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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Asmodeus, Sep 22, 2014.

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  1. Break out your incontinent diaper-wearing underage Nazi ponies and lets get fucking.

    Also, I'm playing D&D with 11 players this weekend. Has anyone ever DMed something that big? Any advice?

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  2. It just looks like I am not here....I can see you.
  3. I DMed one campaign with 19 players advice?

    Bring booze and lots of snacks.
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  4. Aren't the players suppose to bring the booze the bribe the DM?
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  5. Plan for nothing to go your way and lots of dumb shit.

    So the usual
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  6. Hey Dude, what are mods?
  7. How did you find a group of players so quickly? Is there some national group for organizing DND?
  8. He kidnapped homeless people in Detroit.
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  9. I used....

    ...a website.

  10. It's true, we did kidnap people.

    And I got the booze covered. But it's all for me.

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  11. Break their spirit early so that they do not rise up against you.
  12. I've seen what happens when you combine Tegan, alcohol and D&D.

    I've seen some shit, man. I've seen some shit.
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  13. I'm here too~
  14. Shit they found our secret base QUICK RUN FOR YOUR LIVES RUN RUUUUUUUUUUUUN!
  15. Craigslist?

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  16. I can only image the kind of game that would go down if you were the DM of 11 players from Craigslist.
  17. You're hosting a DnD happening IN DETROIT with people you found through THE INTERNET?!
    Bring your gun, keep it close!
  18. The Book Of Erotic Fantasy would feature heavily.
  19. >implying the mods won't *start* the nazi pony fucking
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