These Are The Voyages of the Starship Valiant

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  1. You are aboard the USS Valiant, it is on a five year mission exploring unchartered stars. Setting foot where no Human, Vulcan, Romulan, Fengi, or Klingon has set foot before.

    The crew currently contains:

    Senior Medical Officer Aldwest Tauber Lieutenant
    Cheif Tactical Officer Jessie Tauber Commander
    Primary Pilot Engineer Seyn Lieutenant
    Operations Manager Harleen Benton Riley Lieutenant Commander
    Executive Officer Thomas Archer Commander
    Captain Victor Mordred Captain
    Security Officer Elon Maz Lieutenant

    Senior Engineering Officer Emear Lieutenant

    A few highlights:

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    USS Valiant, the fifth largest ship of all of the fleet. Brand new ship, everything works and this will be the tales of it's adventure.

    This won't be following any of the TV shows. While there might be the Klingons, Borg or other such villains. There will be lots new because the Starship Valiant is meant to explore new worlds.

    Anyway, not much else to expand on that. Since it's already differing, I would be willing to accept changes to the universe. Like Marines and soldiers are on every ship or theres a few more types of Officers than there was.

    Also post any themes you would think cool to play. Like Borg or newfound sentience, diaster, pre - modern society and even Interstellar war! :D

    2. Feel free to play two character if you can handle it!

    3. This is an alternate Star Trek universe, post Kirk!

    Announcements will be posted with a big !Announcement! tag.

    I'm sorry. I'm so sorry for posting this OOC late x.x It would also be helpful if you could repost your characters to the OOC!

    Feel free to ask any questions or similar things!

    Tell me if I forgot anything... And also post what kind of adventure you would like to have, see the spoiler for what I mean.
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  2. Captain Mordred Bio: ( Don't use this bio skele as it isn't very good... >.> )

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    Name: Jack Mordred

    Age: Twenty-nine

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Appearance: Tall, brown haired, brown eyed. He had a wiry figure and he was strong. Jack's jaw was set and he seemed to have a look in his eyes as if he had experience.

    Rank/Shirt Color: Captain, Gold

    Reason for joining: A lack of choice. He had no job, no home and no way to pay off his college debt. He joined Starfleet and slowly rose up the ranks to his current position, Captain.

    Personality: Reasoning. He always liked to have a reason to do some thing, but other than that he was cold and unrevealing. Almost as if he had a secret to keep.

    Abilities: Piloting, combat tactics, phaser training, cooking, leadership, flight maneuvers and negotiation.

    And uniform key!
    * Gold / Beige - Command (bridge crew)
    * Blue - Science and Medical
    * Red - Engineering and Security (Ship's Services)

    The IC will hopefully be up soon! I will get to it hopefully by tomorrow's tomorrow as I have to sleep soon and I am rather busy tomorrow. Sorry for the delay! D:
  3. Show Spoiler

    Name: Seyn

    Age: 23

    Gender: Female

    Race: KronsetAppearance: Seyn is a massive black cat humanoid. Like most of her race, she is very large. She has broad shoulders and a big bone structure. Kronsets have very hard bones, but their skin isn't exceedingly tough. She has a large muzzle with a black nose and blue cat eyes. Her whiskers are long and black. Her teeth are mostly sharp canines, but Kronsets also have aquired molars over time to widen the variety of food they can eat. Her paws are as overly large as the rest of her body and though her back paws resemble that of a cat, her 'hands' have developed differently to aid with the handling of objects like that of a human's. Of course, Kronsets also have sharp claws and cat ears. They have very sensitive hearing and can see in the dark.

    Rank/Shirt Color: Gold ( Pilot )/ Lt.

    Reason for joining:To brag about flying the ship that's bigger than your ship.

    Personality: Open, loud, and happy-go-lucky, she loves her job almost as much as she loves messing with people. Rank means almost nothing to her and she doesn't have a very large memory when it comes to remembering all of the rules and protocols, but she tries her best. The people she likes best are the ones who make her laugh and care for their friends. Though most people can't see it, her outward ignorance doesn't do her calculating mind justice, and she's very admirable when it comes to battle strategy.

