There's a planet smaller than Uranus.

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Blind Hemingway

A former executive or something.
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Surrealism, Surreal Horror (Think Tim Burton), Steampunk, Sci-Fi Fantasy, Spaghetti Westerns, Mercenaries, Dieselpunk, Cyberpunk, Historical fantasies


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sporadic through the day. I reply when I can during my lunch break and after work more often, but I always check my phone
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I can work with most genres except horror
no!.....yes >>


This is so cool. Articles like this make me happy, Rory.
Too hot to live on, but the concept of "superfluid water" excites me all the same.

Mr. Gibs

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Am ... am I supposed to make a joke about the topic title? That was a set-up, right? This just seems too easy...


I clicked because of the title, sure. Astronomy is relevant to my interests.