These Violent Delights

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  1. He shoved his hands in his pockets and jerked up his hood to protect his head from the constant drizzle of rain. He could still hear the shouts of people out and about as he stalked down the alley. It was late, but the night was only beginning for some. Not Alex. Alex was heading home and catching up on some sleep. He wasn't heading home for the weekend- it was too far of a journey. So it was just going to be him in the apartment.

    He was almost at the end of the alley when someone grabbed him. Instinctively, he drove an elbow back into his attacker's stomach and pulled away. However, as he turned, he was surrounded. Four guys surrounded him, all wielding knives. Alex abandoned all hope of fighting and tried to run. They grabbed him and shoved him down. He felt the knife go in three times, before pain blocked his vision. He received another five wounds before they stopped, throwing his lifeless body into a dumpster and claiming his phone and wallet for their own.

    Alex rolled over and sighed a little to himself, before the memory of the night before came back to him. He bolted upright, his hands going to his stomach. There was no pain on moving, and he couldn't feel anything when he ran his hands over his stomach. He stood up and pulled off his shirt, moving to stand in front of the mirror. His skin was unblemished- like it had never happened. He faltered- it seemed too vivid to be a dream, but it was entirely possible. He was back in his pyjamas, and went to find his clothes from the night before. They were gone, truly mystifying him. All of the people he'd gone out with were under twenty one. So it wasn't like his friends had stolen them as a drunken prank. He couldn't find his wallet or his phone, making him think he was losing his mind. The phone in his apartment rang, and he grabbed it.

    Before he could even say anything, the voice on the end started speaking.

    "Alex Hooper?"
    "Yeah, speaking."
    "I bet you're wondering what's going on right now."
    "Who are you?"
    "You don't need to know that. I know you're confused as to what's happening. Come to room 312 at the Plaza Hotel at ten and all will be explained."

    Before he could react, the person on the other end hung up. He raised his eyebrows and looked at the clock. It was half nine. He shrugged and went back into his room, grabbing a checked shirt and jeans. He may as well head to the hotel. If it was all a joke, well, then, the Plaza done a mean cinnamon and raisin bagel.

    He dragged a brush through his hair and headed out. He'd been wearing his rain jacket last night, and appeared to have gone rogue with the rest of last night's outfit. So by the time he reached the Plaza hotel, he was slightly damp and unhappy. The room was empty when he went in, and he sat on the couch, waiting for some sort of answer.

    Ten minutes. If nothing happened in ten minutes, he was getting breakfast and leaving.
  2. "See? It wasn't so bad. Happy birthday sis," Haneul declared.

    "And you said that you would hate it. We saw that smile," Hyun-Ki added.

    She cracked a smile. She extended her arm forward and ruffled her brothers' hair gently. "Alright, alright, you got me," she replied, defeated. Yun wasn't the type to celebrate her birthday. After she moved out, she never told anyone her birthday. As a result, no one celebrated it with her. She liked it that way. Her birthday drug up dark memories. No one would of been able to convince her, except her brothers. Not even her best friends could coax her. It proved how close she was with her brothers. Normally, the older sister is suppose to hate the idea of dealing with younger siblings. That logic didn't apply to her.

    "We know you hated presents, so we got you one. You have to wait until we get home to unwrap it, though!" Hyun-Ki chimed.

    A groan escaped her lips. "You know you didn't have to do that boys. It better not be expensive!" Yun protested.

    Haneul wrapped an arm around his sister's shoulders. The twins were taller, standing at a whopping five foot eight. "You're going to enjoy it whether you like to or not, Yu," he informed.

    An eyebrow raised in response. "Oh really?" she challenged.

    Hyun-Ki flanked her other side. "We know you'll love it. Not even you will be able to deny it," he assured.

    Yun shook her head. She didn't bother arguing. The twins shared her stubborn streak. Once their mind is set, it was impossible to deter them from their goal. She knew that feeling all too well. It was a Lang sibling tradition. "Fine. Let's head back," she grumbled. The three siblings walked down the street. Yun chatted with her brothers, stopping in front of the crosswalk. She tapped the street button with her fist, waiting patiently for the sign to turn into the stick man walking. A few minutes later, the sign shifted. Yun stepped off the street and sauntered down the crosswalk. Suddenly, a shiver surged down her spine. The hairs on her neck stiffened. Her instincts detected danger. Yun whipped her head to the side. A large semi-truck barreled down the road, swerving from left to right. She strained her eyes to peer inside, but the windows were tinted. Her gaze averted to her brothers. Her eyes widened with realization. Hyun-Ki would be hit!

    "No!" She dropped her messenger bag and shot forward. She raised her arms and flattened her palms. Yun lunged and pressed her hands against Hyun-Ki's shoulder blades. She exerted all the force she could muster and shoved. He stumbled onto the next street. Her other brother, Haneul, watched the scene in horror. He stood next to Hyun-Ki's side, crossing the street prior.


    She mustered up a small smile. Before she could respond, the semi-truck slammed into her full force. A sickening crunch was heard. She died on impact.

    Yun tossed and turned, kicking the blankets to her feet. A scream pierced through her skull. Her eyes snapped opened. She bolted upright. "Hyun-Ki!" she cried. She sat there, panting. Her eyes darted from left to right. She lifted her hand and touched her face. It took her a moment to realize her surroundings; her apartment. A frown marred her lips. That wasn't right. She was in her hometown, celebrating her birthday with her brothers! Yun looked down. Her pajamas replaced her evening attire. Yun slipped out of her bed and searched for her outfit. She remembered setting it out the night before she left for her hometown. Her eyebrows furrowed. Where was it? What's happening? Yun remembered the blinding pain of the collision. She should of been dead. It couldn't be a dream. It was too vivid.

    Yun cursed in her native tongue. In the middle of her search, her cellphone rang. Yun crossed her room and picked it up, swiping her thumb across the touch screen. She held it to her ear.

    "Soo-Yun Lang?" a voice inquired.

    "Who the fuck is this?" she answered.

    "That isn't important right now. I'm sure you're wondering what's happening right now, correct?" the voice countered.

    A growl escaped her lips. She didn't have time for this! "Look bub, I don't give a shit what you want. I don't got time for thi-" she was cut off by the voice,

    "Come to room 312 at the Plaza Hotel at ten. All of your questions will be answered."

