These Are The Voyages of the Starship Valiant

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    Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Valiant. Her five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before.

    The starship Valiant was a Troy Class starship, the first of it’s kind. It’s new engines were designed by a Starfleet officer named Jericho Langley. It’s been the latest gossip that it has started a whole new generation of warp drives.

    It’s shape was due to a rebuilt cloaking device scavenged off a science vessel’s venture to an anomaly where it had seemed a few asteroids had orbited around an invisible object.

    The USS Valiant hadn’t been armed the best, it’s weapons were old to say the least. They had filled most of their budget when it came to weapons.

    Of course the new engines and cloaking devices were all a test. Not many people actually expected this ship to work at one hundred percent.

    Captain Mordred was aware of that and he knew his reputation was on the line. Normally he wouldn’t have picked this ship but his last ship was old and was shot down by pirates. He felt like he needed something that he felt confident could take on most threats.

    As far as the crew went, Captain Mordred couldn’t have been bothered. He hand selected a few choice officers but most others were assigned as it would have been hard to hand pick one hundred forty five people out of the thousands that join Starfleet. So most of the crew were ensigns with no experience.

    They were launching soon and Captain Mordred left his quarters and travelled to the bridge. Once he was there he nodded to everyone. “Alright. Commander Archer are all crew members aboard?”


    The rest of the ship seemed to be in turmoil. Half of the medical team hadn’t showed up, the engines hadn’t been checked for safety, weapons were dysfunctional and some of the crew hadn’t even shown up yet.

    It was a disaster to say the least.
  2. Elon Maz strolled purposefully down the corridor toward the brig. She had just stowed her gear on her assigned bunk in the woman’s crew quarters located in the secondary hull, and was now mentally preparing herself to report for duty. She had been requested for this assignment apparently. Not by the captain, she had never met the man, but by the commander in charge of security. Something in her file had impressed the commander. Hopefully her marks at the academy or something in the last five years of service since leaving the academy. She sincerely hoped that was it. There was reason to doubt it.

    Captain Beranger of the Polaris, the last ship she had served on, had smiled when he handed her the assignment for the Valiant and made a remark that her new commander had an admiration for Amae Maz, her fourth host, once a prestigious member of the Trill military. It had been sixty-six almost sixty-seven years since Amae had died. Elon sincerely hoped she was not about to be held to the standards of a past life. The memories of that life were there, yes, but she was Elon Maz now. An entirely different person.

    All worry of the future was wiped from her mind the moment she opened the door to the brig. It was where she had been told to report, yes, and there were other security personnel there, true, but the entire place was in a state of chaos. There were crates of various weapons stacked against the walls, there were ensigns looking about as if they were absolutely clueless as to what was going on, one had a data pad in his hand and was futilely attempting to take role even though it was painfully clear that those in the room comprised only a bare third of the security staff. It only took one glance around the Brig for Elon to get a handle on the situation.
    “I take it the commander has not yet made it aboard?” she asked the ensign with the data pad.

    “No, sir, I mean, ma’am,” The young man in questioned answered. “I was the first to arrive and they told me there was some sort of delay with the transport and to do what I could in the mean time . . . but, ma’am, as you are now the highest ranked officer in the room, perhaps . . .” he gave a hesitant smile and offered up the data pad.

    Elon took the pad and looked around the Brig. There was enough random chatter from the various persons present that it was difficult to think and so, using a trick one of her human acquaintances had taught her, Elon raised two fingers to her lips and let off a shrill whistle. Everyone in the room jumped, there was even a thud as one ensign who had been taking a nap on one of the cell bunks jerked awake and fell to the floor, but they turned to face her quietly. “Alright,” she stated calmly, “I’m going to pass this around everyone please find your name and mark yourself as present if you have not already been counted.” She marked her own name and handed the pad back to the ensign, “please stand by the door and take role of anyone new as they enter.”

    “Yes, ma’am.”

    A second glance around the room at the marked weapons crate fueled a nagging suspicion at the back of her mind. “Computer,” she started firmly, “What is the status of all weapons lockers aboard the Valiant?”


    Elon suppressed a sign at the content of the mechanical reply. Well, at least now she knew what had to be done. “Alright, you all heard the computer, it looks as though we’re going to have to stock this ship ourselves. Get those crates open and start sorting these weapons into piles. We should have an equal amount of each set aside per locker. Give each piece of equipment a good look over, anything you find that looks iffy should be stacked here on the desk. We can test those later. Once we know what we have we can start stocking those lockers.” There was a pause as her new colleges simply looked at her. “Come on, hop to.” She stated clapping her hands for emphasis, “when the Commander arrives I want to receive some sort of comment about knowing how to do our jobs, not a scolding for being lazy.” And as if to prove she could take her own advice Elon turned and unlatched the lid of the nearest crate.
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  3. Lieutenant Emear stood strait backed and focused at a Command terminal in the center of Engineering Bay Two fingers tapping away with whirlwind speeds at the screen. Whilst processing the obscene amount of data crossing his terminal he gradually applied his knowledge to the unfamiliar figures coming of the warp engine. A stray thought momentary questioned the logic of jumping at the chance to work with a brand new untested warp engine design but Emear swept it aside, the decision had been made and there was no point doubting himself at this late juncture.

    Diagnostics, that was his current task. The Valiant needed a clean bill of health before he as the Senior Engineering Officer would even consider clearing her for warp. There was a checklist of one thousands two hundred and sixty three items to clear to ensure the safety of the crew and the prolonged functionality of the ship. He had been adding to that list at the rate of about two items every five minutes for the past three hours. If still felt like he was forgetting something though.

    “Ensign Tanner!” Emear's stern voice barked across the room to where the young man just out of academy was working at one of the operations terminals that lined the walls of the engineering bay.

    “Yes Sir?”

    “Do we have an inventory of all the repair parts yet?”

    “Yes Sir, came up a minute or two ago. Looks complete Sir.”

    “I'd prefer to check it myself, send it over. Have they all been sorted and stocked?”


    “Find out”, The man turned form his terminal and started to dash off toward the cargo holds “But send that inventory to me first!” Emear barked before the young ensign could leave the room. The man displayed remarkable athletic skill as he spun on his toes mid sprint to dash back to his terminal and send the inventory report to the command console before dashing off for the cargo hods again.

    Tanner had been right, the list did look complete, They were a little short on scrap parts though. There were plenty of replacement parts, but in his experience you could have all the prefabricated replacements you wanted if you didn't have the nuts and bolts to fix that parts you pulled out you were just asking for trouble. He sent off an order for more general parts to be delivered with the next cargo run. There should be enough time for it, the ship was till waiting on crew after all.

    As Emear went back to his diagnostics and the reports rolling in form the other crew members working at operations terminals around the bay a new item popped into his head to add to the check list.

    “Gonzales! Please run an Omega 3 battery on the hull and warp shielding”

    “Sir? That will take hours and I was hoping to send my grandmother a goodbye message before we left orbit.”

    “Ensign, contrary to what I observe to be popular belief space is not empty. We are about to go sling ourselves into warp space with on the warp shielding to make sure we don't come out as dust on the other side. If so much as a photon makes it through your grandmother will get your good bye in the form of a Starfleet death notice. Run the diagnostics”
    “Sir, Yes Sir!”

    Emear went back to his data. Preliminary results put efficiency at about eighty three percent of optimal. There would be plenty of time for improving those numbers later but for now he just wanted to make sure everyone got home safe.
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