“They can't hurt you unless you let them.”

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  1. " You signed up for this.. you made this your choice.. this is your life.. "

    " I had been young and naieve at the time, barely eighteen years old yet I went and signed myself up to join the marines. Ever since that day I never looked back to what I used to know as home, it wasn't as if I were going to be missed anyways. What I thought I was going to do for only the experience ended up turning into a career. Most guys only stayed for two tours before being sent home more burnt out then when they arrived, but that never seemed to be a problem for me. Sniper school, Ranger training, Airborne, Explosive Technician, I did all of it and excelled.. and before I knew it I was being offered a prominent job working under the table for the united states. At first I wasn't sure what they were asking.. but then they put it simply enough.

    " We need you to be a weapon.. the type of weapon the world rarely see's. "

    The moment the offer was on the table I took it, like a fish with a hook in it's mouth I didn't hesitate to take them up on the offer. I didn't know entirely what was to come, though they made it clear that the pay would be substantial and the work would be even more impressive. That was the last time I remember that kid, because after that they broke me down and built me up.. the perfect soldier. Five years later and I was twenty seven years old, the first graduate from 'the program' and it seemed I was the lab rat for now. They assigned missions, often sporadic and random. They wanted me to fly into Libya, take out a few foreign diplomats while making it like a car crash, or even better.. sending me into Brazil to capture and detain a few informants who couldn't keep their mouths shut. The mission didn't matter, the only thing that mattered was getting the assignment completed.

    The next assignment struck me as a curious one to say the least. My target was the daughter of a millitary leader in Havana cuba, why was not apparent but the mission was going to pay well and it seemed like it would be a simple snatch and grab, not a problem..

    Ha, if only I knew what the hell was coming next. "


    Thank you for taking the time to read the post above, that is the general basis for the roleplay. I'm looking for someone interested in playing the Daughter, and target in this roleplay.

    This will be an action intense roleplay, however I think if done correctly can lead to some romance further down the line.

    I'm looking for those people who can post a paragraph minimum per post, and feel comfortable putting out a decent amount of effort and detail into their posts. Feel free to post, or PM me if you have any questions or comments!​
  2. I am interested, how do you plan on the plot advancing?
  3. The idea anyways would be for him to have originally to have grabbed her, and waiting for an evac.. but it never came. The Cuban government was tipped off, so he has to more or less drag her around havana and try to find a way to flee the country.

    And just checking, you can fufill a paragraph minimum?
  4. Indeed I can, I try to match my partner as best as I can with length.