INTEREST CHECK These Are The Voyages of the Starship Valiant ( Please Read!!! )

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  1. The OOC has been made you can find it by clicking here!


    "Welcome aboard the USS Valiant." Captain Mordred spoke over the intercom. "We will be departing from Earth any moment now." The Captain looked over the officer's on deck. "We have a few member's missing at the moment. However, let me take this time to make a speech." He cleared his throat and spoke again. "This may be hard to take for some of you but I don't want any heroics. Now I know thats how you get in the history books but that's also how you shorten your life rather quickly. I want to return back to Earth with a successful expedition and as few lost crew as possible. That means, no lone wolf, no crazy heroes. I'm not going to follow the precedent of Captain Kirk or any of the other story book Captains you could name. Our specific names won't be remembered, but I'll pay in blood if our legend isn't."

    Captain Mordred wasn't the best at speeches. But he tried his best. He sighed as he cut off the intercom and looked at the rest of the officer's on deck.


    USS Valiant, the fifth largest ship of all of the fleet. Brand new ship, everything works and this will be the tales of it's adventure.

    This won't be following any of the TV shows. While there might be the Klingons, Borg or other such villains. There will be lots new because the Starship Valiant is meant to explore new worlds.

    Anyway, not much else to expand on that. Since it's already differing, I would be willing to accept changes to the universe. Like Marines and soldiers are on every ship or theres a few more types of Officers than there was.

    Also post any themes you would think cool to play. Like Borg or newfound sentience, diaster, pre - modern society and even Interstellar war! :D

    Character sheet:
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    Appearance: ( Pictures are fine but please describe. )

    Rank/Shirt Color:

    Reason for joining:


    Abilities: ( Think like Medical, Engineering, Hand to Hand Combat and such. Basic jobs around the ship. )

    Captain Mordred:
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    Name: Jack Mordred

    Age: Twenty-nine

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Appearance: Tall, brown haired, brown eyed. He had a wiry figure and he was strong. Jack's jaw was set and he seemed to have a look in his eyes as if he had experience.

    Rank/Shirt Color: Captain, Gold

    Reason for joining: A lack of choice. He had no job, no home and no way to pay off his college debt. He joined Starfleet and slowly rose up the ranks to his current position, Captain.

    Personality: Reasoning. He always liked to have a reason to do some thing, but other than that he was cold and unrevealing. Almost as if he had a secret to keep.

    Abilities: Piloting, combat tactics, phaser training, cooking, leadership, flight maneuvers and negotiation.

    Since I have no clue how the colored uniform thingie works here!:
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    * Gold / Beige - Command (bridge crew)
    * Blue - Science and Medical
    * Red - Engineering and Security (Ship's Services)
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  2. I am in and working on my character sheet tomorrow, not in a month tomorrow, but right now I have to sleep.
  3. I have a friend who is very interested in this, but can't join at the moment.
    Could you keep a position open for her?
    (and possibly for myself as well)
  4. Yes of course! I can save a spot for you and your friend! I think once we have five players I will post the OOC and IC threads and link them here but please feel free to make your characters during the search for more players.
  5. Aye, sir!
    -snaps a salute-
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  6. Name: Aldwest Tauber
    Age: 37
    Rank: Senior Medical Officer, Blue
    Appearance: A human male from the English coast, with cropped dark brown hair and light blue eyes.
    Personality: Dr. Tauber is soothing and charming, but not always completely honest. His own interests are held above all others. He enjoys reading the latest scientific journals and studying the effects of space travel on Tribbles.
    Background: Brother to Jessie, sibling to several others in Starfleet. They all grew up together on earth until they felt the pull of the stars. Their father was the Captain of his own Starfleet vessel while their mother stayed home to take care of them all. Aldwest hasn’t married, and doesn’t plan to.
    Strengths: Medical Training, Sprinting
    Weaknesses: Weapons, Heavy Lifting


    Name: Jessie Tauber
    Age: 35
    Rank: Chief Tactical Officer, Red
    Appearance: A human female from the English coast, with a brunette ponytail and light blue eyes.
    Personality: Chief Tauber is fiery, fierce, determined, and honorable. She remembers everyone who has done her wrong and has a hard time forgiving. She enjoys training and running combat simulations in her spare time.
    Background: Sister to Aldwest, with much the same in her past. Jessie hasn’t married, but has a boyfriend back on earth.
    Strengths: Weapons - handheld and ship-wide, Strength and Endurance Training, Mathematics
    Weaknesses: Scientific Disciplines
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  7. As long as you can deal with two! It's perfect! I like the family aspect.

