There’s a party tonight? (We need girls... >.>)

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There's a party tonight?

Hey, Rusty here with a pretty straight forward RP(That sounded very Billy Mayes-y), very loosely based on the TV series Skins.
If you aren't familiar with Skins, then all you really need to know is that this RP revolves around partying, drugs, booze, and naughty teenage immatureness.


Plot-y/Rule-y Silliness:

All characters should be around high school age with a distinct personality, and should apart of the one distinct circle of friends that this RP is strongly built around. Weather your character is relatively new to this group or has been friends with most of these people for awhile, everyone should be on a first name basis, or should at least be familiar with a few faces. In every circle of friends there's always conflict, I expect conflict. Conflict is good. I like conflict.

I don't want you to think this is another one of those general High School RPs. 'Cause it's not. Most situations will take place after hours and at parties, though most in-school scenes are essential to the plot. So… yeah… It should be PRETTY interesting. Interesting is good. I like interesting.

Anyway, uh… to show that you actually read this crap (it's not that much, if you didn't you're just poopy lazy face), please include your Char's favorite song in the "Anything else?" section of the CS.


Get'em while they're hot:
YOUR User Name:
Character Name:
Nicknames: (if any)
Appearance: (perferrably photos, but I don't really care. I'm not anal like that)
A Secret:
Anything else?:


Username: TripleDeXTreme
-Ryleigh Shannon O'Brian
-Nicole Elizabeth Delaney (She's up for adoption)

Username: Zypher
-Eric Johansson

Username: October Knight
-Seth Conroy

Username: anniephantom905

Username: Kitti
-Seraphia von Alte
-Levi Dempsey

Usename: SevenYears
-Luke Martin

Username: Christina-Arisa
-Kiyoshi Dakara

Two-Three moar girls plz?

Is that all…? Yeah I think so… so uh, get to it. Any questions, feel free to ask.
Re: There's a party tonight?

YOUR User Name: TinyRustyPiglets

Ryleigh Shannon O'brian

Ry, Leigh, "The Provider"
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight as far as he's concerned, but he's getting a bit curious.
Age: 17
Grade: High school Sophomore (Started shcool later than most kids when he was little)
Occupation: Currently works at a local Best Buy.
Personality: Independent, impulsive, inappropriate, and never ever serious about anything. He lets the situation take control of him, instead of the other way around… He's known to be the life of the party, though when he's not at a party and not stoned, he's known to be a bit calmer and a little more pleasant to talk to. Leigh hates the thought of being co-dependent, and this got him into a few problems. He's severe stubbornness is the root of a lot of his problems in fact, and he never accepts any help from anyone. When he's angry or upset he gets … well a bit awful. Aggressive and violent, but he's not a bad guy at the least. He just has a few problems he needs to fix. Despite all of this, he's a really caring guy, and won't hesitate to lend a hand every now and then.
Likes: Mt. Dew, dirty girls, sex, South Park, various drugs, corn dogs, people who don't worry about trivial shit, screamy music.
Dislikes: Lap dogs, movies without blood or lesbians or a good soundtrack, Kettle Corn, Sweedish fish, bitches, Justin Bieber, Hippies, Cigarettes (go figure).
Bio: Ryleigh currently lives with his abusive step father, and his mother, whom he loves dearly, but can't seem to help. Both of his parents have had their mix ups with drugs, especially his father. His mother has been mostly clean ever since Ry was born, with the exception of a few slip ups, but tough times are weighing her down. She went back to college to get a proper degree, and can't afford to live anywhere but the house that His step father owns. His mother is very frantic, and suffers from mild anxiety attacks.
Ry is known to sleep out on the streets by himself to get away from it all, and never takes up anyone's offer to sleep at their place. He's currently trying to get enough money to find a place of his own.
Leigh got hooked on drugs and alcohol at a pretty young age, around 14 or 15. He's considered "the Provider" around town, since he's known to be able to get any drug you need for the right price. He thinks he's just fine, even though slowly but surely it's getting out of control.

