These Days of Ours, Hereafter

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    Jason peered around the corner, his helmet pressing along the ruined wall as he tried to look out to the horizon to see what position his platoon stood in regards to friendly lines, which laid 15 miles eastward, and past Visoran scattercannon patrols. Today was the dawn of the 3rd day, a new day of being deep in the heart of danger and a new day where they could lose any man at any waking moment. The company had originally set off with 110 men, including a dozen striders but circumstances destroyed them in their latest attempt to push into the city.

    Lt. Jason Maxis didn't know where the rest of his men were, he only managed to get a retreat with the dozen he had, and a single strider that wasn't shot out by the scattercannons. It seemed every time, they imagined they could get an advantage on the Visorans, they used something new or adapting too inhumanly quick it made all their efforts pointless.

    Maxis sighed, he couldn't see anything within the ruined city skylines beyond the occasional minor blue hues associated with Visoran technology. He pulled back and brought up his HUD map, trying to form a new path that'd keep them hidden from the sunlight if they pushed forward.

    "Sir, everyones prepped" Srgt. Myles said. Myles was much older and experienced than Maxis, Maxis himself never planned to take on a combat field but the invasion changed that, where officers were needed, officers were sent. Maxis did his best to keep from forcing Myles and his men from suffering too much from the orders he gave but at times he wondered how badly they really were doing together.

    "Good Sargeant... we're heading downstairs then we're going to hit the metro down on 7th street, that'll take us downtown at least." Maxis didn't turn to face everyone, focusing on his map, he didn't really have anything to say right now, just as much as any of them, he'd like to be back to safety ....a warm meal, a warm bed.... but right now it was just a dream that they might even see it if things kept up the way they had been. Kicking a few loose debris, Maxis sighed as he took a dose of caffeine, his tiredness was costing him his focus, but the more he tried to keep himself moving, the less he felt he'd make the right choices... the sooner they made it back, the sooner they wouldn't be his responsibility which would be all he could ask for since he hated this.

    "Colonel, we're hitting the 7th street metro and taking that back to the northeast side, we'll attempt to rendezvous with Jackson's platoon.", "Roger that Maxis, good luck"

    "Alright, lets GO.", The lieutenant hefted up his rifle and called out to the men, signaling everyone to head downstairs where Warrant Officer Thompson had the strider waiting for them to begin moving out. With any luck, they could make it to the metro without being spotted by any Visoran patrols. If there was anything he was thankful for, was that the Visorans as a race were notoriously claustrophobic.
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  2. What do you do when the world ends? Only a while ago, when the question had been just a hypothetical musing, Ulyana would have discussed the complexity of the issue. Today, when the world as she knew it was crumbling down, Ulyana had only one worry: cookies. Two Oreo packs were stacked on top of the vending machine. It stood next to the stairs that lead into the metro station dark embrace. The machine itself was gutted, not a single candy wrapper could be found around it. Yet, by some miracle, the two packs of cookies rest undisturbed on the top of it. At first Ulyana believed it was some elaborate trap and she had spent the last day staring at the thing. No one came. In the distance Ulyana heard screams, explosions and this distinct, hollow sound the aliens made. It was terrifying and monumental, like voice of an angry god.

    Her gaze moved to the stairs. She half expected something to crawl from there, even if the aliens avoided tight spaces. Ulyana, along with other survivors discovered the tall, hideous creatures didn’t sweep through house. No, the damn things waited for humans to seek food and water. Many who had survived the first wave died later on. Killed by hunger, thirst and cold. The aliens must have been aware how fragile majority of human population is - weakened by comfortable life. Some, like Ulyana, persisted. She wasn’t overly strong, nor agile. She knew nothing about firearms and came from a privileged home. Ulyana had a keen mind to make up for it all, at least up until now it had served her well.

    Slowly, Ulyana stalked toward the vending machine, her long fair hair gathered into a messy bun on top of her head. They were almost grey from the dust which covered the woman’s face and clothes. Like most of the survivors, she looked like a pile of misery: jeans ripped at one knee, t-shirt with spots of ash. Ulyana used to have a baseball cap, but lost it a while ago when running away from other scavengers. That day the woman had realised the sad truth that the aliens don’t need to lift a finger anymore, humans would do entire work for them. Frantically moving her gaze from left to right, the woman reached for the cookies. She stifled a cry of victory when the Oreos landed in her palms. Hunger had been eaten at the woman for a while now - the majority of places where aliens stayed away from was already looted. Soon Ulyana would be forced to go deeper into the Visoran territory as the city was entirely cut off. The grim perspective, but not one she would forsaken. Not even because of food, but because the alien had taken someone away.

    How long it had been since the last meal? A day, maybe more. Ulyana didn’t even seek any shelter before tore the paper away and stuffed couple of cookies in her mouth. She closed her eyes when a sudden rush of endorphins washed through her veins. That was true after all, that food could be better than sex. Ulyana leaned against the hot wall - it was middle of summer, the unforgiving sun bombarded the city as if the aliens weren’t enough. Maybe the entire universes was trying to show them a finger. She reached for another cookie, then another. Soon they were all gone, but the young woman regained some strength to live and see upcoming day.
  3. Silence fell over the platoon as the crunch of the dust and debris beneath their feet shook as they walked. He could feel the tiredness all around, the uncertainty. No matter what happened here on out, it was on him and he had to make sure he could at least do proudly in whatever time he had. He stood in the center of the wedge as the group began to travel down the street, the metro was just a few blocks away.... without war, this distance would've been nothing, but with the end of the world? that line might as well stretched eternity. Up ahead Srgt. Myles raised his fist, everyone went down into cover. Thompson in his strider bore the Gatling cannon towards the front. Everyone was sharp and alerted, but aside from the hum of the wind and a few birds, there was nothing further to report, Myles didn't give the clear however, something disturbed him. With great speed, his torso spun around and he roared to those behind him. "INCOMING!!!"

