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These Memories Aren't Our Own

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by AllOurPrettySongs, Dec 8, 2014.

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  1. Memories. Segments of life, stored away in a region of the brain - the hippocampus. They can be accessed for any reason, good or bad, everything from recalling the directions to the local store to recalling why it is you don't like a particular song. Memories can be linked to objects, environments, sensations. They can be triggered and it can be near impossible to make them stop.

    Almost everyone has a painful memory or two - for some, even more. Depending on the severity, individuals can be near crippled by them. Memories are powerful. They can drive a person to commit acts of evil or they can help a person to learn and grow.

    In New York in the year 2025, people grew weary of their painful memories. They wanted them gone and pleasant recollections put in their place. The Anamnesis Assembly was formed to help. A series of brain reconstructions via medication and intensive therapy removed selected memories and installed new, happier ones of the patient's choosing.

    However, a high ranking member of the Anamnesis Assembly had other ideas. Instead of implanting pleasant memories, he implanted unimaginable nightmares. Government conspiracies and cover ups, the violence and shady goings on. All ones that the man had harvested from ex officials who wished to forget.

    Only a handful of people were implanted with these memories before the man was hauled away to an unknown, yet likely gruesome fate. The process is irreversible and now, the individuals who have these memories are being hunted for the information they now have in their minds. You are one of those people.


    Hey, guys! This is my first time making a group RP on this site. This is a roleplay I created on a separate site but wished to bring it on over here. So, if anything was confusing in that introduction, a simple plot summary:

    In the future, your character has a memory they wish to be rid of and replaced. They underwent the procedure but instead had their memories replaced with details of conspiracy theories - which are true. They are now being hunted.


    I will detail the character sheet, rules and whatever else you'd like if this gains some interest. (:
  2. Interested- Would you be deciding the conspiracy theories or the players?
  3. It would absolutely be up to the players. They can choose whichever conspiracy they'd like. (:
Thread Status:
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