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  1. There's something lurking in the dark. It's always there, they're always watching. They are more careful than even we are, but they are also more dangerous than we are.

    You better be careful, or the creatures that keep themselves hidden, will come out to play.


    Cara Velson was a normal girl, living in a normal, small town that homed normal people. The last thing Cara ever thought she'd discover was that her normal, quaint town wasn't so normal after all. After a chance encounter with something that left her and her family reeling, she learned that there was a whole other world right under her nose, creatures that had been living there for centuries.

    The last thing those creatures ever thought might happen was that a normal human girl would discover their existence, posing a threat to them and everyone else like them. That girl would face a choice. Expose the supernatural creatures for what they were, or band with them to protect others from finding out about their existence. But not all of the creatures thought she should know, and not all of the creatures thought she should continue living with the knowledge she now possessed.


    There is a world out there that is just beyond our reach.
    Scientists, NASA, and the rest of the world have been competing to find alien life -- to go to other planets, and bring back something that would shock everyone to their core.

    They spend millions of dollars on top aircrafts and electronic systems to monitor the space outside our own.

    But what they don't know, is what they have been searching for, for so long, what they really want to find.. is already here.

    It's been here for longer than we have.


    SO! I have quite a number of people that were interested, hopefully they still are.

    I apologize for not posting this until now, I've been trying to piece together my ideas before I made the OOC. Well, I think I've got a plot that will make for lots of twists, turns and upside-down-ers. The plot will revolve around Cara, her family, and the supernaturals that she encounters while trying to keep her town safe, and at the same time, keep the supernaturals out of the sight of the rest of the world.

    Without further ado, the Character signup sheet.

    .: Name :.

    .: Title(s) :.

    .: Nicknames/Aliases :.

    .: Gender :.

    .: Age :.

    .: Race :.

    .: Home world :.

    .: Height :.

    .: Weight :.

    .: Ethnicity :.

    .: Orientation :.

    .: Blood Type :.

    .: Occupation/Major :.

    .: Strengths :.
    (At least two)

    .: Weaknesses :.
    (At least two)

    .: Talents & Skills :.
    (At least two)

    .: Likes :.

    .: Dislikes :.

    .: Appearance :.

    .: Biography :.

    .: Theme song and Other :.


    - Side note
    The main parts of the world(s) and other local areas will be explained in the IC, but mainly there are three worlds. The Supernaturals hail from a world called Aeris, very close in similarity to earth but with all types of creatures.

    The aliens hail from a world called Ket'thos.


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  2. So, supernatural creatures are aliens? That's what I gather, at least.
  3. In a way, you could say. There are two dimensions; One is the human world, Earth, and the other is the supernatural world, Aeris.
    The other, 'true' aliens, come from another planet. (An actual planet, not just another dimension of an earth-like planet.)

    This is another way I can explain it.

    There are two sides of the moon. One side is Earth, the other side is Aeris. Both existing in the same space, same place, but invisible to each other. But one day, the fabric of these two dimensions tears, and creates a kind of wormhole or black hole -- a kind of portal that allows members of Aeris to cross over to Earth, and vice versa.
  4. Pre-designated roles;

    | Name of creature | (Max # of creature) | Description if needed |

    Jumpers (3) -- Creatures that resemble humans that can jump between realms without any harm to themselves.





    Ghosts -- Humans or previously creatures that are caught between realms and dimensions. Only a select few (Other than readers) can communicate with them.

    Readers (2) -- Creatures that can 'read' and communicate with ghosts. (Being able to see, hear and communicate telepathically with other readers and ghosts.)

    More to come -- Suggestions always encouraged!
  5. 'Kay. That second explanation was actually more confusing than the first. So... What's the plot? What makes the girl so special? Why don't we just kill her? Where do the aliens come from? What are they exactly? What is Aeris (as in what is it like in that dimension)? Why do all supernatural creatures come from there, and why aren't there some naturally on Earth?

    If you can't tell...

  6. Woah, okay.

    1. The plot is that she finds out about the portal, they try and do her over, but something shocking happens.

    That's just the first part, though.

    2. That's what the mystery is all about.

    3. They just might.

    4. Obviously, from another planet.

    3. That will definitely be explained in the IC.

    4. Will definitely be revealed in the RP.
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  7. I'm at work, but I'll take a look through this and have an answer today or tomorrow.
  8. Okay, cool!
  9. You, sir, have the most impressive ability to answer all questions and yet none at all.
  10. Okay, moving to a different question.

    Are we horrific monsters of a hellish dimension, full of nightmares and terrifying dreamscapes? Or are we Twilight-era, sappy teen romance monsters?
  11. is that cs for ghosts too?
  12. Of course.
  13. The best of both worlds.

    Maybe terrifying at time, but still creatures that are intelligent and have a bit of humanity left.

    Or, if you want one or the other, it's your pick.
  14. So, were the monsters ever human to begin with? Is Aerith Aeris Hell/Heaven, where a good or bad soul goes when they die, and they turn into monsters when they're there?
  15. From what he's(she maybe sorry your name is really neutral) said, that sort of information seems to be one of the major mysteries and thus driving plot points of this RP.

    Figuring out exactly what they are/why they are. At least that's what I'm getting here.
  16. It makes it difficult to write a character whose very origins are a mystery to the person making them.
  17. Why thank you. Thank you very much.
  18. You're giving me WAY too many ideas. Dammit. Now I have to do something with this.
    Okay. The supernaturals are normal supernaturals. They can have powers, can be really strange and horrific, or more human. It's all up to you. Whatever you make, whatever you dream up and create using your imagination and possibilities will be fine with me. If there's a problem with anything, it can always be changed or fixed.

    Honestly, just write what you know, or want, or even write from a crazy idea in your head. It's all about creation, and imagination.

    (Hopefully my next analogy doesn't confuse you more!)

    Think of it like this:

    You can create textbook supernaturals, or do a variant of them. You can have a connection to an existing fandom if you like, or have an idea from a show, book, movie, comic ect.

    It's a world filled with creatures from every story, every book, movie and idea imaginable. You can do what you like with the seed of an idea, just let it grow.

    Don't let limits hold you back. If you like something, if you want to do something (even if it's based off of a sappy teen romance), then do it.

    Oh, a side note, you can have more than one character if you like, to give it some diversity. They can be crazy old or crazy young or, hell, even a newborn freaky thing that births itself from inside a human, clawing its' way out.

    (..On another note, I've been watching WAY too much X-files.)

    I got sidetracked while writing this, but overall, just write what you like. Your character is just one piece of a puzzle that will form around it, instead of your character forming around the puzzle.

    But most importantly, always, have fun.
  19. Philosophical.
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  20. As for appearance, what would you like? I'll be writing a faerie most likely, but do you want specific FCs, a stock photo, or an illustration? I would prefer to go with the first option if that's okay with you.
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