There ain't no rest for the wicked...(OPEN)

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    Varos, Dragon of the crimson flame.


    Syn, Beholder of the unseen.

    Since the dawn of time; before man walked the surface of the earth. A war eternal has been waged. A struggle between chaos and equilibrium. Light and darkness consuming all in it's paths. A divine war superseding man's own ability to comprehend. For thousands of years man has been plagued by monsters and angels. Clashing and dragging nations into a war that is not their own. Countries have fallen; kings and Deities slain and innocents lost. After countless years of bloodshed and misery. A group was formed concieved of vile sorcery; mutated with the genes of their adversaries to become Man's champion. These beings are known as Platinum eyed witches. Men and women forced to forever wander the realms. Slaying all apparitions and monstrosities which seek to consume our world.

    Normally known for working alone; a handful are permitted to work as a team. Varos and Syn brother and sister both before their metamorphisis and afterwards share the same fate. They tread the path of the raven; where they will kill with the sword. Only to in time fall to it. One things is clear; there is no rest for the wicked nor the righteous. respite is a luxury they've never known not since their childhood. This is their story...and the story of those which have crossed their paths.

    With uncanny speed Varos and Syn darted across the scene. Kicking a trail of dirt behind them like the tail of a comet. For once they had some free time, and longed to savor it. Their lifestyle was chaotic void of the simple luxuries most tended to take for granted. In the distance a port town could be spotted. Varos longed for a few drinks and the company of a few flirtatious maidens...or prostitutes depending whether you talked to Syn or not. While Syn simply wanted to meditate and tend to her few possessions. Something Varos found to be quite boring to be honest. abruptly the two would come to a halt as they passed through the mouth of the port towns gate. Casually making their way into the wall's as they weaved between the busy market place.

    They both stood out as foreigners. And their attire gave away their vocations. Assuming anyone here had run into a platinum eyed witch before. They both wore black kimono's and sandles as foot wear. The difference was that Syn was covered in bandages. Most notably her eyes which seemed shielded by them. Ever since she was an infant Syn was blind. However at a young age she developed a unique method of seeing. She saw the world in a different light. A canvas of energy filled with unique signatures which like sonar resonated with the aura she put out.

    Eventually they found their ways to the local Bar. "About time...I could use some sake what about you sister?" Varos asked with a wide grin. Syn would remain silent for the moment as she enjoyed the gentle breeze and smell of sea water. Oh how she longed to see the ocean as everyone else saw it. "Hello?" Varos said as he began to knock on Syn's forehead. "Earth to Syn." Syn would turn her head his way before grabbing his wrist. Stopping the momentum of his hand. "You mean flirt like a dog and hump everything in sight don't you? No thank you...I'll wait outside." She repleid, making her way to a tree stump. Taking root as she unsheathed her blade. sharpening it with a rock.

    " wound me. Well I'll be partying while you wallow here by your lonesome self." Varos Jested skipping off to the bar's door. "Try not to catch an STD brother." She promptly retorted. stopping him in his tracks as he turned around to face her. "Way to try and kill the mood and jinx my evening." Syn would chuckle as she listened to the hoarse whisper of the rocks friction meeting her blade. A sound the oddly enough soothed her. "Whatever..." Varos concluded before making his way into the bar. Making his way to the counter as he ordered some sake.

    Meanwhile Syn would remain outside. Drifting to her thoughts. "And to think he's older then me." She whispered to herself as she paused for a minute. Her hand resting on her thigh. "Brother you'll never understand; nor do I want you to. Though I can see and operate...People still judge me. Whenever I enter a bar most don't know how to react. And I tend to scare most woman away....Wait that's probably a good thing." Syn biting on her lower lip as she finally stopped talking to herself. Remaining both still and silent as she listened to the seagulls.
  2. Name: Miho
    Names: Ryo and Ryoma
    twin boys.jpg

    Miho was sitting at the bar by herself. She was not drinking anything but water and it was apparent that she too was a foreigner, but she did not stand out as much. She was more of quiet person and just wanted a place where she could watch something interesting happen. She was traveling with twins who knew nothing of the world that Miho served, but followed and served her anyway. It was a thing she did not question and preferred not to know the answer. She took a sip from her water and a bored look was upon her face. Miho grew tired of sitting in the bar. She was supposed to meet someone, but it appeared as though they would not show. She was going to soon give up on waiting and leave to continue her work.

