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  1. "All right" Jordan's eyes were fixed on the building in front of him, he looked on his brochure that said "Freddy Fazbear Pizza: Where fun doesn't die!" That bottom part kinda freaked him out. He looked through the glass window and held his breath. Jordan was a nervous one so he was the first to bust in a building all jolly. "Okay, I can do this!" He thought to himself. And he took the step in, "I'm here for the replacement job for a security guard" he said as he began to sweat.
  2. A barking laugh echoes from behind the nervous boy "You're a fool son, choosing to work know the stories behind this place." a fairly large man with a receding hairline and a scrunched face appears. Donned in a old dirty janitors clothing, he approaches the nervous wreck of a boy "Ever hear of the 'Bite of 87'?"

    The old man gave a large toothy grin as he barks with laughter his breath coming out in strangled pants. "Come with me boy...."

    The old janitor leads Jordan to the back of the restaurant, where they resided....
  3. "Al-alright..." Jordan looked hesitantly around ,following the man he heard noises of metal and the smell of burnt pizza crust coming from the kitchen area. The only other noises heard besides the metal was the slow steps Jordan placed on the floor.
  4. Leading him through the doors, and into the room holding the party supplies and various cleaning supplies there was another room down the walkway labeled "WARNING STAFF ONLY" the old man motions for the younger male to follow.

    With the turn of the key both were granted entry to were the animatronics were kept. The room was much like a workshop full of parts and pieces that were thrown carelessly about the room. Some parts sat on a shelf others sat on a table. Many were half finish or never even started.

    "And here we are, these are Freddy and his friends...say hello to Chica Chick"

    The janitor motions to the yellow bird with a bib saying "Let's Eat" its eyes were fixed forward as it beck hung open with pointy white 'teeth' showing.

    "And this is Bonnie Bunny."

    He motions to the purple rabbit with a bow and guitar in it's lap.

    "We can't forget the big papa bear, Freddy F. Bear."

    He says placing a hand on his gut. "Kids loved Freddy...But the star of this ghost town restaurant is in the Pirates Cove."

    The janitor lead the boy to the Pirates Cove, he gestures to a tent with a 'Out of Order' sign "This one is my favorite...say hello to" he throws open the curtains "Foxy Fox, the one who made this place famous." The red fox with a eyepatch and hook hand sat on it's stand with it's mouth hanging open, the dried blood still visible on its fangs and torn chest. The fabric of his lower half was missing along this the fabric of it's other hand exposing metal and wires.

    "You see, this restaurant was known for Freddy and his friends, then something terrible happened way before the bite. But I rather not tell you about THAT, the bite though, hohohoho, oh you should have been there. One night in 87, there was a party going on for this bratty girl. As usual we brought Freddy and his friends out, they sang danced the whole nine yards, at one part they coaxed Foxy to take the stage."

    "The fox came out after several shouts of his name, he came out speaking his pirate talk before singing 'What do you do with a drunken sailor" when the birthday girl walks up insulting the old fox."

    "You see the old security guard told her not to play on the stage holding the fox but she didn't comply, he spoke the mother but the old goat was to into her tablet, then the snot nosed brat insulted Foxy, now I don't believe in this stuff, but to me it seemed like this old fox understood it was being bullied, cause next thing I knew, there was screams and blood running down this fox. He bit the kid, serves her right."
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    Cassidy was in the dinning area, wiping the usual grease and sticky soda stains from the tables. She got the job from a friend after her dad got in a horrible accident. She didn't mind really, She always loved going there as a kid. As she finished, she glanced over to see that her boss wasn't looking, and snuck in the deserted Pirate's Cove. She noticed Foxy standing on the stage, dry blood still on him. "She didn't mean what she said." She whispered to Foxy, glancing at his horrible condition. She stepped out from the purple curtain and saw another man pass by. "You're the new kid, aren't you?" She asked, eyeing him.
  6. Jordan jolted to a stop "Ye-yeah, and you are?" he asked really wanting to get the job but didn't know how to go about it. He looked at the curtains in pirate cove and saw them swaying back and forth, "we-were you talking to the fox, a second ago?" he asked curiously
  7. The old janitor looked from Cassidy to Jordan and laughed heartily "Old Foxy got ya spooked. Man you dont even have the job yet and ya a nervous wreck...I'll get the big guy and have him interview you..." the old man winks at young Cassidy as he walks away.
  8. Cassidy introduced herself and said that she got the job after her dad got in a terrible accident. "If I get fired, my whole family will be homeless." She said. "I guess I'm a little bit weird from the incident." She brushed a strand of hair over her ear. "Well, Just FYI, The animatronics may come alive at night." She said as she wished him luck on the way back to the dining area.
  9. The boss walked up complimenting Cassidy on her work he turns to Jordan "Great news, you got the job, you're our new night watchmen. Oh and Cassidy if you don't mind, can you work the night shift? And by that I mean you will be assisting Jordan. "