    She tried to protest, but the person on the other end hung up. A scowl carved into her expression. She checked the time; quarter past nine. A sigh escaped her lips. Yun threw her phone on her bed and walked out of her bedroom. Thirty minutes later, she walked out of her apartment, showered and clothed. She slipped on her leather jacket and zipped up her boots. Her attire was plain, consisting of worn ripped up skinny jeans and a old Batman slim-tee. She didn't have time to style her hair so she threw it up in a messy ponytail. If this was a joke, someone's head will be bashed in. Yun wasn't in the mood for a prank. Her eyes inspected her phone, focusing on the date.

    It was the day after her birthday.

    Yun ignored the rain and trudged down the street. Ten minutes later, she arrived at the Plaza hotel. Her expression was cold and withdrawn. She was furious. She ignored her soaked state and rode the elevator to the third floor. Yun sauntered down the hallway and made it to her destination. Yun slammed the door open and stormed inside. Her eyes spotted a young man. Her lips curled back into a sneer.

    "Are you the punk that's responsible for this? If this is a fucking joke, I'm going to beat the shit out of you," Yun threatened. She crossed the room and plopped down on a recliner.
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  3. A girl burst into the room, startling Alex. She would have been pretty except for the sneer on her face. He raised his eyebrows. "Are you the punk that's responsible for this? If this is a fucking joke, I'm going to beat the shit out of you," She informed him as she sank down onto a recliner. He raised his hands, shrugging slightly. "You're evidently not going to tell me what's happening. No, I am not responsible for this. I was too busy being stabbed." He replied, raising an eyebrow. He wasn't shy about saying it- if she was here, evidently something similar had happened to her. "Alex Hooper. Pleasure to meet you."

    The phone started to ring, and Alex stood to answer it.

    "Good. You're both here." He looked at the girl, raising an eyebrow slightly.
    "Yeah... But we're the only ones here. Are you fucking with us? Is this some sort of strange matchmaking service?"
    He heard a chuckle on the end of the line.
    "No. Now, to business-"
    "But we don't know who you are or if this is even legit-"
    "Mr. Hooper! That is none of your business at the present moment! Put me on loudspeaker."
    He raised both eyebrows and pressed the button for loudspeaker.
    "You're on."
    "Good. Now, I'm warning you. If you do not comply, there will be consequences. Yun, you have two brothers that you care for dearly, correct? You wouldn't want anything to happen to them, correct?
    "And Alex. There is nobody you care for but yourself. You will end up in that dumpster, bleeding out once again, while rumours about the circumstances of your death are spread around this new city you call home. There is a history of addiction in your family, after all."

    Alex clutched his fingers into fists, tempted to slam down on the phone's "End Call" button. But he didn't, and just stared at it as if wishing for the caller to burst into flames on the other end.

    "Now. You have apparently been gifted with abilities beyond the norm. Fear is a vital part in unlocking their full potential." Alex rolled his eyes, sitting back on the couch. "Once you have figured them out, I will contact you on your mobiles. Mr. Hooper, you will find a new phone and the contents of your wallet, as well as a new wallet, in the top drawer. Good luck."

    He stood and pulled out the drawer. He raised his eyebrows as he picked up the box and opened it. A brand new, top of the range phone awaited him, as well as a slim black wallet, containing his driver's ID, his credit cards, and all of the cash he'd had on him that night. "Well. I don't quite know what to make of that."

    He sat back down and looked at her. "You try first. Think of something that terrifies you."
  4. Yun folded her arms across her chest. She rested her feet on the coffee table in front of the recliner. A scowl carved into her expression. If this wasn't the guy, then whose behind it? What's happening? If he was stabbed to death, shouldn't she be dead as well? Her eyes filled with irritation. "Yun," she returned stiffly.

    Suddenly, the phone began to rang. She watched as Alex rose from his seat to answer it. She observed him silently. A frown marred her lips. Her eyes narrowed into slits. She wanted answers. If the punk on the other line didn't provide them, she will find answers herself. She didn't need help from Alex. Yun refused to work with a complete stranger.

    "Yun, you have two brothers that you care for dearly, correct? You wouldn't want anything to happen to them, correct?"

    Yun froze. Her temper flared. She bolted from her seat and clutched the phone dock. "If you do anything to hurt Haneul and Hyun-Ki, I will track you down and rip you to shreds!" she snapped. She glared at the device. No one threatened her with her brothers, no one! Her stomach filled with dread. If this mysterious caller knew about her brothers' existence, they must be aware of her brothers' whereabouts.

    "I want answers, you bastard. What the hell is going on here? I'm suppose to be dead!" she pressed.

    The caller on the other line didn't answer her. After she listened to a set of instructions, they hung up. Yun gritted her teeth with contempt. She grasped the phone and chucked it across the room. It soared across the air and slammed into a nearby wall. Yun cursed in her native tongue, slapping the dock on the floor. She turned and walked back to the recliner. Yun plopped down and glowered at the coffee table in front of her.

    "...Think of something that terrifies you."

    Yun whipped her head to the side. "That asshole knows about my brothers. For all I know, they could be held hostage. Haneul and Hyun-Ki could be in danger and I'm not there to protect them!" A faint glow emitted from her hands, but it vanished almost immediately. "I'm just sitting here, waiting around. I'm expected to unlock this ability, but how in the fuck am I suppose to focus? My brothers are out there, mourning over my supposed death. How the hell am I still alive!" She gripped the recliner's arms. Yun hated admitting she was afraid. She loathed showing weakness. As a result, her fear was masked with anger.

    "I need to get out of here. They need to know I'm okay!" Yun fished out her cellphone from her pocket. She swiped her thumb across the touch screen and punched in her code. Unbeknownst to her, the phone gleamed a faint neon purple. She navigated to her contacts. She was about to press call, but the phone malfunctioned. An electric shot forced her to drop it. The cell landed on top of the coffee table. It sizzled before it exploded. Yun instinctively shielded her face with her arms.

    "What the hell?" She lowered her arms and stared at the remains of her cellphone. Her eyes averted to her hands. A purple spark emitted from her palms before it disappeared. "Did I do that?" she breathed. Her expression twisted with confusion.