    Miho was an assassin of the sorts, but worked for someone she would not name. It was a secret that must be kept at all times and if she was ever discovered, she was certain that she would be hunted and killed. Or at least endure a lot of pain. Being what she was, Miho could not technically die only be reborn from the fiery depths of hell. Of which was very painful and unpleasant.

    The twins, Ryo and Ryoma had been following Miho for a while. They did not appear to be foreigners and were dressed in high end fashion. They noticed a girl outside with bandages across her eyes. It was probably because she was blind no doubt. There seemed to be no other reason. So the two of them approached her and spoke in unison.
    "Hello!" The two boys said cheerily. They were not at all phased by her appearance.
    Ryo and Ryoma were twin demons although they did not look it. They preferred to keep their identities a secret as well. Only Miho knew what they were and they hoped that it would stay that way.

  3. Syn was known for her ability to see the unseen. Her level of perception was unmatched. She was capable of taking down faster and stronger opponents by sensing their movements faster then the human eye and mind could perceive. Even now as the twins approach she could tell that they were not what they seemed. The way their signature resonated and reacted with her own was more in line with a spiritual apparition of sorts. Though their exact identities would elude her for the moment. Still she would refrain from offending. As of yet they've refrained from showing either aggression or disrespect. They harbored her no insidious intent. As they spoke as one she'd listen. Turning her head to their direction.

    "Two young men, twins?" Her initial words would come off as strange for an introduction. She just wanted to display her powers of observation despite her obvious handicap. "Sorry, it seems my manners have escaped me. My name is Syn...beholder of the unseen in some circles. It is a pleasure." Her words well posed yet adorned with a humble sense of sincerity. Though one might find it odd that someone would introduce themselves as an alias and their real name. Truthfully this was something all Platinum eyed witches do. Their title was a way of forewarning and declaring whatever ability they were known most for. Any platinum eyed witch worth their weight in gold was gifted with a title by their higher ups. Such was the nature of their culture.

    Syn would offer them a faint smile, lowering her head allowing a few strands of hair to fall and partially obscure her facial features. In truth she was never good communicating with people. No doubt birthed from her self conscious view toward her own disability. No doubt the twins could sense this inner disposition. Masking her feelings was never her forte. "Sorry, it's been a long journey. And even longer since someone's approached me. If I may ask, without imposing or coming off as nosy what brings you here? Or is this your home?" Port towns were famous for attracting travelers and business men alike. But at the same token where ever there is wealth sin and filth always abound. Whether it be a demon or a human all possessed a near limitless capacity for both good and evil.

    Varos was unaware of the twins. He was far too busy purchasing and enjoying his sake to take note. His eyes would dart across the scene before resting on a woman. A traveler of sorts just like them, however she was no platinum eyed witch. Still he reckoned there was more to her then met the eyes. For he had never seen a face as pretty as hers that didn't know how to sting. It was clear that she wasn't here to drink, perhaps business? The lack of alcohol in her possession was enough for him to deduce that much. Still like most men he found himself being drawn by his curious nature. Like a moth to the flame he would rise from his seated position. Making his way across the scene while trying to avoid spilling his Sake.

    He was unaware of her desire to soon leave and if he had known that would not of stopped him. For better or worse he was persistent. Ofttimes it proved the latter. Casually Varos would sit across from her. Placing his bottle of sake on the worn wooden table before nesting in the empty seat. "Do you mind if I join you? After all this is a social setting and it would be rude of me if I didn't at least offer you some simple conversation." Varos spoke with a grin. His back straight against the chair as he proceeded to introduce himself. "My name is Varos, Dragon of the crimson flame. I know it's a bit lame but that's the title my bosses "blessed" me with." Varos spoke while adding quotation marks with his fingers.

