There is pole dancing...and then there is Swen.

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  1. epic pole dancing.

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  2. Dem moves...
  3. Lady's cut like freaking diamond rings, man.
  4. Ooft. Dat core strength. Love seeing pole dancing respected as an art form, too.

    Can I borrow her for a minute?

    I need to do laundry on her abs.
  6. I have the weirdest boner right now.
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  7. LMAFO
  8. I've never wanted to be kicked so much in my entire life...
  9. I dunno man, mine seems pretty normal to me. Sure, she could probably snap me in half like a twig with her thighs, or at least perform some organ crushing constriction like a damned python, but the fear is part of the fun, right?
  10. Amazing! Reminds me of this:

    I love that video!
  11. Swen confirmed to be an actual goddess imo

  12. thats not a pole

    he HAS a pole

    but he is not a pole
  13. Well I wasn't focusing on the lack of pole, but more rather the amazing skills XP
  14. I want to give some of those poses to an alien assassin of mine. Have her use those moves to slay her enemies...but it'll be sexy!
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  15. It's not that.

    Half of me is like, "woah, she is very skilled. I respect what she is doing as a legitimate means of dance and I can tell she puts serious effort into it."

    The other half wishes I was the pole.
  16. Nothing wierd about my boner. This is a talented, strong and beutyfull woman doing amazing things.
  17. guys! guys!



    ya know you love me
  18. Oh, yeah, that's a bit different.

    Still not that weird. You can legit respect someone and also want to fuck them until neither of you have the energy to stand up any more. The human brain is pretty great at dual trains of thought like that.
  19. Damn. Impressive.

    My question is how do you avoid getting burns on your skin? Kind of like rope burns or something. It looks awesome, but it makes me cringe to see her body drop from the top to the ground.
  20. God, I wish I was that flexible.