    "What the hell is this? Superpowers aren't suppose to exist! This isn't Marvel!" she exclaimed.
  5. Alex watched the whole scene with a rather bemused expression on his face. He was starting to wonder if the anonymous caller knew what they'd gotten themselves into. Yun could probably handle them by herself.

    He recoiled a little as the phone exploded on the table, protecting his face on instinct, but his smirk returned to it as she made the Marvel comment. "Well. I'm not holding my phone, just in case." He remarked as he stood up, brushing past her.

    He closed his eyes and thought back to his childhood. He knew that it was probably easiest for him to find something that terrified him there. He remembered how his biological father screamed and shouted at his mother. He remembered finding the bottles and bottles of pills. He remembered thinking that his father was going to turn on him or that his mother was going to die or that neither of them loved him and that he was going to be alone and cowering in his bedroom as his father stormed up the stairs-

    A sudden, blinding light filled the inside of Alex's head, and his skull felt like it was going to cave inwards. He thought he heard a crash as everything suddenly turned black.

    When he opened his eyes, he was on his knees, his head almost touching the floor. His head pounded for a moment or two, before gradually fading. He eased himself to his feet and looked around. "Well. That appears to have failed rather magnificently." He remarked, moving back towards the couch. As he did so, he stumbled, and grabbed Yun's arm to steady himself.

    Her voice appeared in her head, muttering unfamiliar names and worrying about them. He recoiled, staring at her. Carefully, he reached out a finger and laid it on her hand. Once again, her voice appeared in his head.

    When he thought, "Oh shit-" it had a strange quality to it, like it was reverberating around a room. "Could you hear that?" He asked, shocked out of his usual demeanour.
  6. A scoff escaped her lips. Yun folded her arms across her chest. She leaned back, resting her feet on the table. She didn't understand her new found ability. What happened exactly? One moment, she was raving. Next, her phone exploded. How did she make it malfunction? Yun lifted her right hand and inspected it. No sparks emitted from her palm. She wanted answers. She wondered if that mysterious caller is the source. Why is she still alive? Since her phone was out of commission, she couldn't call her brothers. Yun ignored Alex's remark. A few minutes later, a loud thump alerted her attention. Her eyes averted towards Alex's direction. He collapsed to his knees.

    "Hey kid, you alright?" Yun didn't care. She could care less about the young man's life. Her first priority is tracking down her brothers. She had to make sure they were safe. She wasn't kidding when she threatened the anonymous caller. If anything happened to her brothers, she will track down the bastard responsible. Yun rose from her seat. She contemplated on her next move. Should she leave? The caller mentioned contacting her through her mobile, but she destroyed it. She didn't know what will happen. Frankly, she didn't want to find out. She needed to move. Yun refused to stay here any longer.

    Yun snapped out of her inner monologue after Alex grabbed her arm. She didn't notice him recovering from his fall. A tingling sensation tugged at her psyche. A deeper scowl carved into her expression. "Don't touch me-" she cut herself off when he recoiled. Was she that intimidating? She would of been amused, but she was pissed. Alex ignored her, touching her hand.

    "Oh shit-"

    She stiffened. Did she just hear his voice? Yun stumbled back, peering at Alex. What the hell just happened? Did he just read her mind or something? "What the fuck man! I don't need some asswipe probing my thoughts!" she snapped. Her gaze filled with unease. Her thoughts were private. The last thing she needed was a pesky mind reader. It was the only logical solution to this situation. How else could she hear his thought?

    "I'm out of here," Yun declared. She brushed past Alex and walked towards the door. She opened it and stormed out, stomping down the hallway. She jammed her hands in her pockets. Her expression twisted with fury. The mysterious caller will pay. She didn't know who to blame so she automatically picked him. It sounded like a man, but she could be wrong.
  7. Alex watched her as she left. He went into the bathroom and stared into the mirror. He looked the same, but her reaction troubled him. She could hide her ability much easier than him. What was he going to do? Refuse to touch anyone ever again? Wear gloves for the rest of his life? He turned away and headed back into the room, shoving his phone and wallet into his pocket. Unfortunately, his rain jacket hadn't been returned. He slammed the door behind him, walking out of the hotel with his head bowed and the hood of his hoodie pulled over his head. He went into a cafe and ordered a coffee. He sat by the window, staring out at the steadily increasing rain. He slid his hands under the table as the waiter put down his drink, just to make sure he wouldn't accidentally make any contact. His drink was warm, which was all he really cared about.

    A few minutes later, a clean-shaven man with short, practical hair, and bright blue eyes behind glasses sat across from Alex. Alex raised his eyebrows, looking pointedly around at the empty booths. "Mr. Hooper." Alex nearly choked on his coffee as he recognised the voice. Instead he swallowed, looking at him. "You. Are you happy, now? We've discovered our-" The man put a finger to his lips. "Keep it down. It is of the utmost importance that you do not broadcast that information." Alex sat back, raising an eyebrow. "So, Mr. Hooper. You have the ability of mental manipulation. Just so you are aware, you are able to do more than just hear other people's thoughts and share your own. You can persuade people to do anything you wish with a few words, and you can also cause someone to fall unconscious with a touch. I'd allow you to try on me, but, well... See for yourself." Alex reached out and touched a finger to the other man's hand. All he could hear was his own thoughts.

    "I can negate other people's abilities with a touch. So you cannot force me to tell you what happened. It is entirely possible you may develop other abilities as you use your mental manipulation. However, we cannot be sure. The truth is- Oh dear." The man sat back and closed his eyes. Alex took a mouthful of his coffee as he waited for the man to go on. "Your friend, Yun, appears to be in some sort of trouble. West on Rafter Street." Alex wasn't quite sure why he bolted out of his seat like he did, but before he knew it, he was sprinting out of the coffee shop.
  8. Yun rode the elevator to the first floor and exited the fancy hotel. She lifted her head and peered at the increasing rain. She wasn't fond of rain, but she didn't hate it either. However, it didn't help her mood. She was pissed. Yun wanted answers. She had a feeling that she would have to use force. If she tracked down that mysterious caller, she may receive a response to her situation. She didn't need her special ability to seal the deal. Yun never asked for this power. She refused to use it. She sauntered down the street, searching for a phone booth. Her phone was out of commission. She needed access to call her brothers. Yun won't be able to rest until she was absolutely certain they were safe.

