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  1. So does everyone remember picking an element clan when signing up to Iwaku?
    What in the world was that all about?
    And do people have any ideas for new elements?

    I'm thinking Blood Mage, not really an element but it's cool. :3
  2. Trap Mage.

    Yes, that kind of trap.
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  3. That would only happen in England -_-

    Originally the Three Options Were:
    Kaustir - Pegulis - Viridos

    At the launch of the Mass Universe Roleplay Ilium

    but (more than likely to make it more fun and user friendly to those outside of the rp - this is a speculation, not fact) they changed it to fire, ice and earth.

  4. The Harasser or the reaction?​
    But if it's made more user friendly can't we expand on the elements now? :3
  5. Both XD

    Like I said, speculation.

    You'd have to take Diana up on that one.
  6. I believe Element Clans used to apply to the Respective Admin.
    Ice = Diana
    Fire = Vay
    Earth? Whatever the third was? = Rory (Who's this person, right. *smugface*)

    Cool recommendation, but I dunno if that'll be a carried motion.
  7. It's not so much a serious suggestion (otherwise this would be in the help/ideas section).
    I just thought it'd be fun to brainstorm different elements.
  8. Ah.

    Sunbro clan.
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  9. It won't.
  10. Let the admins decide young grasshopper.
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  11. They're nonsense things that mean nothing. When I joined they were things based on the admins (I think they were angel Diana and demon Vay and.. something else for Rory) and the one you selected determined which of three default avatars you got, then later they were changed to the element things and do absolutely nothing other than put a word in the short bio line of your profile.

    I think Diana said somewhere else that it's a leftover from the original gender selection thing, and they couldn't get rid of that selection thing entirely when they moved to the current selection with more than three options so now they change it periodically to different silly shit.
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  12. We should have a Gonzist and/or Revolutionist options as well. :3
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  13. i'm beginning to say this more and more with you.
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  14. Ah, right, that was it. The classic angels, demons, and hamsters trio. How could I have forgotten?
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  15. Why is the third option, Earth, put as (Earth) though?
  16. This and I entirely forgot they existed. It's not like they show up on your main profile or are displayed in any meaningful way.
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