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what do you do when someone brings you the wrong order?

  1. Eat it anyway; woo surprises!

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  2. Eat it sadly

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  3. Politely point out the error but don't insist

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  4. Politely point out the error and ask for a do-over

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  5. Try to get a discount/coupon out of it

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  6. Raise hell

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  7. Leave it and go somewhere else

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  8. Eat it but write a letter/email later

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  1. You ordered one thing and got another. There is no medical or religious reason you can't eat what you got, except it's not something you especially like. How do you react?

    Bonus: the clerk/waiter/whoever insists they got it right
  2. Disdainfully drink it... Tooo Passive doooe...
  3. I am the consumer. If my claims aren't outlandish or rude there is no reason why they can't fix it. Accidents happen and things are heard wrong or written down incorrectly.

    My server/counter attendant has zero say in what my order was. If they persist then I just smile and ask to speak with the manager.

    My wife would be sad all day about it because she's too shy to demand something meet her satisfaction.
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  4. I would like to request that they fix it, but in reality I would probably not say anything at all; because boooo social anxiety. It's an enough of an ordeal for me to make the order on my own, let alone request a fix when they happen to get it wrong. To me, that's like giving a speech in front of hundreds of people, and then asking if I could give it again because I mispronounced a single word.
  5. I would apologise for any inconvience, but clearly it isn't what I ordered. I understand that you think it is correct, but this is not what I wanted. And if they persist, then I would get a manager involved. Even then, I would not be rude, I would just ask that I get what I ordered.
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  6. I usually always ask for a replacement. If you don't raise hell, they kindly do it and if they put up a fuss then maybe do I get a little annoyed. However, since I work at a fast food place, I generally know mistakes happen. So long as your not a dick trying to get free food then you'll have your mistake fixed. Your generally being served by knew/young and well HUMANS. No one is perfect. It happens.
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  7. It all depends. If it's just me I point it out but don't make much of a fuss if they don't offer to correct it. If I'm ordering food for my husband and kids as well and they mess something up, I don't have much of a choice in the matter of insisting that they correct it. For one, if I don't, my husband will and he's not nearly as nice about things as I am. For two, if my kids don't get exactly what they asked for when ordering food, they tend not to eat it and that's money flushed down the drain.
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  8. Rain down fire upon the establishment. How dare they make a mistake?!

    In reality, though. I don't care. I'm here for food, regardless of what it really is. Feed me. If it's absolutely something I don't like, I'll request a swap, but usually I don't care enough to complain.

    Now, if the mistake came with onions...
  9. I do the adult thing.

    Ask for a do-over, please and thank you, and if it's a nice place, ask for a complimentary glass of wine for my date and I while we wait for our do-overs.
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    Of course now as an adult, if it's not a big deal? Eat it anyway. As long as I'm not paying more for less. (Like if I ordered something and it doesn't show up, I'ma ask for it or for it to be taken off my bill.)

    If it's a mistake or is ICKY (like eew I cant eat it) then I would ask nicely for it to be fixed! Because I need to eat. D: Please fix. I am not going to pay for something I can't eat.

    ....and I have never ever been in a situation where someone refused to fixed something for me. O_O EVER. I am very very polite and also a cute girl. It ALWAYS gets fixed without a fuss. And then they get rewarded with a good tip. <3 The wait staff at our favorite places all know and recognize us, cause we tip good if they're nice to us. >>

    If someone did refuse to fix it, hell would happen. >:[
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  11. I haven't had a situation where they sent me the wrong meal or anything, but if it's something small, I usually just eat it, or point it out to the server if it's something that can be fixed without having to send the dish back. I don't want to waste food.

    Only time I ever sent anything back was one time the food was undercooked and another time where I ordered a Caesar and it was super friggin' watery.
  12. My wife just reminded me of this situation not but a week or so ago.

    We went out to a little place for breakfast. She loves their waffles while I'm all about that steak and eggs combo. 8oz steak, two eggs, home fries, sausages, toast, and coffee.

    Needless to say my steak was well done/medium well.

    Our waitress wasn't seen for ten minutes, by then half my steak was gone. So when the time came for "how is everything?" It was "my steak was overcooked".

    Didn't even get a chance to say it wasn't a big deal before she grabbed my mostly eaten meal, plate and all, and left.