    Ten minutes later, Yun came across a phone booth. Finally! She walked towards it, but a group of men stopped in front of it. A scowl carved into her expression. "Move it bub, I don't got time for this," she commanded.

    The ring leader, a tall rugged man with cropped hair and a tattoo on his face laughed. "Feisty. I like that in a woman. I couldn't help but notice you walking down this street. This is my turf dollface," he replied. The wingman, a short stockier male with buzz cut hair sneered at Yun. The last guy resembled a rookie. He was younger with a lean build and shaggy hair. He looked around Alex's age. "Normally, I don't like people lingering around my turf. However, I think you would make a fine exception," he continued.

    Her face twisted with disgust. "Beat it fuckface. If you don't step away from the booth, I will have to use force," she threatened. Her hands curled into fists. Yun felt a familiar tingling sensation circulate through her palms. Her ability was charging.

    The group busted out laughing. "How cute. How about you hang with us for awhile, dollface? I like your spunk," he offered. He stepped closer and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. He stood at a whopping six foot two, dwarfing her five foot four frame. "A little Japanese girl like you would make a fine addition to my gang," he added.

    Yun curled her left hand into a fist and wrapped her right hand over it. She extended her arms forward and swung back, shifting to the left. She slammed her elbow against his abdomen. Yun ducked and twisted out of his grip, moving behind him. She kicked the back of his knees, forcing him to the ground. "I'm Korean, you idiot. Get your facts straight," she growled.

    The ring leader whipped his hand back and sneered. "You're going to pay for that, dollface," he replied. He rose from the ground and produced a knife. "Maybe if you show me a good time, I'll forgive you," he jeered. The other men produced knives, pointing at her threateningly. However, it didn't faze Yun. She stood there, unimpressed.

    "A knife? Is that suppose to scare me?" she mocked. Yun shifted into a fighting stance. A smirk plastered on her face. She haven't experienced a fight for a long time. "And here, I thought you would upgrade to a gun. Isn't that how you boys play it these days?" she added. The wingman lunged, but Yun stepped to the side. She ducked, dodging a slash and swiped his legs, causing him to fall. Yun kicked away his knife. Yun picked it up and gripped it expertly. "Is that all you got?" she jeered.

    The ring leader glowered at her. "I'm done playing games," he countered. Suddenly, the ground surrounding his feet began to freeze. He dropped his knife and cracked his knuckles. "My method is way funner. Today is my lucky day," he declared. He shot his arm forward, producing a icy blue beam.

    Yun stiffened. She jumped out of the way, narrowly dodging the attack. She tilted her head back, peering at the damage. A mailbox behind her encased with ice. Her eyes filled with realization. Of all people, she had to piss off a super freak. "Fuck," she cursed. She ducked instinctively, evading another attack. Yun jumped back, gripping the knife. How is she suppose to defeat the guy if she can't touch him? Her eyes averted towards her hands. A frown marred her lips. She didn't want to rely on her ability! Before she could react, a beam jetted to the ground, freezing her feet.

    "Damnit!" She struggled to move, but her feet wouldn't budge. Yun glared at the user. "You're going to pay for that Popsicle," she snarled. Her temper flared. She didn't have time for this! She needed to call her brothers! Her knife illuminated a brilliant neon purple. Yun threw the knife at his feet. A few seconds later, it exploded. The man roared with pain. Her eyes darted from left to right. She had to find another object to ignite. She loathed to use her ability, but she didn't have a choice.

    "I'm going to fucking kill you bitch," the man growled.

    Yun lowered herself to the ground and pounded her fists against her trapped feet, hoping it would break the ice. It wouldn't be wise igniting her feet, however. The last thing she needed was to be footless.
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  9. Alex sprinted through the streets, weaving his way between people. Rafter wasn't too far from where he'd been attacked, but that did nothing to slow his pace. He knew that he was receiving plenty of strange looks, but that didn't particularly matter to him. He didn't know why he was in such a hurry to help her, but he kept running anyway. Maybe because she was the only person who had been through what he had.

    He skidded to a stop when he saw her. She was surrounded by three guys, all of whom looked tough and definitely not someone you'd want to cross. It took him a moment to notice the frozen postbox and the fact that Yun's feet were frozen to the ground. "Shit." He muttered, striding forward. He didn't say anything to announce his presence, simply put his hand on one of their necks. He heard his thoughts for a moment, before everything went blank and the guy crumpled to the ground, unconscious. This was enough to make the others turn away from Yun and face him.

    "Can I help you?" One of them asked, brandishing a knife. For a moment, Alex didn't see the scene in front of him. He saw the scene back in the alley, minutes before he died. "Leave the girl alone." His voice was even, despite the fear coursing through his veins.

    They laughed, stepping towards him. "Don't I know from somewhere?" He hadn't seen their faces. They'd been wearing hoods, and it had been dark. There had been four of them that night.

    "I doubt it. Now step away from the girl." He growled. When the man took a step closer to him, Alex realised the difference. He was a tad short at 5'9". "Or what?" Alex reached out and grabbed the other guy's arm. "Hold your knife to your throat." Alex ordered. Fear shone in the man's eyes as he found himself unable to stop himself from putting the knife to his throat. "Don't think I won't say the word." The leader raised both hands and took a few steps away. Alex let the man drop the knife from his throat. As he done so, the leader lunged towards Alex, wielding his own knife. Alex reacted instinctively and threw his fist straight into his attacker's face. The other guy attempted to jump him from behind, but Alex ducked and drove back his elbow. He grabbed one of their arms and looked them in the eyes. It was the man he had previously used his persuasion on. All of his thoughts rushed into his head. "Turn around and walk to the street corner. If you ever see us again, you will not attack us. You will act like we are just another set of strangers." He let go and the man started walking. The other man lunged for Alex once again, and Alex ducked, grabbing his arm. "Give me any weapons you have on you. Then, if you can, release the girl. Then you will walk down that street. You will forget about any interaction you have ever had with either of us." The man blankly handed over his knife, and then, to Alex's surprise, a gun that he had previously been too afraid to use. "I can't do anything about your friend." He said in a monotone, before turning and walking away. There wasn't much Alex could do about the other guy, so he just rolled him over and kicked an empty bottle beside him so it looked like he was drunk.