    He knew that his presence might prove a nuisance and a bother. However if she desired it he would withdraw his offer.
  4. The twins smiled at the woman.
    "かっこい!わたしたちをみますか!That's cool! You can see us!?" The boys asked in amazement.
    They always spoke at the same time. Ryo and Ryoma were inseperable and though they happened to be demons, it seemed as though they were closer to fallen angels compared to anything else. They did good deeds when by the side of Miho and hardly ever did anything that would induce harm on someone innocent if they could avoid it. Ryo and Ryoma had made that promise with Miho. The two of them were amazed with the girl and wondered why she talked so properly. When talking to one your age, shouldn't you be casual? However the two of them were accepting and took no mind to it. They were not bothered at all and continued to talk to the girl. Ryo and Ryoma liked to grace others with company because most times it couldn't hurt.

    They had been traveling with Miho and along the way she would slay creatures that the demons had never seen and they would question why Miho was so dangerous, yet a have pretty face. Ryo and Ryoma had fought Sorcerers and Witches that have tried to collect their blood and corpses for spells. With Miho's help they had been spared the burned of being turned into something useless and have since then traveled with her. Miho does not request much of the two of them and they were free to leave whenever, but Ryo and Ryoma had grown attached to Miho, though neither boy would admit it to anyone. They would sooner drop dead than say anything of the sort.

    Miho turned to face the one talking to her. She noticed that it was a man. She was not going to reject his company. Miho offered him a rather pleasant smile that didn't reach her eyes. She was however, happy to have company. She would not drink any alcohol as she did not like the taste. Often times she would order tea, but in this situation, water seemed to be the best option. Miho's voice was smooth like satin silk and soft like downy feathers.
    "I do not mind if you sit there, Varos. I do not see your name to be lame, but unique rather as I have not heard one like it."
    Miho's tone was friendly, but upon closer observation, it was clear to see that she was rather tired. She had not slept in a number of days seeing as her missions had been back to back as of late. Her job required so much of her and the twins could be a nuisance sometimes.

    Miho was going to be doing another job in about eight hours which was enough time for her to gather the necessary information. She would be going after a priest tonight. He had been spreading about false propaganda about her boss Lord Ohda and she was rather sick of the priest herself. Miho would be assassinating him and there were rumor going around that he was something other than human so she would have to tread lightly and very carefully. Miho looked around and just assumed that her contact would not be meeting her today. After that she simply turned her attention to the bartender and ordered some sweet tea.
  5. It was true she could "see" them. However it wasn't through the same eyes. Nor was her perspective on their form accurate. The best way she could describe her vision is like and shadows. Each shadows and light was unique. Either in it's brightness, color or radiant warmth. And the shadows were different in density, size and shape. She saw inanimate objects and lesser forms of life as threads woven to complete a bizarre yet humbling picture. However there was no way she could convey this, the only way anyone could see the world as she does is through her own eyes. Which was thankfully impossible. She wished this burden on no one. For though her ability had it's uses. Like everything in life it also cut the other way.

    Syn found their genuine excitement if not shock to be all too common. and each time she was always faced with the same dilemma, how to properly respond? "I see, but not as you see. I feel the energy of our world. I see your aura, your unique signature. I sense the transfer of energy from one part of your body to the next. It is like a map...No a canvas. A work of art each subtly different then the next. Each with it's own I see your energy and soul. But not your bodies. That is regrettably impossible." She stated not sure how they'd react to her words. Most tend to slowly back away whenever she tried to describe the world as she saw it. Most thought of her as crazy.

    "I can tell a lot from your signatures. You're connected, but at the same token your appearance is deceptive. You're not what you appear to be. Something far more complicated yet beautiful in it's own way."
    Though this may disturb the twins considering their nature of harboring secrets. It was quite clear that Syn meant it as a compliment. It was her way of saying someone was pleasant to the eyes or beautiful. But she meant it in the most professional and mature way. Obviously being blind she had no room for idle flirting. That was her brothers forte.