A Secret: He's not willing to admit it, but he needs someone to pull him off of his knees. He's going somewhere in his life where he doesn't want to go and he's beginning to become a bit dependant.
Anything else?: Favorite Song: Mindless Self Indulgence - Bring the Pain
He went out with Nikki once, but it didn't work out. He's a good friend of her's but a little over protective of her.
Re: There's a party tonight?

Count me in, gimme a little bit of time to work on the char-sheet. I'm guessing this is the UK version of Skins yes?
Re: There's a party tonight?

My Character Sheet:-

YOUR User Name: harmangel
Character Name: Alice
Nicknames: Kitten (only her boyfriend calls her that) other wise none.
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 18
Grade: High school Sophomore
Occupation: Works at a small book shop is also lead singer of an amateur rock band.

View attachment 3199 the one at the front BUT has quite short hair and her eyes are the same shade as her hair boy friend:- damon_salvatore2.jpg name is Ian and is way older than her around 28, college student.
Personality: Aggressive, always gets what she wants, hardcore, can't be bossed around.
Likes: vine the most exquisite ones, music, dancing, parties, underground racing, her motor bike and her current boyfriend.
Dislikes: Whores, bitches who act all lesbian and sexy. Sissy guys or guys who like to dominate. Girly things like rainbows and pink teddies.
Bio: Alice was orphaned when she was only 12 when her parents died in a horrible car accident, she had a tiny apartment to herself until one day some man claimed he owned her apartment. She had to move out lucky for her she already had a few strings pulled and got herself a tiny room above an old garage. Not so soon her boyfriend decided to move out of his own house and started living with Alice. She is importantly lead singer of a band
A Secret: She secretly hates what she has become, she wishes to some how escape from this hell hole and start over.
Anything else?: Very possessive about her boy friend Ian but would never show it. Deep down she has a heart of any other average girl who is loved by her parents has a good circle gets good grades and is a good girl in general.
Favorite Song: Join Me In Death by HIM
Re: There's a party tonight?

Yep, UK version, indeed, Zypher. But again, loosely based.

harmangel, looks like you're partially accepted. Did you read the very last bit of my plot-y/rule-y silliness?
Re: There's a party tonight?

to be honest i still don't get what needs to be fixed =/
Re: There's a party tonight?

Lol it's fine. You just need to add your Char's favorite song in the "Anything Else" portion of the Character sheet. It's fine really.
Re: There's a party tonight?

YOUR User Name: Zypher

Character Name: Eric Johansson
Nicknames: None
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay-ish, hasn't been with a girl but he's not sure he'd like it.
Age: 16
Grade: Sophmore
Occupation: His family is rich, he doesn't need to work.
Personality: The best way to describe Eric's personality is "Who cares?" He goes through life doing whatever he wants, whenever he wants. He likes making sure that he gets good grades so his parents will keep his trust fund open to him but beyond that he doesn't really care. He gets what he wants, and he usually wants a lot. He's pretty loud and social but he can be quiet when he is in the presence of someone he respects (which is pretty rare)
Likes: Guys, parties, drinking, Ecstasy, money, ditzy girls
Dislikes: Homeless people, his parents, teachers, fights
Bio: Even though Eric seems to have it all on the outside he's really a bit sad on the inside. His parents don't pay him any attention and he thinks that bad attention is better than no attention. He makes friends pretty easily in school but some of that could be due to his money and he really worries that nobody likes him for him. He loves to party and hang out with his friends and he's always willing to go with their crazy ideas.
A Secret: He's still a virgin, even though he talks a big game.
Anything else?: Favorite Song: Boots n' Boys - Ke$ha

Sorry it took so long! Here it is.
Re: There's a party tonight?

ahh fixed it sorry am a ditz
Re: There's a party tonight?

I've never seen skins, but I think I get the idea. How's this?

Character Name: Seth Conroy





Sophomore, got held back a year.