    She came back with a new plate. New steak. Two more eggs. Etc etc.

    Think I scared the poor woman or something.. All I was gonna tell her was that it was good either way, just not my ideal done-ness.
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  13. If it is something I don't like I would ask for a do-over.
    There was one time I didn't get my food right away. It was terrible. The waitress brought out food for every one else and then told me they were out of what I ordered. She then asked if I would like something else. I would not. I ordered food because I was not wanting to eat.. Can't place blame on the waitress, though, since it might have been the fault of those in the kitchen.

    After that, thanks to my uncle, a bunch of ketchup bottles from other tables ended up lined up on the ledge behind where we sat. When the poor waitress saw that she froze for a moment and then continued to talk to us like nothing had happened. My uncle is a bad influence in most situations.
  14. I usually try to point it out politely.

    That being said though, the majority of time I'm ordering food (so such a situation pops up) is at the college cafeteria (I'm not taking classes atm, but I show up for clubs) and between all the yammering students and the workers moving equipment around it's rather noisy, making me have to speak more loudly be heard at all. So it is possible that for certain individuals my raise my voice just high enough that they get defensive.

    Though, I only have one suspected case of this happening.
    I used to frequent a Harvey's at Campus (I stopped because of what's about to follow), and it was all fine for about 2-3 years.
    Then they got this one new person, and every time I order there she always gives me this look. Not aggressive or anything, but just a look, there's no emotion to it, just it being obvious her eyes are straight at me.
    At first I thought nothing of it, people something just look in odd places, sometimes eyes wander about. But then I noticed a pattern... My Poutine would start lacking it's fork, every, single, time. Sometimes I wouldn't catch this until I already crossed campus and got ready to eat in the club room. Also she always takes her time preparing food, the line was be building up to be a dozen people, and she's still walking at the slowest and more leisurely pace that I've ever seen someone move at. So ultimately after enough incidents of this happening and having to keep an eye on what she was doing and 'remind' them about stuff like forks (and in one instance a drink for a combo) I decided to just speak with my wallet and stop going there.

    "Gwazi, why not just call her out and complain?"

    1. I'm not so passive as to never request anything. But I am passive enough to not cause hostilities over something so minor.
    2. I'm not 100% positive if it's intentional or if there's an element I've overlooked. And if so, the last thing I want to do is to put someone on the spot and/or endanger their job.
  15. If it was something I could tolerate eating and it wasn't more expensive than what I ordered previously (or if it was a restaurant where you payed before the food came, then it would have to be more expensive so I pay less for a more expensive meal :D I'm cheap hehe) then I would just not mention it. If it was something I really dun wanna eat though I would probably be like "uhm... sorry, but... I didn't order this." *Looks down at the table while shyly pointing out the mistake almost whispering it out cause too embarrassed* Then they would probably not even hear me over all the noise in there and I would be stuck with it o_o *Too shy for ma own good*

    Then again, I don't really eat at restaurants where the meal is served to the table (except when I'm out with my parents), I mainly eat in places where you get the food immediately. (Sandwich places or burger places) They haven't gotten my order wrong so far :9 If I'm out with friends though, we sometimes go to more fancy places (fancy as in not fast food, but still cheap), but the food is still usually picked up. You get a number and come get your food once it's done at the cashier. Haven't gotten my order wrong either x9
  16. Mistakes happen and I'm not a particularly fussy eater. However, I'm a paying customer. I will point it out politely, but I will most definitely point it out. Whether it's a luxurious restaurant or a fast-food joint. I've done this numerous times, commonly to the embarrassment of my company.

    Bonus-question; kbye.
  17. Drive my car through the front door and bang the waiter's head against the windshield. Only civilized thing to do.
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  18. Usually when my order is done wrong, it's usually because I tend to order my burgers/sandwiches without onions, lettuce, and tomato and they end up on them anyways. I just go back inside, point it out, and ask to get it changed. It annoys me but hey people fuck up. What more can I do?
  19. I remember a friend of mine ordering a sandwich from, I think it was Gregg's, the bakery place. Not only did they get the order wrong, but the sandwich was a hodge-podge that wasn't put together properly, kinda pissed him off and he could've maybe handled the situation with more politeness but he ended up with one of those "vouchers"(Coupons) you know, the "Spit on his food" kind of voucher.
  20. This thread is 21st century manifest
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