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  1. Lilly Love
    A girl who gets raped, loves her boyfriend.
    Sweet | Shy | Loving | Quiet |
  2. Jake Dane
    Very introverted, yet caring, especially towards his girlfriend.
    Loving|Caring|Introvert|A Little bit Outgoing
  3. OOC: Want me to start?

    Setting: She is walking home late, he is expecting her, and soon saves her from the raping XD
  4. Lilly was walking home late from work, she was heels, a high low skirt, which was black, and a white tank top. She was so excited to see her boyfriend when she gets home. She bit her lower lip softly, as she hummed, as she passed a dark spot, she was scared. She went to run but someone or something snatched her she went to scream and a group pulled her to the ground and started to do things, she kept on trying to scream, they had a knife to her throat.She frowned and tried to getaway but they cut her and cut off her clothes. And started to do more physical things.
  5. Jake was sitting on the couch, awaiting his lovely girlfriend to get to the house from work. She said she was coming home late, but he didn't expect it to be this late. Getting worried, he decided to get up and go look for her. Getting to the car, he throws himself in the seat and practically floors it, ready to find her where ever she is.
  6. Lilly gasped softly. She tried to get away and she screamed trying to get away. " Let me go!!" She didn't know what to do, tears were falling, she wanted to get away.
  7. Driving around the block, he saw no sign of Lilly. He tried calling her phone, but she wasn't answering. Jake was really afraid at this point, what if something happened to her. Nearing a dark alley-looking pass at a dead end, he heard someone yelling in a familiar voice. The yell didn't sound pleasant, so he reached into the glove compartment, grabbing a gun he had in there for emergencies. That voice sounded like Lilly, and in a place like this, she could be in serious danger. He loaded the gun and jumped out of the car.
  8. Lilly wasn't liking this, she looked around at everyone. She was so scared. She didn't know what to do. She whimpered. She tried to get away. But they kept cutting her when she budged. She whimpered, " let me go." She whimpered.
  9. Getting closer to the commotion, he held his gun up to head level and was ready to shoot. Rounding the corner, he saw a shadowed group around his girlfriend, he'd gotten there too late however, it appeared that they've already started raping her. He pointed his gun to the group, not knowing what would happen.
  10. Lilly looked around, not sure what to do. She wanted to get out of this mess, she heard footsteps and seen her boyfriend, her eyes were tearing up. Unsure what to do. She gulped and noticed that some of them noticed him and went to go fight back, ' No leave him alone!!!"
  11. He shook and tried to fight it, but he pulled the trigger and shot at the ones walking toward him.
  12. Lilly sighed and gasped, hearing this, and soon they ddn't know what to do. She closed her eyes softly. She bit her lower lip as she noticed that they ran. Lilly didn't know what to do, " babe!!" She whimpered.
  13. He ran over to her, holding tight. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry I didn't get here quick enough." He whispered, tearing up.
  14. Lilly held onto him, letting tears fall as she held onto him tightly. She wanted to go home. " I want to go home." She whispered. She didn't know what to do.
  15. He picked her up and carried her to the car, "Don't worry, hon... we're going home." he whispered. Loading her and himself in the car, he drove them back home.
  16. Lilly didn't know what to do. She frowned and stayed quiet. She wanted to have her virginity taken by him tonight. That's what she had planned. She sighed and felt this, she looked at where she was bleeding, She grabbed a blanket that was in there. She held onto the blanket close to her. She whimpered.
  17. Getting to the house, he carried her out of the car all the way to their room. He sat next to her, holding her. "I'm really sorr... I.. I feel like.. I let you down..." he said, feeling awful about what happened.
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  18. Lilly blinked her eyes softly. She sighed and didn't know what to do. She held onto him, " you didn't." She frowned. She kissed his lips softly.
  19. Kissing back, he held her tighter and closer to him. After everything that happened that night, he just wanted to stay there, with her in his arms.
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