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  1. Ok! So I have a couple of ideas to go along with these pictures. Both of them I'd be playing the female.
    So for this one, The idea that comes to mind, is that, the female (My character) is certainly in no way like any other human. She controls the elements, all four of them! Someone wants to get a hold of her, so when she'd running from people, she runs into... (Drumroll!) Your character!

    With this one, the idea I have is that both characters are thrown into a job, that the king would like them to do. Of course both of them being part of the King's royal army, have had a rivalry with each other for as long as they can remember. So during the job after almost falling off a cliff, and saved by your character, they begin to show feelings for each other that they always kept hidden.

    That's about it! Let me know if your interested in either one of them, as well as you can make your character how you see fit!
  2. Im interested :3
  3. Just pm me which one your interested in doing! ^.^
  4. I'm interested in the first one.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.