    A faint smile rested on her lips as she dropped her blade to the ground. "Vill wuld." Words spoke in an unknown dialect. The once solid blade would turn to a fog. Racing to her skin as it forced itself through her pores. A process once painful but she no longer so much as flinches. Syn noticed how they deflected her question regarding their reason for being here. Obviously they preferred that aura of mystery.

    Varos was bad at sensing, his third eye as his sister would poetically refer to it ass was pretty much blind. So while most platinum eyed witches could feel the sheathing of her blade. Varos did not. He found himself instead far too distracted with present company which gave off quite the opposite vibe then he previously expected. Still some minor caution would of course be exercised. As she spoke he would listen, finishing his Sake as he waited for the Bartender to bring her the tea before replying. "Well at least someone doesn't..." He stated as his eyes darted across the room. Something wasn't right...something in his gut. But eventually he would shrug it off. Turning his attention back towards her.

    "Not that I'm complaining I appreciate the compliment. However I wish I could say the same for you. But alas your name escapes my tongue." Varos jested with a obviously flirtatious look in his eyes. A slight smile creeping on his face. He was a blunt man, forth coming with his intents and thoughts. He was a bull charging head strong into social situations an aspect which carried over into combat. Rarely does he ever accept defeat or reduce himself to hiding. "I would ask you what brings you here. But you seem to be the type which keeps business and your pleasure separate." Varos stated.

    For once using his perception. Though it was frail at best.
  6. The twins did not take Syn's words as an insult. They embraced her poetic qualities and her keen senses. They were not in the least bit bothered by her ability to see things differently. As demons of death they could see things others could not. Ryo and Ryoma could see life spans and always knew how long one was going to live. It was a burder really and they never told anyone this. On top of that, Ryo and Ryoma were enjoying Syn's company. They had not meant to simply overlook her question, they were just distracted by her ability to see without really seeing. It was something that amazed them and they wondered if that was why she had such a life span. They shrugged it off and remembered her question.
    "We are traveling with someone."The two said simply.

    That was the truth. They were traveling with another girl who's name was Miho. However, they were uncertain if the woman before them was interested in such information. Ryo and Ryoman had come to the bar to be ready in case something bad should happen to their beloved Miho. That was their main concern. There was a bad omen in the air and they could sense Miho's drowsiness from inside the bar. She was tired as she had not slept in days and she had another job to do when this one was finished. It was like Miho never got a break and they felt bad about it.

    Miho looked at this man and simply smiled pleasantly. This Varos person was rather amusing. He seemed to be quite taken with her though she found that normal. She realized that she had not yet given him her name and so when he said that her name had escaped him. She tilted her head in confusion.
    "I'm sorry, but I don't think I've told you my name." Miho said kindly, "But my name is Miho..."
    Her voice was soft and she was completely oblivious to Varos' flirting. She could never identify such a thing if her life depended it on it. Miho was too quick to think that someone was out to kill her rather than simply bed her. She probably would not get what was going on unless it was blatantly stated to her.
  7. These twins seemed to be cautious by nature, vaguely answering Syn's inquires generating an aura of mystery about them. But they needn't fret; she accepted their secrecy. Privacy was one thing she'd never tread on lightly. For everyone was entitled to keep certain truths in the dark. Syn was no exception to this rule. With her blade gone Syn would have to exert the sheer power which was built up in her. Emitting her sonar like ability so that it would cross even greater distances. Though few save for those really sensitive to the metaphysical world could sense the power trapped with her. And if they could it would prove nefarious and wild by nature.

    Slowly Syn would rise from her seated position, standing upright as she took a step or two forward. Closing the distance between them further. "As am I." She replied with a warm smile. "I have come here with my brother. Who at the moment is in the bar probably flirting with some poor woman. She truly has my sympathies." Syn partially jested. Though there was some truth in her words. Though she loved her sibling she despised his inability to think clearly around the fairer sex. Still she wouldn't hold it against him; for we all have our flaws. Syn would fit the urge to pry into their business. For truthfully she found herself enamored not only by their unique signatures, but also by their cautious nature. Something most people their age would of foolishly fore go due to them feeling bullet proof.

