There Be Dragons... And Ageing... but not really.

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  1. Hello my darlings! I seek some partners to fix my Dragon Age fixation, since I have the tabletop game but cannot play it for lack of other interests, I shall do the next best thing, explore Thedas with words with another! My posts tend to be moderately descriptive and lengthy, and so I feel a mature and likely minded being would work best as a match.

    Mature means 16+ years old, and the bit about minds means you like to post a lot and often :3! Beside that? Just be willing to chat with me OOC through PMs, that's it! Beside that, I am not an expert on neither games nor books, but have a good grasp of the lore and wish to explore it and Thedas, so feel free to ask for plots or provide one yourself... or three!

    That's it for now, I hope to see you soon!
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  2. My current cravings are Surviving Ostagar, Korcari Wilds, Dalish Elves and Dwarves!
  3. Hey, I have no knowledge of the dragon age table top game, but I am always interested in fantasy and dragons, so if you want to RP with me drop me PM
  4. I've never played the Dragon Age tabletop game but I've done three playthroughs of the game series so I know my way around the world of Thedas pretty well! Check out my roleplay resume if you think we'd be a good match!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.