    The boss laughs as he heads out the door tossing Cassidy the keys and Jordan a flashlight.

    "Remember its Five Nights...."
  10. Cassidy accepted the job as she looked at Jordan. "Well, its just you, me, and these creepy animatronics." She said. This time the Pizzeria felt unusually uncomfortable. It felt like all the animatronics were watching her, waiting for the right time to strike. She locked the doors for the night, not knowing if she was going to survive.
  11. "Uh...what does that mean come alive?" He asked, now shaking.
  12. From behind the curtain of Pirates Cove, Foxy sat up straight his eye flashed then glowed an eerie faint gold color. He stands up looks through the partial opening of the curtains "A new security guard? He can help us, and so can the lass they must DiE! be our only hope."

    Foxy watched as the last rays of the sun the fun starts.
  13. Cassidy looked at Jordan curiously, "Did you hear something?" She said. She also said the animatronics coming to life to stuff people in suits was just an urban legend the older workers tell the newbies. "I was probably messing with you." She said as she checked to make sure no one else was in the Pizzeria.
  14. Jordan rolled his eyes'"oh great, so that old geezer was also joking about the bite too?" He said sarcastically brushing off his shirt attempting to straighten it. As he turned to the cove and open the curtains, only to jump as off seeing Foxy's eyes glow.
  15. Foxy was sly so when the curtains were tore open he was sitting back in his original position though the faint glow of his eye remained.
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    Maria awoke in a dark room which looked similar to a supply closet. Last thing she remembered was the purple rabbit knocking her out with the guitar. She was from Gryriffndor Academy and was planning to interview the new security guard for her Journalism class. To her horror, the robots surrounded her. "Soon, you'll look better than before." Said the Chick as she held Maria down. Soon, the bear carried her to the suit she was to be put in. As she slid in the suit, her screams of pain echoed throughout the pizzeria. "Oh my God!" Exclaimed Cassidy. "Somebody's in trouble!" She ran off to the supply closet, keys jingling, to find the damsel in distress.
  17. Jordan jumped "gah! Wai-wait Cassidy!" Jordan rushed as he locked the Cove and chased after Cassidy.
  18. The night had barely began and the animatronics were already restless.

    Foxy growls and shreds his curtains seeing that the lock had been locked. He slips out of the cove and hides.

    Unbeknownst to Cassidy and Jordan something was following them....

  19. Cassidy entered the supply closet only to find a girl crawling out of a Chica suit, bleeding from multiple areas. Maria explained the the animatronics kidnapped her when she was trying to interview Jordan and Cassidy for her Journalism class. "You know the whole thing is just an urban legend right?" Said Cassidy as she looked skeptically at Maria. "It isn't!" Replied Maria. "Look behind you!" Cassidy did look behind her and saw Foxy standing there, with a menacing smirk. She screamed out of terror at the fact that the animatronics coming to life at night wasn't an urban legend.
  20. Foxy laughed "Yarharhar maties, and welcome welcome welcome to your first night at Freddy's."

    The fox lets out a growl like noise as he steps back.

    Its quiet for a moment then Foxy runs toward the girls.

    (Feel free to play as any animatronic)
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