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  1. Alright folks, decided to get off my lazy writer lag/block ass and pull up a random RP that sorta kinda sprang into my mind this spur of the moment as I was flipping through my Wreck This Journal boo I got from my friend for Chrismtas! :D So buckle up and put your pants on, folks, cuz here we go!

    Basic Plot: Whatever mission is decided to be chosen by our group of "journey seekers". Only one mission per segment and the setting will be dictated by the all powerful Storyteller. Of course you could always be a bad guy too if you want. good, bad, who cares as long as there's a story!

    Basic Setting: Whatever the storyteller is in the mood for, but watch out as they are likely to change their mind at the drop of a dime. (aka pay attention to the Storyteller's posts)

    Character: You are allowed ONE character at a time who can be a newly made character, a character from another RP etc. Use whatever bio you deem necessary to let the Storyteller know who you are. However be aware that you may be at disadvantages in certain 'settings'. (no god almighty powerful individuals I will not hesitate to kill your character in the most horrible way possible, but I trust everyone here to be level headed ^^)

    we shall use this for random discussions based on the story as well as character signup (if you should be starting or if your character dies and you wish to submit another. No bring backsies! If your character dies they cannot return!...yet).
    ((so whichever mission is highlighted Red is the current one. All missions completed will be crossed out. Prizes and rewards will vary....but ths is just an RP so no promises. Missions can be added and or changed and all are free to come up with any missions to add to the board.))
    • Form a group of four and go seek the Mysterious Mystery Master Man for a job
    Well first you need to figure out where the Mysterious Mystery Master Man is, and then figure out his riddle to solve the quest. He's quite Mysterious and Mastery so this won't be easy.

    Reward: 1000000 xp and 500 gold. Because we all know that xp really matters here :)

    • Go to the local hot spot and introduce yourself to the players so we all know who is who
    Sounds simple enough. An easy first time mission where you can meet all your mission buddies! Never know when you might make a friend....or foe. Either way, it's nice to know people, right?

    Reward: 100 awesome points and 100 gold. Gold makes the world go round and round! : D

    • Find the vixen beauty at the Paradise Kiss Bar and fulfill her request
    Wow you naughty, naughty people! Picking this quest, have you no shame!? I mean we all know that the Paradise Kiss Bar what happens there stays there. My mom wouldn't even let me go there! Well...guess they must need something....if you know what I mean.

    Reward: 400 naughty points and -350 gold. Dang them gals cost a lot....

    Hey....Hey are you there? This is a top secret quest that I can't diverge the details to you yet, but I promise it is TOTALLY worth it. So if you'd just find the Grand Master in the Umberon region....we can start from there! You didn't hear it from me though!

    Reward: ?????
  3. Character Name: The Storyteller (no one knows who they really are)
    Character Age: Unknown
    Character Appearance: Again, unknown. They are an ambiguous individual, but some hear rumors that it's actually a female of sorts! "Hey What's that mean! You don't know that!" see...clearly the nagging says it all...

    Likes: Telling stories and messing with the characters
    Dislikes: Spiders, icky things, heights
    Personality: Well...just your everyday storyteller full of ideas and different twists! : D

    Bio: TBA....not really.
  4. Basic Info
    ❖❖❖Character Name❖❖❖
    Park Soo Yun
    ❖❖❖Character Physique❖❖❖
    5'4" 120lb with a petite and yet athletic build
    ❖❖❖Character Age❖❖❖
    ❖❖❖Character Gender❖❖❖
    ❖❖❖Character Appearance❖❖❖

    Additional Info
    She is trained in may weapons, but her main weapons are the hook swords and bo shuriken
    She is very athletic and a quick learner for most things. Her passion is in cooking and music though (she is a very talented singer and can play most instruments). She's also skilled at acting/pickpocketing, so be careful. She hates cold weather, though, and doesn't always work well with others.
    ❖❖❖Special Items❖❖❖
    She has upon her possession a golden lotus blossom hairpiece given to her by her mother. She doesn't wear it often unless she has to dress up for something, but it is a special item to her.

    Who They Are
    ❖❖❖Character Likes❖❖❖
    ❖❖❖Character Dislikes❖❖❖
    -rich snobs
    -over controlling individuals
    -father's disapproval (see bio)
    ❖❖❖Character Personality❖❖❖
    Soo Yun is a very bold individual who has troubles balancing tradition with her naturally curious and carefree self. She will speak exactly what is on her mind when she chooses, but still keep you baffled by what she won’t tell. If she’s passionate about something she will pursue it with diligence, and is not one to simply give up. She will fight until the bitter end for something she believes in. Bold, determined, open minded, caring, loving, stubborn, mysterious, strong, and graceful are just a few of the words that people describe her with often. A free spirit, she is sometimes also prone to do things sporadically on a whim, but generally those impulses will eventually turn into something well structured.
    ❖❖❖Character Background❖❖❖
    Soo Yun doesn’t believe she is anyone extraordinarily special, but some might claim her past says otherwise. She was originally born and raised in an Eastern province to Park Seung. Seung was a powerful man in the East, but their family eventually moved from their homeland under unknown circumstances. Seung raised Soo Yun in a traditional oriental manner, however, and tried to instill into her family honor and tradition. Soo Yun was always a free spirit and loved to travel and get into mischief, not like a ‘proper’ daughter would do. Her father often called her a disgrace and dishonorable. As a result her relationship with her father was often strained. When she was 10, Soo Yun's mother fell ill and passed away, only creating a greater rift between her and her father. Due to circumstances, when she was 15, Soo Yun decided to run away from home in pursuit of her own dreams and goals. She left a note for her family, hoping they would understand, but she never looked back and has yet to return. Soon after, she was picked up by a group of sky pirates due to her fighting and sneaking abilities, perfect for pirate heists. The thrill of finding treasure with the pirates, and the adventures she was able to have helped lead her into this new life, which she is sure her father would highly look down upon. The new lifestyle seemed rather suiting for her though, and she’s stuck to it ever since, living life as ‘she’ wants to, instead of how others dictate her to. The life hasn’t been without its ups and downs, and she has a few dark secrets, but in general she enjoys her life.
    Soo Yun’s ambitions in life are simple: live her life to its fullest potential every second she can, find great treasures and have adventures along the way, make herself and others happy, and create the BEST tasting desert in the world! At least that’s what she tells everyone. She also secretly wishes to have her family, mostly her father, accept her and love her for who she is. Even though she will say that she doesn’t care what her father thinks, his opinion of her has always weighed heavily upon her shoulders.
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