There was a time, when she too was wanted dead...


Rein Falkarie

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2.pngThe large mansion sat in the middle of the forest in Dereham, right outside of Norwin. It was a large mansion that was left behind by old royals would had moved away and just left the home behind to rot. It was rather large and fancy, the windows were embroidered with foral designs in the stone. It sat on a large platform on a rather large hill surround by many different animals and forest creatures, wolves and bears tended to approach the mansion often harmless as they only look for food. The mansion itself had a certain charisma about it almost as if it were emitting some sort of power source. Walking into the mansion it opens up to high ceilings with different patterns of floral designs etched into the walls by hand. A large glass light hung from the ceiling above as you enter and to the left opens up to a long oak table for a dining room. The further you venture the mansion seems to emit a warm feeling almost as if its alive, and the mansion itself has a heartbeat. ++++wolf2.jpgRein was outside of her home that she had stumbled across as she was hiding from England mercenaries, and their secret services were still trying to pinpoint her location. Her long silver gray hair flowed over her shoulders slightly as she felt the cool breeze blowing through the forest treetops. She sighed lightly as she sat at the steps of the back side of the rather large mansion, her gaze was rather peaceful as she listened to the sounds of the forest. It had been awhile since she was at peace as she leaned back her mismatched hues gazing at the clear sky, she was wearing a gray vest with long sleeves. Her pants seemed old and worn, showing a faded blue color with black boots. She heard a rustle in the forest as she noticed a rather large wolf approaching her at a quick pace, Her gaze only leveled with the wolves icy white eyes. She spoke with a crystal tone almost a rather playfulness to it,"Greetings friend, how did the patrol go?" The wolf that approached her was a white with laid back fur, as he came up to her his body seemed to sway back and forth as he spoke back to her,"Hello Rein, it seems there have been a few wandering our forests however nothing from the crown." The wolfs voice seemed to have a thunderous tone to it almost sounding as if he had lived many years.
A slight shadow in the forest, easily mistaken for a tree stump. A rustle of wind, and a hand reaches up to adjust the hat it's wearing. "Damn wolves." He mutters coldly. "I better act fast, incase they come back". The shadow moves, highlighting a sullen red feath against the clouded moon.