    He bent down and drove the knife into the ice around Yun's feet, cracking it. He did it two or three times, so she could get her feet out.
  10. "Come on ice, budge!" she growled.

    Yun struggled to break the ice, but her hands were too small. The layer that encased her feet was too thick. Rain pelted on her back, plastering her bangs against her face. She ignored it, however. Her main focus is freeing herself. The leader closed in on her, but stopped. Before he could provide a finishing blow, his progress was interrupted. A commotion captured Yun's attention. She lifted her head and witnessed the scene in front of her. It was that kid! She remembered his name faintly; Alex. What the hell was he doing here? Her eyes widened at the display of power. It was more than simple mind reading. Her face twisted with a scowl. If he used his gift on her, she will rip him to shreds. Her thoughts are her own. She won't let the bastard change anything! Yun ignored the fight and averted her attention to her feet. Her toes were numb. She never realized how much she hated ice. A few minutes later, Alex lowered himself to the ground, driving a knife against the ice. He chipped away the ice, allowing her to break through. Yun rose into a standing position. She moved her feet. Finally! She inspected her hands. Her palms were raw from pounding against the ice.

    "If you use that ability on me like that, I will blow your head off, got it?" Yun threatened. She brushed past him, heading for the phone booth. She opened the door, entering inside. She fished out a few quarters from her pocket and inserted them into the slot. Yun punched in a number and held the phone to her ear. She waited patiently for one of her brothers' to pick up. Yun tapped her feet. Moments later, she received the answering machine. A frown marred her lips. Yun inserted a few more coins and repeated the process. Her call didn't fall through. She tried two more times before she ran out of coins. Both her brothers or grandmother didn't answer. Her heart filled with dread. Yun slammed the phone against the glass wall. "Damnit!" she cursed.

    Yun exited the phone booth. "That fucking bastard. If they are in danger, I'm going to beat the shit out of that mystery caller!" Yun declared. Her hands curled into fists. It wasn't like her brothers to miss a call. She knew she was calling from a phone booth, but one of them should of picked up! She had to return to her hometown. It was the only way to assure her brothers' safety. Yun didn't bother giving Alex a proper thank you. Before he could react, she trudged down the street, heading towards her apartment.
  11. "You're welcome!" Alex yelled after her, before turning the other way and rolling his eyes. The man from the coffee shop stood a little bit away, looking impressed. "That was excellent, Mr. Hooper. You could be an excellent hero if you wanted to." Alex looked at him and started walking away. "How would you like to work with me?" The man called, stopping Alex in his tracks. He didn't look around, simply stood where he was. "You know what the world is like at the moment. Full of mutants. People are denying their powers. You yourself are worried about trying to hide your power." Alex turned around to face the man. "I can help you learn to control your power. You can help me create a world where you won't need to hide it. Together, we can show people that power is something to be embraced, not afraid of. Admit it, Alex. You've always just accepted your fate? Why not try and change it?" Alex looked at him.Even with the blackmailing, he wanted it. He wanted to work with this man. "Will you still tell me what happened to us?" He asked. The man nodded. "Then I'll do it." The man nodded and held out his hand. "The name's Edward. You should know that, now we're partners." Alex took his hand and shook it.

    ~Ten days later~
    "I'm Arthur Sanders, and I'm reporting here from the Davis Park. Eyewitnesses say that a conflict between at least three people resulted in the fire that is currently raging. Firefighters are trying to stop it from spreading, but they are not currently having that much of an effect. It is unknown as to whether the three people that caused this fire are still here..." Alex rolled his eyes as he took a mouthful of his coffee. He was in a black leather jacket, white t-shirt and black jeans, waiting for Edward in Starbucks. He hadn't wasted any time, introducing Alex to the ways in which he worked. At first, Alex had been appalled. He had people working on a cure for the powers, which had prompted Alex to ask how doing so would help create a world in which those who ad powers were accepted. Edward had been only all too pleased to explain- he was turning those who couldn't control their powers into blank canvasses. Unfortunately, they far outnumbered the amount of people who did have control over their power, and they first needed to approach all who could control their power and ask them to help. It was entirely possible that some would need to be eradicated due to being unsuitable for altering. And Alex had accepted that.

    There was quite a lot of contrast between the two of them, but according to Edward, that was a good thing. He could appeal more to the older people, those who were professionals. Alex appealed to the younger side. "How did things go last night?" Edward asked as he sat down. Alex shrugged. "I may have had to knock him out. He was drunk and pulled a knife on me. I'm going to try again later, hopefully when he's sober." Edward chuckled. "I've got a job for you until then. We've got a rogue running around the train station, using his ability to pick-pocket. If you could... intervene, that would be wonderful. The photo is in your email." Alex nodded and stood up.

    "By the way, Alex... I haven't had a chance to contact Yun, yet." It took him a second to remember who Yun was, but then he nodded. "I've heard reports that she's going to be in the train station while you are. Just a head's up." Alex nodded, heading out, his coffee in one hand, and looking at his phone in the other. He doubted that she would recognise him- since he started working with Edward, he barely recognised himself at times. And he couldn't even remember what she looked like.
  12. Twenty minutes later, Yun arrived at her apartment. She unlocked the door, opened it, and entered inside. After she closed it behind her, Yun immediately rushed to her bedroom. Fortunately, she possessed a spare cellphone. She developed the habit of purchasing more than one since she was prone to violent outbursts. She breathed in deeply and exhaled through her nostrils. She didn't want to ignite her only shot to connect to her brothers. She wondered how they would react. A few minutes later, she was completely calm. Yun swiped her thumb across the touch screen and navigated to her contacts. She dialed the number to Hyun-Ki's cell. She held the device to her ear. "Come on, come on, come on," she urged. She gripped the cellphone, waiting anxiously.

    "Hey! You reached Hyun-Ki. I'm not here right now so leave a message!"

    Yun cursed in her native tongue. She dialed Haneul's cell.

    "You have reached Haneul's cell. He's obviously not here so drop him a message!"

