatever they were becoming. It was a mystery to her as he led her.

    "sorry for taking us somewhere different, just I don't want anyone to barge in on us"" I mean do we really want anyone else knowing about my existence....." As he spoke she could not wrap her mind around what he meant. The whole people force knew of his existence and the town baker who did not exactly know how to keep his mouth shut. " do you feel that?" his voice sounded right after they walked into a chilly room. His smile lit a flame inside her that warmed her whole being. She smiled back and nodded. She knew that was exactly what he meant. This next plan of hers was only going to be harder, she felt, because of it.

    She sat down against a wall and leaned against it lazily. She pulled him down carefully to sit with her by his arm. Her giggled then filled the air. Then her expression fell into a serious one. She cleared her throat. "I am going to answer your questions now," she said sounding very sure of herself. "I looked through your book. Nothing in it made sense to me though. In fact, it did not even look it words to my eyes." she paused and took a breath. she began to wonder if this was the right idea. The answer was yes in her mind though. He had some sort of right to know all she did as if he was an extension of her. IIn the moments she was silent, her eyes showed her great inner conflict.

    She then got to the part she had almost been scared away from. It did not seem that bad as she said it though. "You are here because you are in the custody of the police force right now for the destruction on the block. I asked for you to be put in my home and not taken to the hospital because I did not anyone mistreating you. I also asked you be left in my soul custody so I could figure you out. They granted me that. The book was brought to me by the chief because of that. You are under investigation by the police force. I will have nothing negative to tell them. You will have to go in for questioning soon though. You may have to stay with me for a long time." She took a deep breath and felt relieved after letting it all out. She did not like to speak toomuch but this had been important. So was what she had left to say.

    "One more thing before you comment," she said cuting off anything he could have said. She looked down at the floor. "I did not know anything about the people who lived here before me. I could feel something about this house was wrong though. I never realized until now it was a mystery I could have been solving. I just had ran from the feeling it gave me until now. It was probably one of the reasons I am who I am today. The past of this house has somehow affected my future in more than one way." With that, her eyes slid over to her hand that was still in his and a shiver shot up her spine. A good one though.
  14. Neverin did not really mind the fact that he had to stay with Claire for a while, that actually suited his needs, he wanted that, but the interrogation, the people knowing of his existence scared him, it was the fact that they could get hurt through the fact of knowing him that frightened him, he ran over his thoughts and tried to collect everything that related to each other, the book not being able to be read by Claire confused him, he scooted closer to her the book in his hands, he felt to close, but that was good. His mind seemed to find clarity as he realized what he was supposed to do, he set his gaze upon Claire and tried to speak, but his voice caught in his throat... odd " is it OK when your police squad interrogates me that I read there minds?... I wont be able to hold back though so they may have some memory loss" as neverin said this he felt as if it were normal to be able to do this, he would expect Claire to think the same way, he needed to remind himself though that she had no clue of what his powers felt like, so maybe he should just stop assuming what she felt, but he could not stop himself, each time he looked upon Claire he felt connected to her, it was a wonderful feeling that he very much enjoyed, and when he was not feeling it he felt alone, almost stuck in himself. He felt as if he was hovering on these type of thoughts to much, so he stood up and started to pace to break the thoughts from his head, "OK so when do I go to meet them, and can I not leave this building?" he wanted to know these things for if he could not leave he would have no way of finding out the things he needed to stop the insanity that was consuming his life. But to do that he would need to get rid of any difficulties that included the law, that is if they got in the way? Which in this case they would mostly likely do as neverin did damage there streets and made several things happen that they could not most likely explain, one thing neverin knew was that when a cop did not know what something meant they start to get aggressive. "Claire, is there anyone in the police force I should be worried about, because some people may not like what I will be doing, uncovering things people most likely no one ever wanted uncovered" His voice echoed through the small room with great amounts of dire importance on it, he hoped it would get Claire to understand the fact that no one could be in his way.

    Not wanting to leave the mood awkward and tight he let off a wild goofy smile " don't worry though, I wont hurt anyone!" He took his pinky finger and crossed it over his heart as if to say I promise , He could not tell if Claire was keeping up with everything he was saying, but he hoped that she at least was trying to understand his nonsense. Neverin felt an itchy sensation on the nape of his neck, as if he was missing something, he tried turning thinking it was some odd breeze causing him to feel this way, but as he turned he noticed the room that they were in had a window, and right outside the window was the front of the house, a feeling of dread crept its way up his spine as he noticed a dark figure walking up to the house, he was used to strange and odd stuff, but this made him want to run, and everything around him was reacting to this sensation, the furniture all moved to the opposite side of the window and the window seemed to darken as if not letting light in, he felt it bad to stay in the house but, where was he to go, the police force would most likely look for him if he booked it from Claire's house "Claire, is the front door locked?" he felt like the answer was no, and he needn't to even ask her, but he wanted to hear her say yes, he wanted the confirmation that he was safe, he knew he was acting a little psychotic, but he felt it needed in this situation, the man outside was bad new, and he could not stop himself from realizing this, and without the confirmation he ran out the room and down the stairs withing seconds, leaving a trail of burnt floor and walls. He wondered how he would pay Claire for the damage he was accidentally inflicting upon her house, he stopped in front of the main door, the house seemed to shiver alongside with his fear, lifting his hand he forced the lock closed, but that was not enough, he could feel power surging from the other side of the door.... but it stayed there, waiting for something to happen, almost in anticipation. Neverin's body shook with fear as he realized is was not a man behind that door but a women....the women.