View attachment 3226

Personality: Self centered, conceded and quick tempered. Although he does show slight compassion towards several people, he mostly is out for his own. He has little concern for other peoples feelings, but at times has moments where he isn't a complete asshole. People seem to like him because he isn't scared of speaking his mind in just about any situation. While it isn't uncommon for people to dislike Seth, just as many seem to like him for his outgoing, No-BS attitude.

Drinking, drugs that make him stay up all night, parties, hot tubs, sex, sex in hot tubs, piercings, going against the grain, loud music

School, his parents, homework, the police, parties that end before 2am, being sober

Seth was raised by a loving mother and father, but for whatever reason wound up getting into trouble and involved with drugs at an early age. Seth Grew up too fast and always hung out with older kids cause they could buy booze and cigarettes. While he was still on speaking terms with his parents he would talk them out of money whenever possible, after they stopped giving it to him he started stealing, then he would talk his way out of that, too. Now that they lock up their cash and won't give him a dime, he doesn't talk to them at all. For the last six months or so he has been out almost all night every night, when he isn't picked up by the cops, and never calls to check in. The last time he saw his Mother she threatened to send him to a camp for troubled kids. Seth would run away for good if she tried to pull that bullshit on him.

A Secret:
Once set a building on fire because he was drunk. Also got picked on a lot when he was younger.

Anything else?:
Smokes a pack of camels a day.
Favorite song "Tomorrow belongs to us" The Casualties.
Re: There's a party tonight?

Knight, you're character is great. All I need I need is your character's favorite song in his "Anything Else" secton and you're approved. Zypher, you're also accepted.

I'll get the IC up either later today or tomarrow, so be on the heads up, and we need LOTS more people to make this good (I've been in another RP like this on another site and it turned out amazing and lasted a really long time. But the topic was removed after it got alittle raunchy. Anywayyyy...) So PLEASE PLEASE PELASE PLEASE recruit more peoples. I'll probably post this in the players needed topic if we get on a roll and we still need more.
Re: There's a party tonight?

Fixed it! Also. I'll try to find some more players for the rp.
Re: There's a party tonight?

YOUR User Name: anniephantom905
Character Name: Arclette Adams (she finally has a last name, haha)
Nicknames: Her dad calls her Aardvark and Anklet, but if anyone else calls her those names, she'll probably put you on her immediate bad side.
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 17
Grade: Senior
Occupation: Arclette works at a combination coffee shop and bookstore downtown.
Appearance: View attachment 3234
Personality: Arclette mostly keeps to herself, but that doesn't mean she's out-of-the-loop. She knows 99% of what goes on around the school and what happens at the infamous after-hour parties... even if she hasn't attended a single one since freshman year. Her past is a puzzling mystery to a majority of the students, and for good reason; she keeps everything hidden from public eye. She does enjoy working at the book store, even if she's a tad rude to customers at times. Arclette is brilliant but easily aggravated, and most likely doesn't want to talk to you or have anything to do with you.
Likes: Reading, being alone, cigarettes, and piercings.
Dislikes: Shallow douchebags that hit on her, parties, and superficiality.
Bio: Arclette lives with her father in an apartment in the city. Not much about her is known.
A Secret: Freshman year, Arclette used to party quite frequently until she was raped by a stud on the football team. Ever since then, she's been defensive and reclusive. Parties bring back horrible, painful memories of the rape. Letting guys into her life frightens her.
Anything else?: Favorite song: "Another Bag of Bones" by Kevin Devine. Favorite book: A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway.

Re: There's a party tonight?

Perfect Knight! thankies :D. Anniephantom, She looks great, accepted.

I'll be posting the IC as soon as I get it all typed up and junk, along with another character.
Re: There's a party tonight?

YOUR User Name: Kitti?
Character Name: Seraphia von Alte
Nicknames: Fee
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Whatever
Age: 15
Grade: Sophomore
Occupation: Ground team at concerts for a local radio station
Personality: Mercurial and eager to please, it's hard to tell what her real personality is like since she shifts herself so often. If you do some digging, or become a person not worth pleasing, you'll find that she's insecure and timid.
Likes: Approval, affection, music, some drugs and alcohol
Dislikes: People who are hard to figure out, people who are really judgmental
Fee was adopted from another country when she was approximately six years old, by a family who wanted a child that looked a little like them but discreetly. No one really knows what country she used to live in, since she was essentially taken in an under-the-table kind of deal. She has some memories of it though and none of them were really pleasant.