    Yun bit her lip at her brother's quirky voicemail. She called their cellphones three more times, but received the same message. Yun tried calling her grandmother, but she wouldn't pick up. None of her immediate family was answering. What happened to them? Are they in danger? Her stomach filled with dread. "Get it together Yun. You're going to drive there tonight. You will see them, explain yourself, and everything will be fine," she assured. Yun repeated the phrase in her mind. She bent forward and grasped a large duffelbag underneath her bed. Yun deposited it on top of her bed. She walked around, gathering clothes. She exited her bedroom, moved to her bathroom, and assembled her toiletries. Ten minutes later, Yun finished packing. Once she fixed her hair, Yun swung the duffelbag strap around her shoulder and left her apartment, locking it on her way out. Yun descended down the steps and headed for the private parking lot. Yun sauntered towards her black Ford truck. It use to belong to her mother. Her grandmother gave it to her for her high school graduation gift. She unlocked it, opened the door, and threw her duffelbag on the passenger seat. Yun only used the truck when she was driving out of town. She buckled in and inserted a key into the ignition. After it roared with life, Yun shifted the gears to drive. Yun drove out of the parking lot, navigating towards the direction of her hometown.

    [ Ten Days Later ]
    "Haneul! Hyun-Ki! It's me, Yun! I know it's impossible, but-" she cut herself off. She looked around her grandmother's house. It was empty. She dropped her duffelbag on the floor and padded towards the kitchen. "Haneul? Hyun-Ki?" she called. She received no answer. Yun inspected the kitchen. An empty pot laid on top of the stove. Her eyes narrowed. Her grandmother never left a pot unattended. She turned and stared at the table. Her eyes widened slightly. She walked towards the table, focusing on a cake covered with a plastic top. It was her favorite kind, red velvet.

    "Happy Birthday Yun!" was written on top with white frosting. It looked completely untouched. Her eyes averted towards a medium sized gift covered in purple wrapping paper. She picked up a card and opened it, "To the best sister in the world. We know you hate celebrating your birthday, but it's up to us to make it memorable. I hope you love our gift, signed Hyun-Ki and Haneul," she read out loud. A picture of a hand drawn Batman symbol imprinted on top of the card. She set it to the side and picked up the gift. Her heart clenched painfully. She recalled the night of her death. Yun strengthened her resolve and unwrapped it. She opened the box, revealing a deck of cards, a bag of marbles, a plane ticket, a pair of decorative drumsticks, and a new leather jacket. Yun removed her old leather jacket and slipped on the new jacket. It fit her perfectly and contained more pockets. She picked up the plane ticket. It was a flight to her birth place, Seoul. Was her brothers going to surprise her with a family trip? Yun didn't understand the significance of the deck of cards or marbles, but she knew it was from Haneul. They meant something. She will remember eventually. Yun recalled mentioning about breaking her old drumsticks.

    "Where are you two?" she murmured.

    A sigh escaped her lips. Yun snapped out of her reverie. She was sitting on a bench inside the train station, waiting for her train. After she opened her gift, Yun searched the whole house. Her brothers were missing, including her grandmother. It seemed they disappeared without a trace. There was nothing missing, so her brothers didn't leave recently. She stayed inside the house for three days before returning to her apartment empty handed. Her plane ticket was destined for May 31st, two months later. Since it was a few days after her brothers' are released for the Summer, she deduced it would of been a surprise family vacation.

    "I'll find you two. I promise," she muttered.

    Yun was taking a train to one of her best friend's hometown. Her friend informed her she would be visiting her parents for the weekend. Yun wondered if her friends heard about her death. Would they be missing too? She didn't bother calling them. She wouldn't admit it out loud, but she was hesitant. She didn't want to endure the same process. Her friends, Griffin, Leon, Darcie, are better off ignorant. They would call her to update their status so she didn't worry about them, for now at least. Yun lifted her right hand and stared at her palm. It has been ten days since she last used her ability.
  13. Alex checked his email as he walked. He didn't have to worry about bumping into someone- ever since he'd started working with Edward, people had started staying out of his way. It was apparently something about the danger his walk now held. Or maybe it was the animal instinct- they knew what he could cause them harm, and so stayed out of his way. He was pretty sure that the gun he was carrying was hidden beneath his jacket. His ability was constantly in play, and he wore black fingerless leather gloves to minimise the amount of skin-to-skin contact he would have. As he walked, he finished his coffee and opened the email containing his target. This one probably wouldn't have to be destroyed, just... Persuaded.

    He spotted him lingering around the entrance of the train station. As soon as the boy laid eyes on Alex, however, he headed inside, picking up on the danger that Alex held. Keeping the pace he usually had, and not even changing his posture, he headed inside. The boy was heading for the platform- of course. People would be constantly checking they had their tickets, meaning he'd get a better idea of where they kept their money. Alex adjusted his jacket as he weaved through the crowd, always watching for the boy. He made it out of the worst of the crowd and looked around.

    Alex started walking down the platform, pulling off his gloves, just in case he got up to the boy. He noticed a girl that looked vaguely familiar, but wasn't able to stop himself from bumping into her. "Sorry!" He said, raising both hands. His hand evidently brushed his, because the thought "do I know her?" echoed slightly, meaning she had probably heard it. Nothing to worry about. It wasn't like they knew he was a mental manipulator. He kept following the boy, always keeping him in his sight.

    He got his opportunity when the boy stopped to tie his shoelace barely a minute later. Alex walked over to him and put a hand on the boy's neck. "Come sit at this cafe with me." The boy glared at him, but followed.

    "What the fuck are you? How did you do that?" He tried to stand up, but Alex grabbed his arm. "Sit down. You won't leave until I say this conversation is finished." The boy sat down, glaring at Alex. Alex sat back and flagged a waitress. "I'll have a lemonade, and my friend here will have..." The boy ordered a coke, still glaring at Alex. "I know about your ability. Now, tell me what it is." Alex ordered. "And remember, I can make you tell me either way."

    The boy rolled his eyes and slumped down in his seat as their drinks arrived. Alex took a mouthful of his and raised an eyebrow. "I'm waiting."

    "It's like I can be in two places at once. Like I can see right behind a person, and reach into their pockets and pull out their wallet, but I don't move from where I am and the stuff just appears in my hands." His eyes glazed over for a moment, and he held out Alex's phone. "See?" Alex took his phone and nodded.

    "You could put that to better use. Earn more money. We need people like you. People who can defend themselves. I can't tell you much here. I'm not a cop, by the way. I work... Outside of the law." The boy nodded towards Alex's holster, which he must have noticed when taking his phone.

