They told us it was one test. But they lied.

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  1. Note - The tags are only for what could happen. Not anything definitive.

    You are an outcast in your town. You might be a murderer, rebel, gang leader or even a nerd or a hermit. However, each of you have received a sinister and ominous letter. Each of these are written in smudged black ink and is extremely suspicious. Normal people would dismiss the letter as some sick prank, or just ignore it entirely. But that's the reason they chose you. Because you will listen to what the letter says.

    The letter details that you go to a 'safe location,' which just so happens to be an abandoned factory. Meeting you there are agents from the government - the Special Ops Division - and they want to run some tests on you. But they lied.

    C h a r a c t e r S h e e t
    Age: (No younger than 16 please!)
    Appearance: (No anime pictures sorry xD)
    Why are they an outcast?:
    Background: (optional)

    R u l e s:
    1. Be nice to each other - No bullying!
    2. Don't take over someone else's character (that's not very nice)
    3. Swearing and Romance is allowed
    4. Have fun! <- probably the most important rule

  2. Name: Michelle 'Mocha' Davidson
    Age: 18
    Gender:: Female
    Personality: Mocha, or Michelle as her birthname is, can be considered a quite aggressive creature. Usually she's quiet and in the background, only speaking if she sees the necessity to do so, but when she does, her opinions are strong. The brunette is stubborn and passionate, she's like fire and ice in one person. One moment she'll be quiet, walking with grace and style, yet the very next moment she will hold someones collar, punching their faces red and blue and purple.
    As her mother was never involved in her life, Mocha was from childhood a very boyish girl, and if anyone tries to make her dress in dresses or skirts... They do not look pretty afterwards.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Mocha is about 169 cm tall, with green eyes and dark brown hair. She's quite athletic. Her body has 4 tattoos, one on her right wrist saying "Fight on", one on her ribs [​IMG], one on the back of her neck that says "Only losers taste death", and lastly she has a tattoo of her fathers death date on her ankle.
    Why are they an outcast?: Mocha is an outcast as at the first day of high school she got into a fist fight with one of the teachers (not that she can remember which one that is) and therefor was expelled for two weeks, and as a professional fighter in the underground fightclub, she never had time to connect with teens her own age.
    Background: (will update later)
  3. Name: Derrick Snippet

    Age: 27

    Gender: Male

    Personality: A cynical man that hates being pushed into a corner, or being made felt inferior. He adores being in control. He can hold a grudge with the best of them, but plans out his revenge meticulously. Making certain that everything runs without hitches. He's also a fan of classical music, playing a violin in his spare time.

    Appearance: 2806286142_a8f3a56572.jpg

    Why are they an outcast?: A man that helps the scheming underworld to launder money and in some cases even gets his hands dirty by "acquiring" the money himself if need be. These would all be considered valid reasons for him to be an outcast, but the most prominent reasons was the sadistic way he got his way. Though no proof has yet to be found, he is suspected in the maiming of various persons. The rumors are enough to keep even the his employers wary of him.

    Background: Grew up the child of a single parent with alcohol problems, Derrick was sent to foster care after his father was found, a bottle head jammed into his eye socket. He couldn't be charged without any fingerprints or other proof so the death was ruled an accidents, thanks to people confirming the father's drunken nature. He spent the following three years in circulation before being kicked out, having reached legal age.

    He then had to fend for himself and thus made it into the cutthroat underworld. He used smarts and ruthlessness and came to be where he was at present. Feared.
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  5. Name:
    Iris Daniels



    Fragile, that’s the easiest way to describe Iris. She gives off the air that if you touch her she’ll break, just like that. Her mind almost doesn’t seem to know how to act around people anymore. Most of the time Iris just stays silent and out of the way, her emotions on lockdown as she does her best to just be invisible these days.

    Iris will also usually have stuff scrawled on her left wrist in eyeliner depending on how she feels at the time.

    Why are they an outcast?:
    Iris was accused of killing her brother by shooting him in the head but it was never proven and so all charges were dropped. However everyone has now been avoiding her since it happened a couple of months ago, only able to think of her as the girl who shot her brother.​
  6. Name: Jensen Manila
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Jensen is a smart, aggressive man who is easily angered. He can become violent when provoked and things that everything is worse than it actually is. He often gets angry with those close to him, and as such has no real friends. But deep down he has a good heart and tries to do the right thing. Jensen spends his time investigating local mysteries and legends.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Why are they an outcast?: Jensen is an outcast because of his violent nature and psychopathic tendencies. He uses his isolation to his advantage, as it allows him to think and concentrate without distraction.
  7. Name: Han Lin-Young
    Age: 36
    Gender: Male
    Personality: An Aggressive and Ruthless Soldier, Han was capable of taking a life without a second thought. Despite having a Code of Honor and even Morals, he also believes fear was a good way to keep order and has no regrets, remorse or qualms over the deaths of others if it meant completing his missions. He shows confidence in his abilities, but not to the point of cockiness. In spite of his aggressiveness and ruthlessness, even Han hesitates to kill women and children, unless they try to kill him first. All that Han really cares about is completing his mission, even if it means taking innocent lives. Whether it is following orders, it is personal or even for his paycheck, Han will complete his mission at any cost.
    Why are they an outcast?: His Ruthlessness and Aggression Issues earned him the scorn of his peers.