"There's no doubt that could dare hold me back."

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  1. Tapping her fingers rather impatiently on the desk in front of her, Serena Hawthorne watched the clock, blue eyes anxious. School would be ending any second, and yet it seemed to be dragging on and on today... Ignoring the fact that she technically wasn't supposed to be on her phone in class, the pink haired girl checked the device, more out of pure boredom than real need to. Halfway through scrolling through her Tumblr, the bell finally rang. Jumping to her feet, Reenie threw her phone back into her backpack and all but dashed out of the room, not paying any attention to the startled, surprised and even slightly amused looks her classmates were throwing her.

    'Let's see... According to my Soul Gem, the energy is coming from this direction...' Holding the glowing object in her palm, the girl kept moving forward, pausing for a moment in the middle of her actions. Maybe this wasn't the best idea... After all, she had never tried to take on a witch before all by herself... Maybe she should wait for Hattie? Surely the other magical girl would have sensed this energy also, right?


    Keeping to the shadows, Rachel Collins watched the events with observant eyes, but decided not to get involved. After all, the law student wasn't about to give away her biggest secret just yet, now was she? So far, Reenie only knew her as the teacher's assistant in her Latin class, and the blonde preferred to keep it that way. Turning away from where the pink haired girl was now looking around, as if feeling conflicted whether to enter the labyrinth on her own, Rachel decided to make matter use of her time. She had no reason to fight this witch-she had her quota of Grief Seeds for the week, and her Soul Gem had been purified yesterday. The blonde was set, for the time being.

    Maybe she should go and find Draoxa, and see what was up with the other girl? Surely, there had been some change in the... situation that used to be the magical girl known as Adora...right?
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  2. Hattie stood outside the bar as the door behind her came to a close with a slight jingle. She wore a white tank top paired with a denim jacket and some black torn jeans. In her hand was a fat load of cash; the guys in the bar had challenged her to a dart-throwing competition. The poor souls didn't know what they were in for and this skinny girl crushed her competition. She didn't get the money without a fight, though.
    She wiped the blood from her lip, only to stain her soul gem with it as she suddenly grasped it in her hand. "A witch? Hmm. 'Guess it's time to get some exercise." Hattie stuck her thumb in the air and hailed a cab.
    "Uhhh..," she ran her fingers across the surface of her emerald soul gem, keeping it hidden in her pocket, "just drop me off around West Street."

    The signal was getting stronger. Hattie could feel the despair lurking in the atmosphere as she quickly made her approach toward the location of the witch. She stopped abruptly at the entrance.
    "An abandoned warehouse...how original," she muttered under her breath, only to hear quick footsteps and panting coming from behind her. Hattie turned around.

    "Ah, hello Serena. Ready to kick some ass?"

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  3. Draoxa knew not to come by this spot often. Too often and she'd draw too much attention to herself, but even cutting down her time to once a week made her antsy, so here she stood on the roof of a tall building looking over the industrial district where a cluster of warehouses sat. Some where abandoned, others were in use, it depended on the personal needs of workers and local clientele. Her vantage point was far enough away she could be looking at anything, and she was - standing around staring at a warehouse got boring, she had to find some way to entertain herself, her handheld for instance - but close enough to spy activity; activity she wouldn't have spot at if it weren't for her pixelated characters dying. She huffed at the Game Over and chanced a glance up, grinding her teeth together in frustration. But suddenly failing the same level the tenth time in a row no longer mattered as she straightened up.

    There was a cab there. Draoxa narrowed her dark eyes and shifted so her hand gripped the rail; she couldn't be brash. She watched a woman step out of the yellow vehicle dressed like she was about to go out for a night of fun, but what kind if person ventures into the industrial part of town looking like that? It was as if she was just begging for trouble. Her gaze shifted when another figure seemed to approach and her muscles tensed. No this was more like they were seeking out trouble. They couldn't possibly be looking for Adora. She double checked and rechecked those wards and sigils that morning. There was no way they detected her. Did another witch draw too close? That had to be it. While the girls were preoccupied Draoxa slipped away. She doubted they could have seen her, she was pretty far away - more center of the activity.

    She shifted the soft leather guitar case slung across her back and made it down the roof access. Maybe she could find Rachel and she could divulge what the he'll was happening.
  4. As thankful as Reenie was to see her, the pink haired girl had never cared much for Hattie's habit of calling her by her full name, but she didn't say anything, only offered a slight smile, nodding her head. "The entrance to the Labyrinth should be around here somewhere, from the way my Soul Gem is glowing," she murmured, looking around, as if it would just suddenly appear before her. "Now that you're here maybe, we can find it together! Two magical girls is better than just one, right?" Reenie flashed a bright smile, hoping that it would win her rather... prickly companion over. "Maybe even after we get done with this, we can go to the mall or something!"
    It didn't take Rachel long to get back to her apartment, though she didn't enter just yet. If Draoxa had any news, she would show up... Or at least the blonde hoped she would. It was funny. She didn't really know what she call the other girl and herself. Were they friends? Rachel supposed so, in the lightest definition of the word. Sitting down on the front steps that would lead into her building, the blonde was content to sit and wait for a few moments. After all, the night was cool and it wasn't like she had anything better to do.
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