    "Is that outside of the law too?" Alex leaned forward and narrowed his eyes. "No. And no, you won't get one." The boy raised an eyebrow as he took a mouthful of his drink. "What do I get from this whole arrangement? If I agree to work for you?" He asked. Alex sat back. "You won't be working solely for me. You will use your abilities as we require and participate in testing as we ask you. In return, we give you your living costs and a little more to keep you going. We also keep you out of jail." The boy stared at Alex.

    "And if I don't agree to work with you?" Alex shrugged, sipping on his lemonade. "You won't be able to receive any of those benefits. And you might need the one to stay out of jail." Alex put a card down on the table and raised an eyebrow as he took another mouthful of his drink .
  14. Yun rose from her seat. Her train would be arriving shortly. She picked up her duffelbag and swung the strap across her shoulders. She fished out her cellphone and checked the time. She was dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans, 3/4 quarter sleeved purple Marvel slim tee, and her new leather jacket. Her signature combat boots adorned her legs. Her hair was pulled back in a high ponytail. She tucked her bangs behind her ear and locked her screen. Suddenly, a young man bumped into her.

    "Do I know her?"

    A familiar tingling sensation tugged at her psyche. She lifted her head and peered at the man. Her eyes widened with realization. It was that kid! She didn't remember his name, but she memorized his face. A scowl carved into her expression. What was he doing here? He looked different. A person doesn't change in ten days without a reason. She observed the scene from afar. A frown marred her lips. What was he up to? Her instincts screamed to follow him. Maybe he would have her answers. Finding her brothers was more important than interrogating her friend, Darcie. It was worth a shot. If he didn't know anything, she could catch the next train. After the duo left, Yun followed. Ten minutes later, she came across a café. Yun entered inside. She inspected her surroundings. She spotted Alex in the far left corner, isolated from wandering eyes. She brushed past a waitress and sauntered across the café.

    "You sure changed a lot in ten days," Yun drawled lowly. She stood in front of the table, arms folded across her chest. She peered down at Alex. Her eyes narrowed with suspicion. "Someone doesn't change that fast unless they have help. Do you know anything about that mystery caller?" she inquired. Yun shoved the boy to the side and slid into the booth, sitting across from Alex. She dropped her duffelbag on the floor next to her feet. "I want answers, kid. You seem to of improved on your ability. Where did you get the help from?" she pressed.

    A waitress walked over to their table, asking if she wanted a drink. Yun ordered a glass of iced tea. Once the waitress left, Yun stared at Alex expectantly. She glowered at him, daring him to say otherwise. She wouldn't hesitate to use force. If he used his ability on her, she would execute her previous threat.
  15. The boy was pulled out of his seat before Alex could get an answer out of him. He was frozen to the spot until Alex let him go. He rolled his eyes. "Call either of the numbers on that card if you want in. You have twenty four hours,before we take it that you're chancing it by yourself. You can go." The boy walked away, shooting a glare at Alex over his shoulder. Alex turned his attention to the girl in front of him. It took him a second to recognise her, but one of his eyebrows arched up when he did.

    "Where did I get the help from? Who's the one person who offered to help us? After I saved your sorry little ass, he saw what he liked. And he extended an offer to me. A world where people like us are accepted. Then again, what was the last thing you said to me? Something along the lines of, "don't use your power on me, you fucking freak?" After I had just saved your sorry little behind?"

    "Refill, sir?" The waitress asked, holding a jug of lemonade. He nodded and stared at Yun as his glass was refilled, smiling slightly. "And you know what? I have all the answers now. I know everything. Because I embraced the differences, I got the answers. And you know what? I don't need to use my power to persuade some people. Some people spend their whole lives looking for answers. Others, like me, find ways to get them all at once."

    Alex took a mouthful of his lemonade, before looking at her and raising an eyebrow. "Tell me, how are your brothers?"

    (If she wants to punch him or jump him or anything, feel free. He probably deserves it.)
  16. "Tell me, how are your brothers?"

    Yun threw her head back and laughed. She received a few odd stares, but they were ignored. After she received her iced tea, she took a sip. She presented him an unimpressed look. "Did he teach you all this? Are you suppose to intimidate me with your pathetic demeanor?" she drawled. She sounded surprisingly calm. However, it was a facade. Underneath, she was absolutely livid. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction of seeing her anger. It would be pointless raving inside a café. She would save that for later. Yun tuned out his insults. She heard worse. Frankly, she didn't care. "You have to try a lot harder to subdue me, kid. I never asked for your help. You don't give a shit about me so you wasted your time. Don't flatter yourself thinking you're a hero. I would of been better off blowing that bastard's head off," she sneered. She leaned forward, lacing her fingers together. She rested her chin on top of her adjoined hands. Her expression became unreadable.

    "I believe the correct phrase I used was, if you use that ability on me like that, I will blow your head off," she mocked. Her eyes averted towards her iced tea. She moved it in front of her, twirling her straw inside the drink. She grew silent for a moment. Despite her current behavior, she was nowhere near calm. Yun was royally pissed. On the other hand, she masked it perfectly. When she received the chance, Yun intended to beat the shit out of Alex. "That bastard did something to my brothers. Even if he didn't do it himself, he was apart of it. I want in. If it means seeing my brothers again, I don't give a shit what I have to do," she began. Yun lifted her eyes. She extended her hand forward and grabbed the front of his shirt. Yun yanked him forward until their faces were inches apart.

    "If anything happens to my brothers, I will not hesitate to kill everyone that was responsible. You best give my answers right not, bastard. I don't think this café can suppress my power. You have a neat mind trick. Unfortunately for you, mine can blow your head off," she finished. A smirk plastered on her face. She shoved him back in his seat. Yun leaned back, folding her arms across her chest. She tilted her head back, peering at him condescendingly.

