There Will Be Blood

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    "I danced with a million devils.

    Died from a life of sin.

    Made love to a million angels.

    Murdered a million men."
    Depuis le Debut, 30 Seconds to Mars


    In the old fashioned town of Dally's Cross, strange things are brewing. It's in the way the residents approach each other. Wary, mistrustful, unsure. Like no one can look another person in the eye. Children don't go outside anymore. Some just up and disappeared. But everyone acts like it's all normal. Like there isn't a terrible secret growing beneath the cobblestone streets. Maybe they think if they just ignore the ever darkening sky, nothing will happen.

    Even worse is the night. Realistically, the day is pretty normal, aside from the fact that if you drive as far as you can down any road leaving the town, you'll end up back in the middle of First Street. At night, the real fun, or danger, begins. The howl of a giant black dog announces the death of the sun, and then the residents lock down as fast as they can. They are the prey. Get caught outside past sunset, and you won't be around at dawn. And it's not like the houses are all that safe either. Doors weren't meant to stop a two hundred pound creature from entering if it really wants to.

    So grab the closest crowbar, lock those doors, and buckle down, because you aren't sleeping when the sun goes down!

    This roleplay is very much about survival. Not only that, but saving the town from sure destruction. A stranger, shrouded in mystery, has come uninvited and thrown the small town upside down. Your job is to stop the ultimate destruction of the only home you've ever had, or die trying. Don't think you can bargain with the Devil, he's here to drag every soul down to Hell with him. One amongst you will be blessed with unfathomable power, becoming the Chosen Nephilim. They will have the power to confront the monster and bestow small powers upon friends. All in the hopes of vanquishing the threat that permeates their lives.
    Introduction (open)

    In a sort of frenzied carelessness, the children approach. It is like watching newborn animals, the way they stumble around without any coordination of movement. Fascinating. I look, I watch, I wait. There is little else to do. They will come at their leisure.

    One looks back and calls to the others, his face split in a massive grin. He is drunk half out of his mind. A bit detrimental to his health. The others follow him. Their leader. He is charismatic, but not wise. Loud, but not smart.

    Ever closer they come, stumbling into the haunting grips of the forest. Of course, they do not notice at first. None see the flash of red amongst the leaves of the trees, or the bark that turns subtly to grey. Each of them is far too caught in their own intoxicated thoughts to see that they have stumbled upon a path outside their world.

    They laugh heartily as they come. Like they do not feel the uneasiness that permeates the air. As though they cannot sense the unnatural stillness of the forest. All is dead within, yet they do not seem to understand. Behind them, the sun sets ever so slowly. It does not wish to leave them behind.

    The ground turns to concrete as the children stumble upon the crossroads. The edge of their lives. Some look confused. Others, dazed. One amongst them has the look of realization, dawning too late. They are trapped now, trapped with nowhere to go.

    "Oi, mister! What is this place?" one calls, his brows furrowing as he fails to recognize his surroundings.

    "Oh, it is the place of dreams, Kevin," I call back, using his proper name. "Do not worry, for all you see here is illusion."

    A girl, behind Kevin, stumbles up behind him. "What do you mean?"

    I smile. "I mean it isn't real. Can't you tell?" She looks confused, but remains silent.

    "Then who are you?" Kevin asks.

    I step from the shadows. "Surely you must recognize me! Have I not known you since your birth?"

    "Pastor Walden?" The boy asks, eyes widening in recognition. "What are you doing here?"

    Smile widening, I observe the confused boy. "It's only a dream, boy. Anything can happen."

    Kevin's brow furrows. "Like what? I think you're wrong. I'm drunk and some weird shit is happening!"

    I nod very slowly. "Observant, Kevin."

    "Are you mocking me?" he asks, face contorting with rage.

    Ignoring his question, I ask my own. "So Kevin, what would make your life more exciting, so you wouldn’t need to get drunk out of your brains all the time?