    Suddenly Syn would fall to the ground, something odd was stirring. But what bewildered her the most was her inability to pin point where this disturbance originated from or from what. It was unlikely the twins could sense it; for it was far too subtle that up until now it escape her detection. Rising back up to her feet Syn would play it off in an attempt to keep order. "Sorry I'm tired and got cramps. I should probably hydrate..." Syn spoke chuckling afterwards as she rubbed the back of her head nervously. Not entirely sure if they'd buy her little facade.

    Like usual Varos remained ignorant of the storm brewing deep within the labyrinth of a town. Even if he somehow possessed keen enough senses to detect it; his infatuation for this woman would undoubtedly take premise. His grin widen as she graced him with her name. However he was mildly disappointed that his advances went unnoticed. He wouldn't take it personally though for Varos could tell it she wasn't blowing him off. Rather her brain was socially wired differently. "Miho what a lovely name for one as soft to the eyes as yourself." Varos being far more blunt in an attempt to switch up his tactics. "No need to be so apologetic, I took no offense." Varos spoke as he adjusted himself to a more relaxed position.

    "So did you travel here alone? You're clearly not here for pleasure rather business. The fatigue in your eyes tells me this much. It also tells me your a passionate woman when it comes to whatever you do for a profession." Varos concluded offering her a single flirtatious wink.
  8. Carefully looking at the youngish man flirting, Kopia nursed his beer. He wasn't drunk, not in the least, but in his job it was not wise to stand out. Staying upright was rare for someone who had imbibed enough to seriously maim a horse. But he needed it. It took the edge off bad memories, without resorting to... whatever it was. His magic. Power. Technology. A knack for controlling the flow of his mind, the actions of the various chemicals within his body. If he had to, he could go from deaths door to hale and hearty in about two hours, and seal any wounds in a few seconds. But he preferred not to. It was... unsettling. At best. Paying his tab, he carefully staggered outside. In one of the alleyways outside, he weaved a concealment. It was half simply avoiding eye-contact and obvious movements, but the rest was a mental projection. "There is nothing interesting here." It said. "Move along." The gaze of the few pedestrians around simply slid over him, leaving him free to do what had to be done.

    Closing his eyes, he looked around at the mentalities around him. The thought-streams in the bar he had just left, where lumpy, and unclear. Apart from one, a roiling coil of power. Most of that power was focused on sex, but a thin stream was stretching across town. Whether or not this was what he was looking for, it would still be interesting to see what happened. Kopia decided to stick around, at least till he got bored. If not this town was a pointless waste of time.
  9. The two boys did not buy her facade in the least. The woman was insulting their intelligence. Ryo and Ryoma had been alive for thousands of years. They have seen almost every lie in the book. They knew all the signs and from the woman's actions something was amiss.
    "If something is wrong we'd very much like to help and besides, Lady Miho could be in danger!"
    They both talked in unison. It was as if they were one person with two bodies, but they could speak separately when their thoughts weren't the same. Though they rather liked the idea that no one could tell them apart. It left them free to pull off mischevious pranks and what not. However, they were more focused on the commontion that the other seemed to sense. It was a common misconception to believe that demons did not catch onto danger, but being demons like Ryo and Ryoma danger simply found you and if an otherwordly creature that was dead or living wanted to challenge the two of them so be it.

    The two wondered if the woman would perhaps give up her facade and allow them to help her. Ryo and Ryoma had no intention of getting in the way if that is perhaps what Syn thought would happen. Or perhaps Syn underestimated the two of them. Either way, they needed to alert Lady Miho and make sure that she does not get hurt. The two of them stepped a little close to Syn, but only to see if they could sense what she was. They didn't get much only getting the feeling that something was definitly wrong and they would have to wait for the woman's actions before they could do anything on their own.

