There are too many new people for me to say hello to. O__O

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  1. How can I get to know everyone is there are new people everyday! D: What do I doooooo! Especially when I fear rejection when saying hello! ;__; Woe, oh WOE is the life of an introvert.

    Are YOU super awkward when meeting and greeting new people? What do you do when you have to meet new people?
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  2. I'm always always super awkward! Meeting new people or people I've known for years!

    I flail around and make an ass of myself. :D Totally the best way to do it.
  3. im helping aswell
  4. FYI..... has been down for over a week and we are not sure when it qill be back up again. That might be tghe reaon why!
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  5. IK I tried to get on it saturday and was like, WHY U NO LOAD PAGE!!
  6. Yes, I have heard about that. O___O We were getting an assload of registrations all of a sudden.

    SO HI AND WELCOME TO ALL THE ROLEPLAYER GUILD PEOPLE. >:3 Hopefully the site will be back soon, but if not... well. We got a brand new shiny server, I think we have room for everybody to stay. 8D
  7. oooo a shiny server :D
  8. Thanks for the welcome! Perhaps I can find a few people to RP as students and teachers of my new world. :angel:
  9. go for it! there are 2k others and some of them may be nervous to start so maybe having a teacher would be cool for them.
  10. Are YOU super awkward when meeting and greeting new people? What do you do when you have to meet new people?

    ...Yes. a thousand times yes I am awful around new people. I stutter, I have horrid topic starters such as 'did you hear about that bout of mange that ravaged the kitten population of this shelter?'

    Things like that or the belching. If I have to meet new people I try not to by lying and saying that I am too sick to open the door.

    I'm working on my social skills.

  11. I used to be super shy and awkward; I'd try to talk to people, but I wasn't good at regulating my volume, and I'd babble like a runaway train. I think I became more outgoing gradually by trying to apply the phrase 'be the person you'd want to be friends with'. I definitely made a big step when I met my friend Eva; she was super outgoing, an attentive and active listener, and just generally fun to be around. I started trying to imitate her behaviours; looking people in the eye, asking questions about what they were saying, nonverbal reactions like nodding and facial expressions, and making the conversation more about the other person than me.
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  12. I'm awesome at meeting and greeting new people!

    Awful at continuing friendships...
  13. I'm not always super awkward because I just hide behind my boyfriend, whisper out a "Hello." and maybe wave and smile. After that, I go sit on the couch to read or play Gameboy until it's time to leave. >__> If there's no couch, I just stand there and turn my brain off. I treat every get together the same way. Wait, wait, wait until I can get away from people. If I did anything other than that, I would be pretty awkward. I don't want people talking to me, so when someone starts a convo, I stammer a lot and smile about everything. I even smiled when a friend told me a story about a dog dying. :| I swear it's a coping mechanism, but people can't read me that well... So it's better that I just have no friends. I'm not good at talking. I went to many counseling sessions to strengthen this skill, but I couldn't even open up to the therapist until my adult age.

    *goes back to gaming and doing other lazy things that don't involve outsiders* 8]

    I'm a social butterfly here on Iwaku, though. <3 Welcome, newbies. If you need anything, feel free to drop me a line. I'm a busy stay at home mom but I always make time to write and chat!
  14. In all honesty, meeting and greeting is something I do at work so it's kind of easy to me now, although I keep mixing words up randomly and going "blahdeblah". Works well enough saying I've been at work too long lol.
  15. I have horrible social anxiety. Doesn't matter how long I've known someone, if I don't see them every day (or close to that frequency) I have to get comfortable with them all over again. But its worse, cause they're comfortable with me, so no topic is really taboo and simple hugs, that I'm ok with giving to my friends, now freak me out.
  16. You wouldn't care so much what other people think of you

    If you knew how infrequently they do

    This bit helped a lot in my 'don't open your mouth or you're gonna be alone and unloved even more than you are' bit. People don't care. People understand shyness and compulsions, nobody is going to gossip or laugh at your awkwardness because frankly they don't care and there's more interesting things to do.

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  17. I used to be super shy until I went to college.

    That's when I realized what Eleanor Roosevelt meant. "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

    Then I kinda just blossomed. Working at a waiting job helped me kinda perfect my habits, like looking people in the eye, being a proactive conversationalist instead of a reactive conversationalist, allowing myself to be vulnerable, and understanding that the other person's not gonna judge cause too much stuff going on in their life that they don't have time to even sit and judge you.

    Essentially, what Minibit said, which is one of the most beautiful things I've heard. Ever.
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  18. I shake their hand usually, and smile a lot and nod when I introduce myself.
    Depending on the level of formality for the situation, I will either listen in attentively and be respectful and smile more.
    Or jump around hyper, and talk fast and shove interests at them and then hug them at some point.

    People usually are too shocked to respond, and then like me for some reason afterwards. When a strategy works, don't change it, I think.
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    Also, what about all that stuff in psychology about the subconscious and whatnot? Aren't some of them affected nigh exclusively by outside stimuli, and are impossible to affect by the consciousness?
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