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  1. Since the beginning of civilization there has been the wonderful phenomena of street performance.

    These things happen unplanned and today many places allow permits to perform....just about anyway you lay your hat.

    The most amazing fact of this is it is world wide.

    All corners of the earth, take to the streets, and perform countless feats for a passing audience.

    This raw focus astounds me.

    If there was every a way to take back our streets...supporting these amazing people would be...
    in my opinion a big start.

    I don't know about you, but I want to see as much of this as possible.

    Maybe you have seen an amazing street performance on YouTube or recorded and performance yourself.

    I wanna see them.

    Please, Help me find the most street performers from around the world.

    Anything from



    Martial arts.




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  2. D: It's a shame you posted this in fall; during the summer we get all kinds of street performers outside the cafe; the corner is brick and there are a few meters between the sidewalk and the street (a city tree planted there too) so we get lots of musicians and performers who ask to use our corner to perform; there's chairs outside too so people can sit and enjoy the music. In the local mall there's usually people at the main entrance singing, dancing, or playing music, too. Especially during christmas time.

    I love street performers too, but (please don't hate me) only if they're not too loud. When I worked in the mall everyone in the store I worked at HATED it when people brought amps; we have to be here for eight hours, we don't mind to listen to you play music all day, but not too loud! Especially when we can't just move farther away or put headhpones on or something.
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    Other than that, enjoy my sidewalk's limelight! God knows we need something flowery down at these grey lanes....
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