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    This film was on Animal Planet last night. It talked about the fact these mythical creatures were real. There were many things that could have been considered.. legit.. I guess? What do you think? Would you like to believe these creatures are real? Do you think it was just another hoax to get attention? Could there be something we don't know about hidden in the depths of the ocean? Do you think the unknown is better left... unknown?

    In roleplaying.. would you ever consider setting up a mythical creature.. something for people to believe in? Have you played a mythical creature?

  2. I think that there may be some truth in ancient mythology and old myths, but I do not believe that mermaids could really exist. The clip that was showed in the article was way too short to know for sure, and for all we know, might be a clever costume and CGI trick. Plus, I do not know if I personally would go to see a strange, still moving creature up close, which might be dangerous, so the whole thing could be a set-up. Even though most stories are based on facts, because oral tradition evolves, so does mythology, and what was something strange could end up being a mythological monster.

    As for roleplays... I would definitely consider roleplaying a mythological creature. It would make for some interesting interaction with other players, not to mention that I could make lots of references to the mythologies of the world.