    What happened next was more chaos, bright blue flashes of light momentarily blinded anyone staring as explosions erupted seemingly random on the streetside. The Visoran Scatter cannons ignored conventional physics, wherever they aimed, the rounds teleported, exploding randomly in a line like a flak gun. For Maxis's platoon, this meant they've been spotted, and the enemy could've been 3 streets across for all they knew. Men ran into whatever cover they could, The strider moved back, trying to cover distance as the ground erupted. Maxis swore to himself as he felt the blood of a man 10 feet away smear on his eye cover, he began to breathe heavily as he looked around, trying to get a grip on the situation.

    The Visorans already knew they were here, trying to stay quiet wasn't an option. Maxis tapped the radio on his helmet. "THOMPSON, break us a hole down!!!" At this point, Maxis couldn't even here himself as stone continuously rained on his back. The only way he knew the Strider pilot had heard him was because he saw the mech aim its cannon down and a deafening roar blew away a hole in the street. The strider disappeared below as more men attempted to move towards the hole. Maxis turned as they began to make their way in, a dropship was inbound soon, they definitely knew where they were entering. For a brief moment, he asked himself why they were trying to kill him.

    Then he jumped.

    The Strider's spare hand acted as step as the soldiers began to head down the subway, a few loose scattercannon rounds tore the ceiling but otherwise, they were safe(r) for the time being..... this wasn't where they were set to enter, if the paths were blocked, they'd be in big trouble if the Visorans monitored the exits. Maxis rushed to let the team leaders know where to cover, still shocked over how badly they were outgunned, it wasn't even a fight. He pressed his hand against his head and felt the world slow down as the platoon began to walk down the subway.

    At least above, there was the sound of wind, the light of the sun. Down here was nothing but death and memories, and a world they'd more than likely never be able to get back, or at least the world he remembered.
  4. ((Sorry it took so long! ))

    Before Ulyana hated the subway. From early childhood she was afraid of dark places, to the point it seemed claustrophobic. Today this humid, rat filled place had been the safest one around. Above aliens were decimating whatever was left of human defences in this city. Sometimes, from afar, Ulyana saw soldiers loitering about, some even created coherent groups. She ran from them as much as ran from the aliens. Not because they were hostile, but because they drew Visoran troubles. They were hunted more than civilians, for obvious reason. There were also scavengers and bandits already herding into hunting parties. The world was shattering before her eyes and Ulyana couldn’t do anything about it. She wanted to stay alive, find out what happened to Nadia, even if it meant to just discover her body. Ulyana didn’t even know why it became so important, the idea to give her sister a proper burial. At this point humans stopped any proper burials - there were just too many bodies.

    As the skirmish came closer and Ulyana could already heard terrifying sound of weapons, she grabbed the rest of the food and ran down the stairs. Back into the subway. The station swallowed the sounds of war, leaving only subdued echo. The air was rotten and thick, but at least now she was safe. The American soldiers still fought, it seemed. They somehow held supply lines, even had defendable outposts. Ulyana pegged them as both: brave and foolish. They still tried to play the heroes, when everything had been lost the moment Visorans put their ships on Earth. Ulyana walked down the tracks, cowering whenever the ground above was trembling from the explosions. Concrete dust was falling from the ceiling, getting trapped in her hair. Faster.Faster. Ulyana started to run.

    Her body acted, but mind grew detached, everything was suddenly hid behind a thick glass. Ulyana focused on memories, those pleasant ones: childhood spent near Bratislava. Green fields, warm, summer sun. Why? Why she had to go on this stupid trip. Her tourist visa ended the same day Visorans attacked. Her and Nadia were already at the airport, waiting for departure.It infuriated Ulyana and she used this anger to go on, just in spite of everything.

    Ulyana’s breathing became heavy and every inhale came in frantic spasm. She was never into sports, into pure escapism. Books, movies, philosophy. Recently it became obsolete and Darwinian laws started to rule. The noises above died down, but just in case Ulyana took another track that had to lead…somewhere. Sometimes she wondered if her survival wasn’t a sheer miracle: poor spatial orientation, even worse fitness. The only thing keeping Ulyana alive was creative cleverness.

    Footsteps…Heavy footsteps. Ulyana froze like a doe caught in the lights of an incoming car. The echo distorted the sounds so she had troubles figuring out from where they came. Ahead? Behind? The neighbouring tunnel? For a moment she frantically looked around finally deciding to switch off the small flashlight. Counting on simple, stupid luck Ulyana started to run again, but the footsteps only grew closer. She could see bright lights and sharp commends. Soldiers. Well….Fuck. Ulyana whipped around, to leave them behind, but her leg got trapped between the tracks. The woman fell gracelessly on the ground and a pathetic yelp left her lips. All she needed right now was pack of American jarheads.
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