    Your bio set up is better than mine. :P
  8. Hey, I've never done this before, and I'll admit, I don't have much to do with star trek (my parents were Star Wars fans), but I'd like to get more experience in these kinds of roleplays.
  9. Name: Seyn

    Age: 23

    Gender: Female

    Race: Kronset
    Appearance: Seyn is a massive black cat humanoid. Like most of her race, she is very large. She has broad shoulders and a big bone structure. Kronsets have very hard bones, but their skin isn't exceedingly tough. She has a large muzzle with a black nose and blue cat eyes. Her whiskers are long and black. Her teeth are mostly sharp canines, but Kronsets also have aquired molars over time to widen the variety of food they can eat. Her paws are as overly large as the rest of her body and though her back paws resemble that of a cat, her 'hands' have developed differently to aid with the handling of objects like that of a human's. Of course, Kronsets also have sharp claws and cat ears. They have very sensitive hearing and can see in the dark.

    Rank/Shirt Color: Gold ( Pilot )

    Reason for joining:To brag about flying the ship that's bigger than your ship.

    Personality: Open, loud, and happy-go-lucky, she loves her job almost as much as she loves messing with people. Rank means almost nothing to her and she doesn't have a very large memory when it comes to remembering all of the rules and protocols, but she tries her best. The people she likes best are the ones who make her laugh and care for their friends. Though most people can't see it, her outward ignorance doesn't do her calculating mind justice, and she's very admirable when it comes to battle strategy.

    Family: Cousin (Lives on home planet, Taron)

  10. Hey everyone! I'm working on my character sheet right now, but I found this while I was doing research and I thought it might be helpful to anyone who isn't sure where to start as far as starship duties go. :) It has details on the responsibilities of each position as well as character examples from the different series. Here.

    (I should have my actual sheet posted later today.)
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  11. Alright awesome! I think I'm going to start the OC soon enough now that enough people are interested! I'll link it here once I get it done. Might be today or tomorrow.
  12. So how much do you know about Star Trek, Imas?
    Cause if this is going to be set in the Star Trek universe, there are a lot of details to get sorted out. The series seems really complicated, from the little I've experienced. For starters, what year are we set in? The time period dictates the level of technology, the crew positions, relations with other species, whether earth is even in one piece...
    Or is this going to be completely different from the series?

    What's the plan, Captain?
  13. I think this is going to be an alternate Star Trek universe as I am not fully informed upon Star Trek history and such. As far as the year though, probably a decade after Kirk officially became Captain.
  14. Name: Harleen Benton Riley (Benny)

    Age: 23

    Race: Human, born on Starbase 10 and raised on Deneva Prime before enlisting at the Starfleet Academy in San Francisco.

    Rank/Shirt Color: Operations Manager - Gold (wants to be a pilot one day. She enjoys her current position, though.)

    Appearance: A human female with pale green eyes and long red hair she keeps pinned up. Approximately 162cm in height; her skin is pale but prone to sunburns. Has a single nose stud as well as tattoos on her arms and torso, but her regulation uniform usually covers most of them. Has a single thin scar running lengthwise across the bridge of her nose.

    Reason for joining: Wanted to be with her brother Blaine, but failed to be assigned to his ship when she graduated.

    Personality: Very blunt and unafraid to speak up if she disagrees with something (which often results in mild animosity between her and her peers). She’s respectfully confrontational toward almost everyone except Captain Mordred (he reminds her of her brother). Despite this, she is relatively friendly and has a sense of humor, but is prone to go on the defensive at the slightest provocation. Good liar.

    Abilities: Nuclear sciences, applied mathematics,fluent in Vulcan and Romulan.

    Additional skills: intermediate self-defense training, archery, running, has a high pain tolerance. A fast learner.

    Weaknesses: Allergic to certain animal fur, biology and theoretical physics.

    "Harleen wimish. Dungi tu sahrafel?"
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  15. Hey, if I have the free time, I think I'll attempt to draw portraits of our crew.
    I'll keep y'all posted!

    ...but don't hold your breath.
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  18. Sorry I've been rather occupied but hopefully by tomorrow I will post the OOC and then the IC!
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