    Family: Cousin (Lives on home planet, Taron)
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  4. Still in OOC Shadow :P

    Oh and since I forgot to post my recommendation with the sheet, Little to no Borg. Hate those guys. It's also a bit early unless you have it set for them to have made an appearance already or first contact which is never good when it is the Borg...

    Character Sheet (open)

    Name: Thomas Archer
    Age: 26 Actual, Late Teens Apparent
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Appearance: Archer stands at an even 72 inches tall with a mop of light hair that looks as if it was once a crew cut. He has a lean but athletic build with blue eyes.
    Rank/Shirt: Commander / Executive Officer / Gold Shirt
    Reason For Joining: Archer joined Starfleet as means to further his education and along the way he kept with it because it is what he knows.
    Personality: Archer likes results. Done is better than perfect, even if it is a loose cannon-esque approch to a problem. It is partially due to this position that he has been passed over for command of a ship twice.
    Abilities: Phaser Operations, Tactical Operations, Astro-Navigation, Game Theory

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  5. Are you still accepting people for this one? and if so is a Trill ok?
  6. Yes, I don't know much about the Trill, researched them a little bit, it's fine though!
  7. Ok, I went a bit overboard with the character sheet, but I thought most of it was necessary.

    Name: Elon Maz (Ee-lawn Maw-z)

    Age: Elon is 26, Maz is much older

    Gender: Female

    Race: Trill, joined with symbiont

    Rank/shirt color: Lieutenant, Security Officer, Red shirt

    Appearance: athletically built, long very dark brown hair that is kept braided, dark brown eyes. The usual brown Trill spots down both sides from head to toe.

    Personality: Before the joining Elon was a bright, level headed if somewhat rash, mischievous girl with a love of mystery novels, brain puzzles, and practical jokes. After the joining with Maz the mischievous streak and rashness has been toned down so while she still enjoys a good laugh it is now much less likely to be at somebody else’s expense. Elon Maz is a highly practical and analytical being capable of analyzing a problem and coming up with several viable solutions. She has a love of the facts and a tendency to look at them before factoring in emotion. Elon Maz has been called indifferent, stubborn, and uncompromising by those who have not bothered to get to know her, however, Elon’s love of fun and adventure may sometimes overpower Maz’s by-the-book tendencies lending her greater flexibility then might otherwise be expected.

    Reason for joining: Born Elon Targin on the Trill home world Elon grew up idolizing her uncle who worked high profile security jobs and dabbled in detective work. He was continuously making her presents of adventure and mystery novels and eventually she decided that, among other things, she wanted to follow his career path. She chose to join Starfleet over numerous options on her own home world, because in Starfleet there was the chance to also encounter the unknown which, in her opinion, was a greater challenge. Despite maintaining a place at the top of her class and earning various distinctions in combat training, weapons training and tactical implementation (among others) Elon’s mischievous personality and curiosity got her in to numerous scrapes and her professors began to wonder if she was actually taking her education seriously, or if she had just joined Starfleet out of boredom. One even suggested she might want to consider an alternate career path. When she learned that her application for joining with a symbiont had been accepted Elon knew she was going to have to get her act together and prove that she could actually take things seriously. Elon managed to hold her position in the class rankings while simultaneously undergoing the evaluation for host suitability. She was chosen for joining to Maz, becoming Elon Maz, during the break before her final year at the academy. It has been noted by some of her instructors that her joining with Maz may have actually saved Elon’s Starfleet career. She has been a fine officer ever since.

    Abilities: Good with puzzles. Excellent marksman and highly trained in a variety of weapons and hand to hand combat forms. Can pilot minor shuttle craft.

    Strengths: Deductive reasoning and tactical implementation. Can be extremely patient, level headed, can think on her feet.