After her adoption by the von Altes, Fee was given a harsh schooling in all things that a young lady needs to know (according to her family). When the young Mrs. von Alte finally conceived, however, in her early forties it was decided that the true heir to the family could not be overlooked for some foreign brat. Seraphia was then promptly dismissed from the household with a suitcase of her belongings and a little bit of money.

Desperate, Fee has lied to the school about her parents and her place of residence and instead barely makes a living in a small apartment.
A Secret: Fee wants everyone to think that her parents died, not that she was unloved. So that's what she tells them.
Anything else?: "I'll Forget You" Linda Eder
Re: There's a party tonight?

Please do :D I think Two or three more characters will be enough (if we even get that lucky) and then I'll close it up.

IC still on the way!
Re: There's a party tonight?

YOUR User Name: TinyRustyPiglets

(Seen a lot of times wearing a black fedora)

Nicole "Nikki" Elizabeth Delaney
Nikki, Blitz (known for getting away from the cops a few times.)
HS Junior
Baby sits and volunteers at the library.
Nicole's always been an 'A' student who never back-sassed or bitched at anyone, but she's always had this unnecessary desire to take risks. For example, when she insisted Joey show her his private parts if she showed him hers, behind the dumpster at recess in third grade; or when she went to the skate park with her older brother and she demanded to go down the biggest ramp as soon as she got there, and eventually ended up breaking her ankle.
By the time she reached high school, she had already been at the top of the list for a scholarship at four local private schools (schools she applied for just to see what she would get), and was already associated with the normal "trouble makers".
She's very honest, and never afraid to tell it like it is. Nikki's caring and fun loving and she's the kind of person that's hard to get down.
Her father says, "She's as sharp as a needle and as bright as the sun, but she has no common sense what so ever."

Booze, built guys, bad chicks, Mario kart, piercings, anime, hardcore music, ecstasy raves, playing bad, kitties and puppies.
Bitches, when people call her a whore because she's proudly bisexual, when people bang the person she just made out with five minutes ago, people who whine, and girls with annoying high pitched voices.
Nikki comes from an upper class family of five. Her mother, father, her 23 year old brother (who's now in some ivy league college) and her 13 year old sister,(who seems to keep getting herself in trouble, and who's known as the slut in her middle school(Nikki also feels as if she's stealing her thunder)). Nikki finds herself grounded a lot, but she doesn't mind since she's good at entertaining herself and sneaking out. She hosts a good majority of parties because her Dad is "away" often, and her mother works nights.
A secret:
Nikki knows her father is cheating on her mom, but she doesn't want to be the one that ruins their relationship.
Anything else?:
Favorite Song: Panic Attack – Dream Theater
She went out with Ryleigh at one point, but it didn't work out. They're still good friends though, but jealousy's a bitch.

Re: There's a party tonight?

I hope there's room for another!

Okay, it's fixed now. I typed one up at first but then realized it was way too much like another character, so I had to redo it.

YOUR User Name: SevenYears
Character Name: Luke Martin
Nicknames: Lucky
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 17
Grade: Senior
Occupation: Works at a bowling alley

Luke is about 6'2, and average weight. He has short brown hair and dark blue eyes. His face is normally rough and uncleanly trimmed.
Personality: Because of his rough upbringing, Luke became a rather carefree person. Among his friends he earned the reputation of being the jokester. He is always chasing women, and despite his low social status, has pretty good luck with them.