    Levian stepped towards the door almost imaging it opening, she wanted to see his face again, know that he was still himself, but she could fill his power surge through the house, she knew he was no longer what he used to be, he was much stronger then before, she knew this for a fact and it frightened her " my little rabbit has grown up has he not" she whispered, she knew it would go right to him, for that is what she intended, anything she wanted would happen would, except when she was around him, things seemed to go..... lets just say different, she sighed knowing that he would not let her in, he was frightened as well, which shocked her. How could someone so strong ever feel fear, oh well she would just have to come back some other time, when he was ready to accept the fact that she was back and ready to meet him yet again. Turning she walked down the path to the street and was on her way yet again, she might visit the police station, that is if they would have her, people tended not to like her and people like her, especially if that person was neverin, it shocked her that the whole town was not after him yet, it shocked her that he had changed, so many things to understand with so little time to recognize them. "one little dark rabbit alongside one giant wolf, they sit together friends defying nature itself, who will break from the insanity first" she let her voice travel off into a nightmarish laugh as she walked down the street.... the sky broke out into rain as if crying in fear.

    Neverin shook violently as he felt the power fade away, he wasn't ready for this yet, why had she come back, why was she still alive, he fell to his knee's weak from fear, the floor around him lightened almost trying to comfort him, he did not understand the reason he was like this, why he had these powers, but he knew that she had most of the answers, and he knew she wanted him. But why had she not taken him, would she be back for him, Claire said she would protect him, but this was much larger then her, he would have to stand and fight, but how does one fight for the one they love when they cant even protect them self from there own existence, this tore at neverin and tears streamed down his chin, each tear drop that hit the floor sizzled and made the the floor brighter, everything he ever knew seemed to crash down around him, why does such things have to happen when he had financially found something to anchor himself upon.

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  15. She held Neverin's hand as he started to question about the interrogation. Relief filled her that he seemed alright that she was leading it. Maybe she should trust the feeling of connection she had to him more. It was different than her gut feelings. That difference was not a bad thing though. She listened to him as he forced out his first question. Under his glaze, she felt more comfortable than she ever had when someone looked at her. She did not know how mind reading worked and would need to know more of it before making a decision. Her mind got to work of how the interrogations would go. Her thoughts were broken by him standing up and pacing around. If he had been anyone else, his sudden movement would have made her a little uncomfortable. She still felt safe though. He asked two more questions before sh could react. Her face lit up and she giggled when he promised the way he did. She was not worried about people getting hurt though. Everyone of the police force knew people's safety was not on the top of her list. It was the greater good she believed in. Also, most important to her was the uncovering of truths.

    Claire then noticed his attention turn to the window of the room he had brought them into. She had the jump up right after that to avoid being hit by furniture. Her connection told her he was scared. Her eyes looked him over and told her the same thing. The window darkened and up her jump a little. She had left her gun in her room. It was not Neverin she feared though. She feared nothing but Neverin's safty and if something scare him that bad outside the window, it was mostly likely being threatened. He asked about her door being locked and before se could say no, he was leaving a burned trailed to her door. Awe filled her eyes as she watched. Claire made her way after him as soon as she could. Her mind raced with a plan on how to get him to the police station without anyone knowing. When she got to him, he was on the floor with the floor lightened around him. She raced over to him as she stepped on the floor around him. It seemed like it should burn her, but instead dark spots were left where her feet had been. She fell to her knees and wrapped her arms around him.

    She cooed to him, "Calm down, Neverin. I am here." She did not know why this should comfort him, but she felt she could find a way to protect him no matter what. It was ridiculous. She knew the being or force that had been behind the door must have some power she did not to frighten him so bad. It did not matter to her though. She would protect him. "I will protect you. We need to go to the station as soon as we can and as stealthy as we can. I would like you to explain to me the mind reading before you do it on my collegues. You may leave here only with me by your side," she explained his questions for her. She wished she had all his answers that had been searching for. In the end, she felt like a piece to the puzzle but did not know how she was.
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