    Weaknesses: Highly allergic to insect bites (their venom can upset the biochemical connections between the host and Symbiont). Dislikes theoretical Science (She cares less about what might be then what is or has been). Doesn't always think far enough ahead. Has a tendency to jump to the worst case scenario when analyzing a situation.

    Other: a love for the earth culture’s Sherlock Holmes mysteries. Trill have been noted to have cold hands. Also, like all joined Trill, Elon has access to Maz’s memories and experiences with the previous hosts.
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  8. I love it! Will make a very interesting character! You are accepted! :D

    One thing though, would you mind PMing me and telling me a bit more about the Trill and their symbiotic relationship, how it works, side effects, how people see it and such. You don't have to go into too much detail but it would be really useful if I knew a bit more! :D
  9. So I noticed something. We seem to have created an variancy with the sheets. So that being said we should clear some things up.

    Been using position instead of rank. There is a rank structure. Should it also be included on that line for Position?

    Weakness line... Added in. Does it matter? I personality prefer to just have things like that and personality come out in play.
  10. The weakness / strength / ability / personality line can be brought out in play if you'd like so don't feel pressured :D

    As far as the rank structure... I think it should be added in.

    So... A better format!


    The Bio is as you have probably seen is very loose. Feel free to change it as you will but keep it so it still resembles a basic understanding of your character and what they are capable of and have done. I myself like fleshed out character sheets ( Especially the background. ) so try but feel free to do as you wish.

    So I would like for everyone to include next to position their rank! A fitting rank system ( Syncing with the uniform color. ) has been selected. See below!
    Show Spoiler

    Starfleet uniforms of this period were mainly worn as single fitting jumpsuits with a colored shoulder trim denoting what field a particular officer or crewman specialized in (command, security/engineering, or science/medical).
    Crewman 3rd class
    Crewman 2nd class
    Crewman 1st class
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  11. I'm afraid that question is a little vague and I don't know really what info you are trying to obtain.
  12. Umm, which medal thingy would be mine?
  13. If you are just starting out in the military your character should be an Ensign, if she has some experience in the military she should be a lieutenant.
  14. With out the other 3 true ranks it simplifies things a bit. Most of the characters would probably be Lieutenants. With everyone taking over an officer position it makes sense though you could potentially be playing an Ensign as well. Just think of the responsibility level and which rank you believe should be filling the position. Of course we have this wonderful resource called "NPCs" and another called "Plot" which allow for characters to be put into situations they might not normally be.
  15. Name: Aldwest Tauber
    Age: 37
    Rank: Senior Medical Officer, Blue, Lieutenant
    Appearance: A human male from the English coast, with cropped dark brown hair and light blue eyes.
    Personality: Dr. Tauber is soothing and charming, but not always completely honest. His own interests are held above all others. He enjoys reading the latest scientific journals and studying the effects of space travel on Tribbles.
    Background: Brother to Jessie, sibling to several others in Starfleet. They all grew up together on earth until they felt the pull of the stars. Their father was the Captain of his own Starfleet vessel while their mother stayed home to take care of them all. Aldwest hasn’t married, and doesn’t plan to.
    Strengths: Medical Training, Sprinting
    Weaknesses: Weapons, Heavy Lifting


    Name: Jessie Tauber
    Age: 35
    Rank: Chief Tactical Officer, Red, Commander
    Appearance: A human female from the English coast, with a brunette ponytail and light blue eyes.
    Personality: Chief Tauber is fiery, fierce, determined, and honorable. She remembers everyone who has done her wrong and has a hard time forgiving. She enjoys training and running combat simulations in her spare time.
    Background: Sister to Aldwest, with much the same in her past. Jessie hasn’t married, but has a boyfriend back on earth. She passed the Bridge Officer's test, though in some ways she regretted the experience.
    Strengths: Weapons - handheld and ship-wide, Strength and Endurance Training, Mathematics
    Weaknesses: Scientific Disciplines
  16. Alright, FYI I have started on the IC, I'm waiting for everyone else to repost there characters here till I seriously get writing it!
  17. I'm not writing it on the site, I'm writing it on google docs that way I don't lose it...