    Miho looked across the room at the stumbling man and giggled for she found it funny. She could smell him from here and it was evident that he was no where near drunk. She returned her attention to Varos and finally she realized that he was flirting with her. Miho had been oblivious to it all, but the wink made it more obvious. She really didn't know how to react to such a situation. She did not want to blow the man off, but she didn't exactly wish to bedded by him either. Miho thought that Varos was attractive no doubt, but again not enough for her to bed him. Miho was no easy girl and she had other business to attend to. Miho could smell that something was amiss and she wondered what was perhaps outside that smelled so evil. Her naginata tingled in its sheath though it was only loud enough for her to hear.

    "I am traveling with twin boys...they have grown rather attached to me it seems. And I've never been anywhere for pleasure..." Miho replied.

    There was distant look in her eyes as she said this, but that was because she was focusing her attention on the disturbance she kept sensing. She couldn't quite place her finger on it and it bothered her. Miho felt her naginata tingling once more, but more frequently. Something was definitly wrong, but there would be a possibility that she would need help.

    "Do you feel that?" She asked. Miho wondered if the man before her had keen enough senses to be alerted with the danger. She had not thought that she would be a distraction to the poor man. She was just trying to be friendly and polite.
  10. (I will post as Syn and Varos next.)


    Every apex must fall, to give way to the next step in evolution. From the mammals before us, to the races which walk the world now. We are all spawn of ash. From the ruins of ages past our forefathers slithered like a serpentine. From the corpses of those mother nature decreed as unworthy; we have arisen. Parasites; feeding off the devastation of others as well as ourselves. Like grass we thrive from the blood spilled. The sin's of our world runneth the cup over. Where morality once stood, the seven great sins of old now linger. We have out stayed our welcome...that is unless we can alter our course.

    "Ulfric!" A few men approached a hooded man gazing toward the ocean. "What is it?" Their leader replied. His followers rushing to catch their breath. "We...we saw two platinum eyed witches enter the city." The men seemed almost concerned. However Ulfric was unmoved, no emotional response would be evoked. "It changes nothing. Continue with our plan. Trust in me and we shall reform this world." As he spoke Ulfric would turn to face them. His bi-colored eyes resting on them. And despite his feral appearance his words were adorned with sophistication and intellect. But most dreadfully of all...conviction. "Yes sir. The charges are all set." The men spoke in a low tone of voice. "When I release the signal our first step will be complete. But first...let us entice our guest. It would be poor social etiquette to attack a man while he's pissing."

    A subtle surge of energy would jolt from his form. Slithering on the surface as it made it's way to Syn. Ulfric could see her in his minds eye fall to the ground. "Children? Pity that the young always run off to die. Let us take our leave." Ulfric commanded as his followers kept up with his pace. "Inform the others that in a few moments we will show the world how despite all it's so called advancements. That they are still but a wounded animal. That despite all these weapons, ships, trade and troops. They will be brought down by a single idea, a single will. And all it takes is five minutes." Ulfric stated confidently. "What's this another who can hear the thunder just before the storm?" he thought to himself..."How peculiar." Ulfric rubbing his chin as he kept these thoughts in his head.

    "Yes sir!" The civilians would run off. Disappearing into the crowd as word amongst his small but effective network began to spread like wildfire. However they were trained to keep this information to themselves. No words exchanged just a simple firm handshake and a couple nods. "Funny how men and women charge toward the light like an insect. Never questioning to themselves what they'd find on the other side awaiting them. It is this nature to instinctively charge that will be our undoing. Ironic considering it was for the longest while our saving grace." Ulfric thought to himself as he made his way down the street and toward the main square just fifty or so yards from the tavern.

    A priest and the mayor could be found standing next to a decorated general. The locals congregated as all three men took the stage. Like pawns they took their positions unaware of the knight soon to bypass their defenses. And shatter that sickening delusion of serenity that they so willingly gorged themselves on.