Likes: Drinking, partying, sex, women, money, music
Dislikes: pessimists, school, people who can't take a joke
Bio: Luke grew up in the rough side of town, with only his mother to raise him. His father left one day out of the blue before Luke ever got the chance to meet him, and he doesn't want to. The irony is that everyone who did know him tells Luke he looks just like him. Growing up with a hard life, Luke learned to fend for himself early. He was never arrested or had any run-ins with the law because he was gifted with common sense, and experience taught him how far was too far. At a young age he used alcohol and drugs to get away from the world, but he eventually came to terms with where he was in life. Now the life of partying is for pure enjoyment.
A Secret: Luke has discovered that sometimes being the jokester is hard. When people expect you to never be serious, life is hard when you actually want to be. Sometimes Luke has a hard time expressing his true feelings.
Anything else?: Hello, I'm in Delaware – City and Colour
Re: There's a party tonight?

I didn't want to join, but one more role play couldn't hurt, could it?

here's my character.

YOUR User Name: Christine
Character Name: Christine Alexandria
Nicknames: (if any) None.
Gender: Female.
Sexuality: Bisexual.
Age: 18
Grade: High school Senior. (Just started.)
Occupation: Works at a book store part time.


Personality: Christine is a complex individual. For the most part she can be described as a sadist. Growing up she was the kid who would poke things to see how they responded, stab things to see how long it would take until it died, burn stuff to see how it would respond. She gets amusement from inflicting pain on others, though she when she got a bit older she stopped a bit, unless you give her reason. She can be very sarcastic, or even rude. However, when she isn't she seems serious and emotionless, and distant. Sarah does not care what anyone else thinks, and she isn't someone who is going to listen to what anyone else says. She's very stubborn, and very hardheaded. She is also very protective of her sister, Emilia. Not really one to make friends, she's usually one to follow the group though not really interact with them. She can be rebellious, and has a very short temper, so getting on her bad side is not a good idea. She has a special place in her heart for her sister, however everyone else is basically dead to her.

In case you wanted to know I enjoy the following things:

  • Swimming: I'm good
  • Horseback riding
  • Physical activities
  • A challenge
  • A good fist fight
  • Photography: People/Plantlife/Landscapes
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Freehand drawing
  • The beach
  • Music
  • Karaoke
  • Video games
  • Plants of all sorts
  • Skinny dipping
  • Provocative things
  • Very riskay art pieces
  • The beach at night
  • Wildlife
  • Wind in my face
  • Going fast
  • A nice breeze

But I despise:

  • Mean people
  • Rude people
  • Conceited people
  • Bullies
  • Liars
  • Spiders
  • Spider webs
  • Shopping
  • Malls
  • People acting like door mats
  • Girls who abuse the word 'like'
  • Fake people
  • Wannabes
  • Stereotypical popular girls. Aka the its all about me bitches

Bio: Christine was raised in a very strict environment by her father, her mother having passed away during childbirth. Her father always expected the best from her, if not the best then it wasn't good enough and neither was she. Her father, was a businessman, or so he called himself. Christine doesn't know much about his business but it seems as thought most of the time he is always gone. Growing up she never spent much time with her father, and of this day he probably could not tell you anything she is interested in, but he could tell you what she is good at. Probably because he picked those things. Violin was something he made her learn, singing was something he made her perfect because she wouldn't shut up all the time. Cooking was something he made her do for the both of them Christine didn't really have much company growing up, when she was younger she did have her brother but as they got older they both went out a lot, if she didn't go out nowadays she would always be alone, and she doesn't like being alone as it rather frightens her and she thinks she is going to be something of abandoned.

Home life aside, Christine doesn't really have very many close friends at school. She talks to a lot of people and sometimes hangs out around a lot of people but she has no one who are close friends - but she doesn't know that. No, Christine thinks anyone that is nice to her is her friend, she is easily deceived and manipulated because of that. She often times gets teased at school, if it's not because shes skinny and has chicken legs its because she looks like a little girl or sounds like a little kids or has a chest as flat as a pancake. There are those who tease her about how she talks as well because she has that way of dialect of that of someone whom English is a second language to and seems to have a faint accent because of it. She's never had a boyfriend in her lifetime, she doesn't even know if her father would a allow it. Boys have never really taken to her, at least not that she knows of.

A Secret: Still a virgin but writes very well in scene.
Anything else?: Going Under - Evanescence.