There is a mouse in my apartment

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  1. Self explanatory title is self explanatory. He's slipped in through the walls somewhere a half a dozen times and he looked like he was trying to make a nest out of one of my old blankets.

    Field Mouse (open)

    #1: They eat grain and veggies and make burrows. So no real risk of this little bastard trying to burrow into my furniture/et cetera.

    #2: Sometimes during weird winters (like this one) a few of these unlucky buggers wake up early. When they do, they go hide in older buildings like mine for warmth.

    #3: I don't want to kill him, but I know calling pest control, they will kill him. So now I'm trying to catch him in a non-lethal way.

    Anybody here ever had rodents infest your homes?
  2. Not my house, but my dorm. My suggestion, keep a box of snacks in a big storage container lined with a trash bag in a room you keep dark and don't really use. You will be able to hear the trashbag in the middle of the night and you can snatch him up. Or you can feed him, train him and have a Green Mile mouse.
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  3. That's... Actually rather smart. I'll give that a try. Thanks!
  4. You sound surprised that I have a brain. You'd really be surprised if you knew what my IQ was. :P
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  5. I'm not, just didn't expect such a smart solution so quickly.

    Speaking of smart, let me introduce dumb.

    Ghetto Mouse Trap (open)

    The only thing missing is the string I cut and tied through the top of the box. Now I can lazily shut the box from a distance when the mouse crinkles the bag stepping into the box to nibble on the bread. (Cuz' Field Mice eat goddamn everything.)

    If this doesn't work I will look for a commercial non-lethal trap.


    If I catch him, I'm gonna need to name him...
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  6. There are humain traps out there, I think you can ask pest control not to kill it too...not sure about that one
  7. get a cat?
  8. Name? Mr. Bojangles.
    Or Bob.
  9. bojangles is best jangles
  10. My default name for all things is Vladimir.

    But yeah, dealt with the little buggers all the time. They would make huge nests in our storage shed over winter and we would have to clear them out of our lawnmowers every spring.
  11. My friend's house was constantly infested with mice/rats because she lives out in the boonies, but her 4 cats were pretty good at murdering the lot of them
  12. This might sound like a dick-move; but just flush it down the toilet. It'll survive. They're bitchin swimmers.
  13. As an alternative to the box thing, if it doesn't work for whatever reason, you could try something deep enough that it can't jump out of it. A Pringles can would probably work. Just put it somewhere where the mouse can fall into it, or build some kind of ramp up to it, and then bait it with something you can smear low inside the rim to make it fall when it goes for the food. Then you don't need to actively do anything to trap it.

    Also, yes, I've had to deal with rodent infestations before. I go for the lethal methods of dealing with them.
  14. I had a rat once. Landlady says it was a mouse but that thing was the size of a shoebox. I moved.
  15. if we killed all the rats, would we gain a level?

    i would argue we can at least make level 3 by killing rats
  16. Had a pet rat. It was cute as hell.
  17. I had a pet mouse. It was eaten by my brother's pet rat.

    oh wait

    you said "rat"

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  19. You haven't seen a rat until you've seen a rat in Baltimore City. I used to be terrified of taking my trash out because those things were so freakin huge. My cat got out of the house once, and she was actually chased away by them....Seriously, I swear they were only one step away from becoming Master Splinter.
  20. there was a rat i saw in a new york subway

    it was as long as my forearm from nose to tail

    it must've been worth at least 35 exp