There are two sides to this war... So is it rules or narrative? A GM tip.

Natural 20

Imagine if you had a 5% chance to do anything.
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Oh dear, this one is going to be interesting, and seriously, how are you guys even standing my writings?

Alright, it's the age old war of TT/RPG's and online games. Is the story that matters most? With its epic moments that aren't quite what should happen but are really funky anyways? Or adherence to the rules? Where everything is play-by-play and fits together like a puzzle or a math problem? This has been the war between gamers since stuff like Tunnels and Trolls came out. The thing is though, it all depends on YOU, the GM. It can be seen all over the internet how people 'hate' things like Natural 20's ((Don't worry about me, I just ignore the haters)) and their opposite, Natural 1's, either being automatic successes or automatic failures respectively. But then there are those who hate rule-lawyers with a passion, claiming they ruin a storyline by using player knowledge to fight foes or crying about the littlest details ((I thought you said a Nat 20 wasn't an auto success Kass? XD)). Either way, it is up to you as the GM to choose which style fits you. Do you want a nicely fit and cookie cutter system, where it all slots into place so shit doesn't go too far down the rabbit hole, or do you want things to be a little bit chaotic but with the possibility of your players doing something creative and odd, but it would be visually amazing to do. Or you could go play by play, seeing how you feel at the time and if it would work in the world you're in. Look, I want no war below, so it's up to your discretion as a GM/DM on how you want it, but just remember, YOU have total power and control, if your players can't handle it, that's their fault.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or found anything that I missed, post it down below or tell me through a message.

Natural 20, signing off​
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