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Color me Curious. Halo or Destiny?

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  1. I've been looking for a good original Halo RP for a while. I was originally looking specifically for a good Romance to accompany it, but the wait for a good action-packed fighting-filled thriller is breaking me down. I'm gonna level with you, I have no plot thought of yet. It's a pretty spur of the moment check, and I have no idea what to expect. But hey, working with a partner just adds to the fun!

    So, I'm gonna be blunt. Here are my preferences for an original Halo RP (OCs only), from most preferred to least:

    1. One[x]One MxF Romance

    2. One[x]One MxF or MxM Friendship/Mentor-Student Relationship

    3. Group RP (This one has a bit of detail to it)
    - I'd be looking for a team of six people max, five people min.
    - I like having a gender balance, so with me being a guy, I'd be asking for two guys and at least two girls.
    - Yes, Reach was my favorite Halo game.

    And that's about the gist of it! Oh, also, I'd be up for some Destiny inspired RP's as well. The concept behind it looks awesome, but since it's pretty new and not many people have experience or knowledge of the game's entirety (myself included), it may be a bit difficult. Even so, the same preferences above apply to it.
  2. question, which game will this be following? and will it have anything to do with the real games, and last one is will we be marines or Spartans or maybe ODST's?
  3. I'd be for a Halo group roleplay, although if I'm going to be frank I'm still new to it and absolutely suck at the game (well people say I'm not as bad as I think but I'm still a noob :P). But yes, yes, original Halo rp, ftw.
  4. I don't plan on following the cannon, but it will be most akin to the Halo Reach universe. That is what I am most familiar with, so...yeah.
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  5. ok that sounds interesting, i'v played every halo game and have knowledge of them all, so will the character be marines or Spartans? or covenant?
  6. Spartans will be the character of choice, and free reign will be given as to which armor you want to use. My initial hope was to have two (or six, depending on how the whole group thing pans out) specialized soldiers, each with their own area of expertise. Essentially, it's a more..."advanced" Halo Reach type of scenario. I'm not a big fan of the Flood or Promethians, but I'd like to keep the tech in the RP as updated as possible. :P
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  7. So kind of how the guys in Reach had their own ops thing going on?
  8. that sounds real cool, so i take it the main enemy is the covenant? and that is cool for the armor choice, man i have not played halo reach in awhile but i will go back threw the armor customization on it :) i might play my spartan female i have.
  9. @Rainjay Exactly. Although, I should say now, I've never done a group RP before, and I suck at organizing a party that exceeds two people. It's a curse, almost. That, and I tend to scare people off sometimes. I have been told I can be a bit...abrasive, at times. Thats why I ask people to check out my Profile Info before agreeing to anything. XP
  10. I'm sure it won't be a problem, just work with the other people involved and things tend to be fine. :P You could make it just a private group roleplay
  11. thanks that beets going back threw the game :) will give it a look threw.
  12. the mark four security looks good . . . . but the mark five pilot also catches my eye. but then there is Gen 2 EOD armor set.
  13. I'll look through when I finish RVB <.<
  14. Well, nothing is set in stone yet. Try not to worry about it too much. As I wrote above, a One[x]One is what I'm really shooting for, and I hold all partners to a high expectation. Its just the way I am... However, I will agree to a group RP if my conditions are met, but once again, my expectations are high. Can't blame a guy for trying, ya know?
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  15. will do, gonna have this one in a holding folder, if it douse happen i'm really interested.
  16. I'm afraid to say, after a long delay, that I've been taken up on this offer. Sorry guys. Thanks for showing interest. :')
  17. I'd be up for the group rp because I get pissed at romances because of bad life experiences with "fake" lesbians and douche bag guys. (unless it's done right, which is rare for RPs).

    See my rp in the graveyard, "Operation: Polar Star" for my "resume" on an action gun shoot in' thriller military rp thing.

    Also, reach was my favorite halo also. But ghosts of onyx was my favorite halo book, so it kinda butts heads with plots but the universe is so expansive you could invent a plot and it wouldn't be noticeable or stick out like a sore thumb
  18. @Maddeline

    I apologize for raising up false hopes. I have found a partner for this at the moment, so I am no longer looking for partners. I will make a few alterations to ensure this has been made clear. I must apologize once again for inconveniencing you, and I wish you luck in finding a RP that suits you. :)
  19. It's fine! My fault!
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