There's a party on the hill, would you like to come?

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  1. You open up the invitation, quickly scanning the words written on the page:

    You are invited to Vasilia's party.
    Dress Code is semi-formal, and a small present/trinket must be presented upon arrival.
    Other than the above requirement, nothing else should be brought.
    Have fun, and hope to see you there!

    The biggest party of the Summer is here. Flyers, emails and facebook notifications are all sent to everyone whom Queen Bee of the school: Vasilia Bloom knows. Anyone is invited, even if you can't afford a bottle of rum tum tum. People from all over are coming, some who know Vasilia well, and those who have only heard of her name. But don't worry. This night will definitely be a party to remember.

    Character Sheet {Please fill out!}
    Age: (Note: Because of the nature of the roleplay, please don't have someone under the age of 17. Thankyou!)
    Groups they are associated with at school:
    Appearance: (Please no anime pictures! Sorry)
    Background: (optional)

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  2. This looks kinda cool, is it still going to happen (assuming more people show up)
  3. @Blakethedestroyer

    Yeah, I don't think this will work unless a few more people decide to join. I think I might advertise it a little and see what people think.
  4. Is the party still on?

    Because I'm interested.
  5. Name: Sun Chul Soo (He's Korean)
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Groups they are associated with: Loners, Geeks
    Personality: Anti-social, Quiet, Secretive, Intelligent
  6. Name: James Lawrence

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Groups they are associated with at school: Semi- popular's ( Not on Vasilia's level, yet not a 'nobody')

    Personality: Cherry, well-bidder, friendly,

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Background: Comes from a wealthy family, never really needed to work hard for anything. ( The trinket he is bringing is a golden ruby bracelet)
  7. Name:Steven
    Groups they are associated with at school:Stoners
    Personality:Very laid back, likes to have fun and make jokes, typical stoner behavior
    Background: fairly normal life, lived in a middle class house, eventually started getting into drugs and whatnot later on
  8. You still looking for more people?
  9. @Muna - Yes, we are still accepting! I think I will probably accept an indefinite amount of people (everyone is welcome) until we get really into the story!
  10. Name:
    Faye Rodriguez
    Groups they are associated with at school:
    Populars (Vasilia's level)
    +Understanding, Hopeless Romantic, Sweet; -Sarcastic, Sensitive
    Background: ; Faye lived with her grandparents, grew up with them, they kept her in line.
    She was brought up in a rich family, but they made sure she didn't turn into one of those, 'tv rich brats' as her grandmother called them.

    (sorry if the picture is big !!)​
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