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  1. Wyatt sighed as he leaned against his locker waiting for his childhood friend... she was probably with that low life of a boyfriend. He never trusted Jack, not one bit. However Wyatt tried and tried again telling her he was not right for her... of course she didn't listen. He swore if he ever discovered that low life hit her... it would be a blood bath. He ran a hand through his blonde hair and waited.
  2. Liliana cried in the girl bathroom trying to hide her bruised eye and look at her bruised broken ribs in the mirror. She whimper and grab her bag held her ribs slowly walk out to meet Wyatt. She knew once he saw her he would be mad, her boyfriend abuses her well ex now and and she never told Wyatt. Limping as her ankle was bruised she limp to the locker and saw Wyatt. Tears fell she kept her head down slowly opening her locker "h hi" she manage to whisper
  3. When Wyatt saw Liliana you can tell he knew exactly what happened... he had had it with Jack. He was going to kill him... Right after he supported Liliana. He frowned and gently hugged her making sure not to hurt her, "I can't believe that bastard did that to you... Liliana you don't need an asshole like him alright." He looked at her face examining it, "Shit.... come on I will take you to the nurse."
  4. Liliana cried in his shoulder held on. She whimper "Wyatt don't do anything please" she didn't want a fight between them. She whimper held his arms "it hurt to walk" she cried soflry her ribs and ankle screaming at her in pain.
  5. Wyatt sighed not responding but very gently picked her up. He walked to the nurse and gently set her on the bed telling the nurse what happened.
    The nurse frowned, "Well I will take care of her and let the principle know what happened."
  6. Liliana wince when the nurse check her. Her ribs were bad like she been beaten there for weeks. Her ankle would need a brace and need to stay off it for four weeks. She fell asleep on the bed whimpering tears fell in her sleep. She need lots of rest and to take medicine and need her ribs check by doctor.
    She also lost some weight due to jack not letting her eat a lot and need to get her weight back to normal.
  7. Wyatt waited until she fell asleep to do something... everybody knew it was only a matter of time before he kicked Jack's ass. Once she was sound asleep he snuck out of the room. Once he did that he stormed down the hall. People he passed by attempted to greet him, however he simply just walked passed them... it was kinda obvious to everyone what he was planning to do. Finally he found Jack by his locker, he let out a low growl and stormed after him.
    Jack turned around and smirked slightly, "Heyyyy Wyatt wh-"
    But he didn't get a chance to finish his sentence. Wyatt grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and slammed him against the lockers. Wyatt glares down at him, "What the fuck is wrong with you!?!"
  8. Liliana held onto Wyatt jacket sleeping whimper in pain. Tears fell in her sleep in pain shaking scared. She was having a nightmare of jack beating her.
  9. Jack smirked, "So? She deserved it. She is a dumb-" before he could even finish the sentence Wyatt punched him right in the face and he immidiatly went down. However Wyatt didn't stop there he continued to beat him until he was bloody and unconcious. 2 fellow student pulled Wyatt off of him md he scowled yelling at the unconcious man, "IF YOU COME NEAR HER AGAIN I WILL KILL YOU!" And like that he stormed back into the nurses office, not realizing he had Jack's blood on his knuckles.
  10. Liliana woke and whimper. She saw Wyatt and his blood knuckles. She tried to sit up but held her ribs whimper in pain. "Wyatt. What happen? Your knuckles" she whisper worried looking at him. "Wyatt it hurts" her whole body was sore and tired and the nurse bed isn't comfy. She wanna go home. "Wyatt I don't wanna he alone" she whisper
  11. Wyatt frowned slightly, "Don't worry about it. And you can stay over at my house. I am sure your mother wont mind concidering we live right next to each other. " The nurse handed him a wheelchair and Wyatt gently helped Liliana in it, "Alright Lil, lets get out of here." Lil was the nickname he gave to her when they were kids. He pushed the wheelchair and headed to the car. He helped her into the passenger seat, "When we get over to my place I'll let you use the crutches I had the time I broke my leg."
  12. "Se won't. She in Paris for her job. She would feel much better knowing I'm staying with you" Liliana said softly. She sat in his car passenger seat and held his jack tears fell nodding. She put her head down to hide her face from the light as it gave her a headache. "I'm sorry. I was so stupid. I thought he loved me." She cried in his jacket whimpering in pain. She only grew up with her mother as her father left her at birth. She doesn't know how guys should treat her since jack was her only boyfriend. Now she fear all men will be like him.
  13. Wyatt got into the drivers side and frowned, "You are not stupid amd you don't need to apologize. You did nothing wrong that idiot is the one to blame." He drove off and continued talking, "You deserve a hell of alot better than that Lil."
  14. Lily sniffled and look at him tears fell. "He said all guys are like him. That I will never find one to love me or treat me like a princess. That I'm ugly and stupid and you only pretended to be friends with me cause it was a bet." She held her ribs coughed hard to breathe. "I knew that part about you was a lie he was hoping he could me to stop talking and hanging out with you all together" she said soflfg look out the window saw her eye how it black and blue. "I look horrible I can't see out of my right eye" she whisper
  15. Wyatt looked over at her frowming slightly, "Well don't believe anything that jerk says. You a smart and beautiful and any guy would be happy to have you. And not all guys are like him... just look at me." He says with a grin. Anyone that knew him knew he would never ever fight anyone outside the ring unless there was a good reason. And even if he did he would never ever hit a girl.
  16. Iily smile a bit. She took his hand to hold and nodded. "I know your not. Your the only reason I lived through this cause I couldn't leave you behind" she whisper her to head on his arm as he drove. Her eyes close from exhaustion "I don't think I will ever date again unless it were you" she murmur and fell asleep
  17. Wyatt didnt catch that last part. Without think he gently brought her hand to his lips and kissed it gently as he drove.
  18. Lily woke a few hours later in his bed. She whimper turning in her sleep her hand on her ribs whimper. She slowly open her left eye and tried to sit up a little. "Wyatt" she whimper coughing in pain
  19. Wyatt heard his name being called and entered the room. He smiled, "Hey Lil you are finally up!" He walked in handing him one of his pain killers he takes on occasions and a glass of water.
  20. "Yeah. It hurt to move" lily whisper weakly. "How long was I out? Wyatt I can sleep on the couch I don't want to inconvenience you" she whisper coughing and wince in pain. Tears fell "it hurt so bad" she whimper held her ribs her ankle prop on a pillow.