    It trips him up. Frowning, he meets my eyes, but only for a moment. "Uh, I don't know, some action?"

    "I can make that happen for you, if you'd like to make a bet?"

    "Like what?"

    "You can keep your soul, but only if you survive what comes next."

    "What comes next?" he asks.

    "You'll have to sign to find out, but I can guarantee it'll be exciting," Conjuring a piece of parchment, I present it to him.

    He gives me a strange look. "How do I sign?"

    "Blood!" His finger begins to bleed.

    "This is a dream, right?"

    Smiling, I shrug. "Whatever you believe."

    Kevin sighs, flourishing his finger in wide strokes. "Done."

    "Good," I growl, before he begins to twitch. "What's wrong?" He tries to speak, but his tongue is unable to form the words. I look away, wishing not to watch his death. The gurgle of jutting blood is the last sound he'll ever make. Turning back, I see his still-bleeding corpse, before making eye contact with each of the other teenagers. "Sleep," I murmur, as they collapse.

    This RP will be run by me and another new member, Kuroh. We want to check interest before posting up the whole thing so give us input and recommendations all you want. If you feel you need anymore information, just as and we'll be glad to help.

    Character Sheet:
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  2. Hey all! I'm Kuroh, Tanzinite's friend and fellow creator. We're here if you need anything :) Don't hesitate to ask!
  3. Ah, what is the limitation on our characters? Not amount wise but what can we be? Must we be humans or can we be of another race. Not incredibly powerful, or anything just not human. (I'm not entirely fond of humans-- personal reasons.)
  4. I'd need to discuss that with my rp partner. We were planning on human simply because all characters are meant to be the teenagers from the meeting with the demon. However, since you are the first to show interest, we can discuss that.

    Is there anything specific you would want to be?
  5. I was thinking either of an elvish kind or ah... perhaps a human with blood shared with that of a demon resulting in minor abilities of the demon's.
  6. I will talk to my co-creator and we will tell you what we decide.
  7. Also, we were planning on having a Nephilim character based on whoever told us they were interested. That would be coordinated between us and them
  8. I see. Well, it is both of your choice in the end. I am merely curious if I could slide a character of mine in there. If not, I could make due.
  9. So my partner says the following:

    "Ummm, not elvish... As for the second bit, well. Maybe if they can explain it somehow?"

    and I agree with her. If you have a good explanation for the demonic blood, we can probably make it work.
  10. Hmmm..
    Perhaps a demon from the outside before she moved into the town and now that she's finally accustomed with the town and whatnot, the bite could finally kick in.
    You know how medication takes 30 days to actually help and or have any real effect on someone? Well, it could be like that, but she's learned to hide it and whatnot?
    I dunno, spittin' fire here.
  11. Bitten do you mean?
    I don't think it would be communicable like that (not like a vampire or werewolf bite)
  12. Not just a bite but like a fusion of blood. Kind of like a transplant but placing a wound against a wound and the blood of the other entering her bloodstream but attacking her DNA and morphing it to host the blood more efficiently.
  13. That is actually pretty cool. Again, I gotta ask the partner
  14. Of course, no rush.~
  15. "Hmmm. I think it kinda makes sense. I'd say sure, as long as it is a thing that has come about because of the stuff going on in the town, and not beforehand. Ya know? Like, just something else that's adding to the craziness."

    So, we just need it to originate after the crazy stuff happened and you're all that solves that issue and i now know how to advertise lol.
  16. Sweet.~
    I can do that.~
    Just tell me when you want her info and what info you want of her and I will get it to you.~
  17. Well, you can post a CS now if you want, but we will need a few more interested people to launch the roleplay
  18. Well, gimmie a skeleton of what cha want and I will do so.~
  19. Full Name

    • Faceclaim (name and picture):
    • Age (16+):
    • Gender:
    • Personality:
    • Description:
    • Preferred Weapon:
    • Character Quote:
    • Other:
  20. must we be against the great evil?

    it would be interesting to play as his servant/herald
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