    "I meant what I said earlier. My thoughts are my own. If you think you're going to influence me, good luck, bub. I'm not exactly the prissy type. My mind isn't easy to persuade," she declared.
  17. Alex sat back in his chair, looking at her and raising an eyebrow. If she was going to try and scare him, then he could play along. He wasn't intimidated by her grabbing his shirt-he'd seen his father have his mother by the throat, all but actually strangling her. He unzipped his jacket, allowing it to hang open and his holster to become obvious. He leaned in, smirking. "We can see if you'd be able to destroy my gun before the bullet pierced your skin." He whispered, grinning at her. Without looking away, he pulled out his phone and typed out a message to Edward. "met yun. possibly getting risky. just a head's up to possibly have the first aid kit ready when i get back. bringing up her brothers was either a very good or a very bad idea"

    "We're taking an interest in people with abilities. I haven't had any dealings with your brothers, and I haven't seen any files on them. Edward would probably be the one to ask about that. But unless they were explicitly showing abilities, they're probably safe." He admitted, slouching down in his chair as his phone vibrated. He slipped it out and glanced at it. Edward had already replied, and he glanced through it. "i'm currently tracking a blood manipulator-if things get nasty, text me and i'll come get you out of it. by the way, i haven't tracked her brothers"

    Alex held up the phone and smirked. "There's your answer. Now, is there anything else you want to get out of your system, or can I go back to dealing with the important things?" He asked patronisingly, draining his glass and putting it back on the table.
  18. Yun stared at the holster. She looked unimpressed. "Funny. You sound like you could actually shoot me before I take you down. Do you compensate your lack of size with that gun?" she sneered. She wasn't the type to be intimidated by weaponry. Yun demonstrated that when she fought the gang ten days ago. Yun remained in her position, arms folded across her chest. Her gaze filled with suspicion. She didn't believe him. Yun didn't care if Alex was clueless. She knew that mystery caller was hiding something. He threatened her with her brothers! Yun didn't respond to blackmail submissively.

    "...or can I go back to dealing with the important things?"

    Yun extended her arm forward, plucked the cellphone from his hand, and peered at the text. "Edward huh? I still find bastard a more suited name for him," she mused. Yun lifted her gaze and peered at Alex. "I'm not an idiot, kid. You may not know something, but he does. My brothers are missing. He tried to blackmail me on day one. It wasn't a coincidence they were gone after I triggered my power. I don't need your help to find my answers. I already said I'm in. Even if this bastard didn't do anything, he knows what happened. If I join you, then I am one step closer to finding my brothers. You got yourself a new teammate, bub. I don't give a shit if you like it or not, I'm going with you," she deadpanned. His phone illuminated a faint neon purple. It malfunctioned and sizzled.

    "Whoops. Clumsy me," she remarked sarcastically. She gripped it tightly, cancelling the explosion. As much as she wanted to blow his head off, Yun wouldn't execute her attack inside a café. She dropped the broken phone on top of the table.

    "A word of advice. If you want to intimidate someone, work on your attitude. You sound like a pathetic idiot that's all about talk. Your insults are weak. Be more creative," she jeered. Yun picked up her iced tea and sipped it slowly. She fished out her wallet from her pocket and slapped down a few bills, including a tip. After she pocketed her wallet, Yun peered at Alex with a smirk. "Lead the way, Alex," she finished. Yun didn't remember his name. She received that information from his cellphone. Yun made a mental note to beat the shit out of Alex when she received the chance. He pissed her off. Fortunately, she managed to mask her contempt through a facade.
  19. His eyes narrowed as he picked his phone up off of the table. There wasn't a kick out of it, and he shoved it in his pocket. His first impression of her had just been that she was scared. But now he was concluding that she was just a plain bitch. He stood up, throwing a fiver on the table and walking away, not looking to check if she was walking behind him. She reminded him of all of the bullies that had beaten him up as a kid. The names he'd been called, all the bruises and cuts...

    He wanted to text Edward and give him a head's up, but she'd ruined his phone. Two phones in the space of as many weeks. Jesus Christ, she was a bitch. He ran a hand through his hair and rolled his eyes. He hoped that Edward refused to talk to her, threw her out, and added her to the list of people to be eradicated. She wasn't even trying to use her power for good.

    Alex was tired of being the underdog. He was tired of being beaten up by people like her who thought they were superior. He hoped that when Edward met her, if he did agree to take her on, it wasn't as a partner. He knew that having to listen to him would probably make her sick.

    He wasn't far out of the station when Edward met him. "Still alive, then?" The older man joked. "I am. She ruined my fucking phone though, and insisted on coming to talk to you. She might throw a punch, so I'm just going to stand here so I can hold her back." He muttered. Edward nodded and held out a hand to her.

    You can control Edward if you want, just stick to his pre established character.
  20. Yun slipped out of the booth, picked up her duffelbag, and followed him. She swung the strap over her shoulders and jammed her hands in her pockets. She didn't have an explanation for her behavior. Frankly, she didn't care. Yun was use to pushing people away. What was the point acting nice when her companion didn't care? He didn't give a shit about her. She wasn't going to pretend to be something she wasn't. Yun wasn't a damsel in distress. She wasn't a nice, sweet girl. She was uncouth, blunt, and ruthless. If someone called her a bitch, her answer was her fist. Her main priority is tracking down her brothers. She never asked for this power. She was suppose to be dead! Did he really expect she could be a hero? She didn't have all the right qualities. She would be better off as a villain.

    "Still alive, then?"

    His voice made her skin crawl. Yun peered at the anonymous caller. Her expression darkened. She removed her hands from her pockets. "I don't think it would be wise if I touched your hand, bub," she seethed. Her hands sparked maliciously. Her mask was slowly crumbling. As much as she wanted to slam her fist against his face, he was her only ticket to finding her brothers. "I'm not going to beat around the bush, Edward. My brothers disappeared without a trace. Something like that doesn't happen naturally. They were taken. I don't give a shit if you didn't do it yourself. I'm not going to be an ignorant fool and assume you're innocent. You know something about that incident," she accused. Her hands illuminated a neon purple. Her temper flared. "I'm here to join your little gang. You're my only shot controlling my power, right?" she growled. Yun flexed her fingers. Her kinetic energy was building up. She would have to release it soon.

    "To be frank, I don't give a shit what I have to do. If it means finding my brothers, then by all means, make me your little pawn. Just don't get in my way when I find out what kidnapped my brothers. No one messes with my family, no one," she added. She slammed her fist against a nearby mailbox. Half of the object exploded, spewing out several ruined letters. Yun stood there, panting. She glowered at the older man. She didn't trust him one bit. However, he was her key to locating her brothers. Her instincts assured her.
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