These Four Walls [emmelinejames & amazingdan]

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  1. Nathan wondered, not for the first time, if he had chosen the right classes. It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy them- he did, he found them very interesting- but he worried he wouldn’t be able to keep up in the long run. Intelligent was never the first word people used when describing him. He crushed the remains of his cigarette against the wall mounted ashtray in the smoking area and began his walk back to his dorm room. His backpack was thrown over one shoulder, the textbooks inside digging into his lower back as he walked. “I’m so done with this day” he groaned, climbing the stairs to his second floor dorm room.

    The room was unlocked- his fault, he’d run out in a hurry sometime around noon for his only class of the day and had barely managed to close it, let alone lock it. He was sure his roommate wouldn’t be too happy if he found out that Nathan was risking all of their personal belongings like this. The room was pretty simple, two beds, two desks, two wardrobes, one window, one door, but already the personalities of its occupants were beginning to show. Nathan had claimed the right-side of the room on the first day. He tossed his bag down on the desk chair, kicked off his sandy-brown loafers and collapsed on the bed. Thank God it was Friday. He needed about a week of sleep to recuperate before he’d be ready to do that again. He wasn’t himself when he was tired. And lately, he was always tired.
  2. Brian, however, even though he had a much less-busy day, was just as tired. Not only had the boy cleared his schedule AND made sure that he had no classes on Friday for his chemotherapy, he'd studied for as long as he could until he passed out from pushing himself too much. He was also starting to think that he might just pass his classes. But after his hour nap, the young man decided that taking a shower would probably be best for him. Normally, and this will be important, he would've noticed that Nathan hadn't locked the door. But because man was so tired, he'd just missed it completely.

    He'd also seemed to have forgotten that Nathan could walk in at any time. So, since his room mate was gone, and he thought the door was locked, Brian figured he could just screw the towel, and walk out if their bathroom stark naked and get dressed in the bedroom. To his, and most likely Nathan's, horror, the boy was in the dorm. Brian's face and neck turned a bright red that seemed almost impossible for a human, his eyes widening. And the first thing that left his mouth was once word that said everything that expressed the situation: "Shit." The Greek hissed out, quickly grabbing the closest thing to him to cover his crouch. That was, unfortunately, one of Nathan's text books.

    (I thought it would be funny, okay?! XD)
  3. Nathan sat upright in surprise as his roommate burst into the room. It took him a moment to register Brian's state. Naked boys weren't a regular occurrence in life but he supposed he could get used to it. "Afternoon" he greeted the other boy with a smirk. His gaze roamed down from Brian's burning face to the textbook, which he noticed was his. "If you could kindly remove my Literary Theory book from your naked self? That cost a lot of money you know, and I’d rather live without the knowledge that it touched some guy’s junk.”

    He lay back down again, arms folded behind his head. He closed his eyes lightly, feeling relief flood his tired body. “Look, I’ll even close my eyes so you can protect your modesty. Although if I fall asleep, wake me by dinnertime. Anyway, how was your day? Do anything interesting, other than assault my eyes and textbooks?” he teased lightly. He could tell Brian was embarrassed but he wasn't bothered by the incident at all.
  4. "Hi..." Brian glanced down at the text book, his face getting redder, "O-oh... right... just uh, I'll get a towel..." he quickly scampered into the bathroom again to put on a towel. The young man came back in a few minutes, his favorite, light-blue towel around his waist, "You can open your eyes." He said, listening to his questions about his day. Brian took a deep breath, "Well, something did happen at the hospital before my chemo session." He chuckled to himself at the thought, "There was a girl that looked about eight, and she asked why I was there. I said I had some cancer, and she asked what kind." He grinned, "The mom though she was bothering me,but she wasn't, so I told her I had Breast Cancer.... and..." he laughed for a minute, "Sh-she... though I was a girl... and asked if that was why I didn't have boobs..." he sat on his bed, giggling quietly. He didn't know why it was so funny to him. He knew it shouldn't be funny, but he didn't care. I was to him, "You had to be there, her face when I said I was a guy was priceless. Like the look when you find out a raisin oatmeal cookie isn't chocolate chip." He shook his head, wet black hair getting in his face and eyes.
  5. Nathan opened his eyes slowly, pulling himself back from the brink of falling asleep. He sat up. He admired how Brian could laugh and remain positive about his position. He often envied people who could remain optimistic in the face of hardship, since he was the kind of person to fall to pieces and wallow in self pity until someone forced him to pull himself together. He laughed, "Don't talk about cookies, I'm starving. Hey, you wanna grab some food when you're ready? I know I'm trying to stay healthy lately, but I would kill a man for some takeout. I should have some cash around somewhere…" He jumped up to look for his wallet in the bottom of his backpack. Opening it up, he winced at its empty cavern. He moved to the laundry basket at the foot of his bed, pulling out jeans and rooting through their pockets until he discovered a rumpled up tenner. "Aha! I knew I had cash!"
  6. Brian had already pulled on a pair of black jeans, and was putting on his best black abs white flannel shirt, "Yeah, I'm almost ready... Just gonna get this buttoned up..." He murmured, voice muffler from looking down, "Nath, this is why men have wallets." He teased his roommate, "I can bring some cash, too. So then if you don't have enough I can pay the rest." He chuckled finishing his shirt. He sat on his bed to put his shoes on and in a minute he was shoving his wallet in his back pocket, "Alright slow poke, you wanna walk? You know I don't have a ride." He smirked, leaning on the wall as he waited for his friend. He liked hanging out with Nathan. He also liked that he didn't mind he was gay. Sometimes Brian wished Nathan was gay, too. But he couldn't always have everything, now could he?
  7. Nathan waved away Brian's concern. "Nah, I should have enough here. Anyway, wallets are for middle-aged men to carry around pictures of their kids in. I lose that thing more often than I can count so it's probably safer for me to just carry everything in my pockets." He grabbed a hoodie from the wardrobe and slipped on. The weather was still mild enough during the day, but the first chills of winter were already creeping into the evenings. He looked at Brian, who was smirking at him in a way that would probably make him blush, if he were the blushing kind. He rolled his eyes in an attempt to get his confidence back. "Walking is fine by me. Lead the way, oh cool one."
  8. Brian put their key in his pocket, "You're damn right I"m cool." He winked and made a clicking sound, "Guys better watch out!" He joked, laughing at himself, "Come on, you always walk so slow!" He huffed, walking backwards to look at Nathan. Of course, this resulted in him walking right into a wall. He stumbled and grunted, narrowing his eyes at the wall, "Stupid wall, always in my way." He smiled softly. Brian was usually clumsy, and often bumped into that particular wall. It wasn't his fault, he'd always been that way. He also always blamed the wall for being there, when he was clearly his own fault for just acting silly.
  9. Nathan snorted as he watched his roommate crash into the very obvious wall. "Oh, yeah. You must be beating them off with a stick. How could anyone resist that?" He gave a vague motion to all of Brian, looking the other boy up and down. He would be lying if he said he didn't find Brian attractive but damn, the boy was clumsy. In an endearing kind of way. "Come on, loser. Let's try to get out of here in one piece, yeah?"
  10. Brian rolled his eyes, "Says the guy that hides behind the building to take a smoke." He teased. He really didn't mind that Nathan smoked. He wouldn't admit it, but he kind of liked the smell of the burning tobacco on his clothes. While the smoking parts wasn't really good for him, having cancer and all, he had done every once and a while. That he wouldn't lie about. The young man pushed the main door to the outside open, holding it for Nathan quietly.
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