  11. The air seemed to thicken for Syn; as if a powerful influence was barreling down on her. The once thin and subtle aura under went a sudden change. It was thick and hazy making it impossible for her to truly pinpoint the source. But one thing remained clear to her. That whatever or whoever this originated from was nearby as well as clever. Possessing a deep understanding regarding how to obscure it's presence virtually from all methods of detection. Syn felt a bit weak; her color flushed from her face become pearl white as she began to shake. What she felt could only be best described as fear. Fear of the unknown and all too natural reaction.

    As the people gathered to the towns square she would strive to muster enough strange to respond toward the Twins. Whose concern for their friend was more then admirable. "I...I have to get my brother! Follow me please..." Syn replied as she stumbled toward the bars door. Twisting the knob of brass as she pushed the mouth open. "Brother!" She bellowed making her way toward her sibling not caring if she was disturbing anything. she arrived with such haste that Varos did not have the chance to respond toward Miho's observation.

    "Syn what is it?" Varos replied, rising from his seat as he placed his arms on his sisters shoulders. He could sense the weakness which overtook her. "You're pale is everything alright?" He inquired into trying to be supportive. Syn could sense the female which kept her brother company. However there was little time for pleasantries of manners at this point. "Brother stop your idly flirting. Maybe if you weren't distracted you would of sensed it too..." This caused Varos to arch a brow. "Sense what?" He promptly replied. "We have to go outside now. Something terrible is about to happen...please trust me." syn retorted; not caring to argue with her brother.

    "Ok...sorry Miho but it looks like we have to part ways for now..."
    Varos offered her a wryly smile. "Idiot...she has to come with us." Syn openly scolding her brother. "Fair enough...let's go outside." With that being said Varos would lead his sister out the door. There they could see the multitude which gathered around various political figures. None of which stood out in Varos mind. "What is it?" He asked. Syn would only point toward the Mayor, priest and general which begun to address the crowd as if giving a speech. "Watch and be prepared for anything." she warned
  12. Miho noticed the blind woman rushing in the door. It was not her blindness that suprised her, but the urgentness in her voice. So she had sensed the danger as well and the one sitting before her had been her brother. She followed the two of them out silently and gripped her naginata tightly. It was steadily increasing the tingling. She coldn't believe that the priest had caused her sword to feel so much anticipaition... so much hate. It was as if the sword was gaining an emotion of its own. Miho had not known her naginata to react this way to anything, but given their current status, nearly anything was possible. She noticed the twins following in after the one Varos called Syn. They had looks of concern spread across their faces. Ryoma grabbed Miho and carried her out. Ryo was standing close by to make sure that nothing got by the two of them. Miho watched her target carefully. His eyes were menacing and evil. It made her nearly shiver in fear.

    The twins were concerned about Miho's condition and they wanted to protect her with their lives. Lady Miho was the only reason that the two demons were alive though they were doubtful as to weather or not she knew it. They saw a man outside the tavern who looked to be deep in his thought, but they pushed past it only waiting. Once the three of them were outside, they set Miho down and prepared themselves for the worst. From the looks of it, Miho's target was close by and they were sure that was no ordinary priest. It looked more sinister than a lot of demons the two of them had fought back home. It was apparent that this priest was perhaps one of their kind of a fallen angel to say the least. Only smart demons ever took the disguise as a priest. It was easier to survive in such a way and people suspected you last rather than first. A really good disguise for a demon indeed.

  13. The masses had gathered like flies to a corpse. The wolves spoke and the sheep beckoned to it's howls. But there were those which new better. No longer blinded by the empires corruption and oppressive rule. They had begun to separate themselves from the fragile idea that this is how the world must be. A realm where a ruler is decided based on birth rite and not actual qualifications. Like pigs the system gorged itself on the hard work of it's underlings. Those truly responsible for it's upkeep. And rather then respect those under their charge; the pigs returned their kindness and servitude with an iron rod. But the time of the wold will come to an end. Like all things even the wolf must one day give up the ghost.

