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  1. I want to empathize:
    I love this job itself. Working with horses, cleaning, hauling hay, I love it.

    I work with idiots. We have one horse that is so scared of the forks that we use to clean their stalls because Bitchface decided to hit him with one (and no amount of me explaining to my boss will prove that she did this). She constantly waves her hands at him and screams at him, even when she's not in the stall with him. And then all of her conversations about this horse go like this:

    Me: "Trigger is one of my favourite horses."
    Bitchface: "I hate him, he's such an asshole. Running at me with his ears pinned, bucking at me in the pen and rearing up. He tries to kick me all the time."
    Me: ".............."
    Bitchface: "And I've been nothing but nice to him. When Kurt worked here, he actually punched Trigger, got that horse to respect him."

    On a typical day trying to get anything across to this woman is like plugging a leak in a dam with a toothpick. I might as well be talking to a brick wall made of nothing but half witted sass. I ask them to do something and they argue, I relay a message from the boss they have this stupid look on their face like they've been staring at paint drying for their entire life. Especially when it's something important like feeding the horses, they get this stuff called beet pulp and it helps keep weight on them. Trying to tell her to put more of the dry pellets into the buckets was a royal pain in the ass because she bucked me the entire time.

    Her: "Oh scoop some out of the other horse's dishes and spread it."
    Me: "No, they get a certain amount for a reason, you need to put more in."
    Her: "Well I'm going to do it the way I was taught, I've never had a problem."

    Yes, she has (had? Eh). Guess what? Our boss hit the roof when she found out she was underfeeding the horses. I had to show her how much to put in so the ten horses that got the pulp got enough. And why is there such a large pissing match at my workplace?

    Because the longer I work there the more shite I notice. I'm really through and swift with stalls, I clean the waters well and I don't re-bed every day like they do. You don't need to if you get their stall done correctly, get the pee spots, the poop and wash the waters out, get the shavings up and move on to the next stall. You don't need five bags of bedding, you might as well throw our boss's money in there if that's what you think makes your work good. just because you cover the shite up with new bedding doesn't make it go away.

    Oh, and today was wonderful. Finding out that none of them had been cleaning the waters correctly (I had to go through their side because my coworker was working the arena). I pulled black sludge out of Winter's water. Winter is a horrible dunker, he takes hay and sticks it in the water (and his pulp) and sloshes it around until it's worked well under the water bowl. We have to shop vac it out and spray the crap out of it, and clean out the metal. In order to clean it correctly you have to reach in and pull stuff out until you can't find anymore. I have a feeling they didn't bother doing that because the stuff that I pulled out didn't even look like hay anymore but this black oil shite. It used to be hay only stuck in there for months. I spent five minutes (water is only supposed to take you three if you know what you are doing and they have been here much longer than I have, they should very well know how to properly clean by now) cleaning it out. It set me behind five minutes and I didn't get to feeding on time because their waters absolutely have to get 100% clean . Why? Diseases and illnesses spread quickly through their water, and they won't drink it if they smell something foul. And plus, if you wouldn't feel comfortable giving that to your horse, why fore another to? They trust us to take care of them.

    On top of that, I have to explain everything to my other coworker, who quite frankly is ten times more pleasant to be around than Bitchface, who doesn't listen either when I tell him to stop doing something the boss doesn't like.

    Hay delivery always brings this asshat named Red, he's almost killed the kittens twice (one got stuck under the hay ladder the other had a 90 LB bale of hay fall on him from a high height), almost got me pushed off the side of the hay stall, almost crushed Bitchface and pulled the hay out from under my other coworker and we could only watch as 180 LB of hay (2 bales) fell on him. And of course I can't talk to my boss about him because he's her good friend and she won't listen.

    Then dealing with the customers, almost rather deal with Bitchface.

    Them: "When are the new horses coming in?"
    Me: "I'm not sure, you'll have to talk to my boss."
    Them: "But don't you know?"
    Me: "No."
    Them: "I mean, you've got the stalls ready, any estimate?"
    Me: "No." *at this point getting a little more than annoyed*
    Them: "Well, can you find out?"
    Me: "No, but you can call my boss and ask her."
    Them: "But don't you have a list somewhere?"
    Me: No, we go by monthly."
    Them: "Well that's not a very helpful answer."
    Me: *doing hat he can not to strangle them*


    This is just a rant, no advice needed. Quite frankly this might be funnier when I look back at it and what not.​
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