    As the General spoke to the people how occupation was necessary to keep order. Ulfric would remain silent; his gaze averting from the puppet who loved the sound of his voice. To Syn and Miho. He knew them, but they knew not him. He could sense their ability to perceive the unknown. Yet despite being aware of his aura they have failed to pinpoint the disturbance's author. His eyes would not barrel on them for long. Galloping back toward the General as he had begun to proclaim the necessity of the empire. How the people needed it and how they existed to serve them. An insipid venom though sweet on initial digestion of the mind. Would long term prove fatal if left unchecked. But the people needn't fret. For Ulfric was the vaccination and antibody. Soon he would purge this blight from the land.

    It was at this point that Ulfric had enough. He could barely stomach the egotistical general and pompous grotesque Priest and Mayor which seemed to be applauding and fawning every his every word. He wondered how deeper they could shove their nose up the generals arse. And so after this appalling display Ulfric would finally make his move. His advancements originally subtle, drawling no attention as he squeezed and pushed himself toward the front. Noticing the four guards standing his way but moved by their presence. "You claim much General. A system which like a parasites feeds from the lower classes yet does nothing for them. The truth of the matter is that like a pig you feast on the fruits of our labor. Use it to further your influence and oppress the common man. And the ugly unfortunate truth is that we do not need us...nor should we fear you. Rather you need us and should toss and turn every night afraid of what would happen if we rose to oppose your rule."

    Ulfric's voice was thunderous, traveling even toward those which stood at the tavern. His words well posed, sweeter then honey and almost mystical. It was as if he were trying to cast a spell. But he needn't not sorcery to reach the hearts and minds of the populace.

    At this point Syn and Varos would look at each other. Their faces riddled with a sense of perplexity. At the moment no one could under stand the storm brewing in the not so distant horizon. "Is he the one?" Varos whispered leaning toward his sister. Syn would remain silent for a minute, biting on her bottom lip as she tried to paint a clear image. But something was interfering with her ability in a large scale. Making it next to impossible to tell. "I...I can't tell if he is the source or a citizen expressing his discontent. Brother we aren't allowed to get involved with politics you know this?" She replied. Varos would nod as he replied, "I know...Let's wait a little while longer." His advice sound due to the lack of intel.

    "Citizen I assure you this is not the case. The empire has been expanding to combat the threats chipping away at our society as a whole. The emperor loves his people like a father does his child." The general retorted, staying his anxious guards with a wave of his hand. Ulfric expected him to reply with more lies. "A society which surrenders freedom for safety...Will find neither safety nor freedom. The only threat you fear is that of your own. The rest is a guise so power can be expanded. The emperor is a child unfit for his rule. I judge this based on the contents of his character, which can be deduced from his actions of late..." The crowd would gasp, whispering amongst one another.

    To speak so boldly against the emperor was a crime befitting death. A typical trait for any dictatorship ruled by an infant. "You dare speak so ill of our emperor? Guards arrest this man!" The General bellowed. Finally the plot had thicken...

    Varos wanted to step in however their laws would not permit such a thing. And so he could only watch. Averting his gaze as he glanced at Miho. "We can not get involved. If it does not concern the order and is political in nature." Varos wanted to explain their reason for inactivity. It was at this point that Syn would gasp, grabbing one of the nearby twins for support as she began to shake. "Brother! I-I-It's him. He's about to do something. What is he?" She posed an odd question. "What do you mean what is he?" Varos replied with a sense of confusion. But before she could reply all would be put on full display.

    With haste Ulfric would squat, placing his palms on the ground as the guards surrounded him. "Thank you for surrendering. I will be sure to make sure you receive a light sentence." The General replied. The priest and mayor simply watching with a grin. "A wolf travels in packs and is strong. But there is always something higher in the food chain. I will not surrender." He retorted, the mayor and priest would nod giving the general the ok to kill him in public. "So be it..." With a motion of his hands a single guard would step forward blade ready in hand. "I pity you....please do not hold this against me." Ulfric spoke to the guard. His once arms of flesh and bone would become traced in a green outline. As the stone from the earth would jolt and in case his skin. As if becoming one with his body.

    Seeing this the guards saw fit to take no chances and rushed him from all directions. "Never corner a bear." Ulfric warned as the earth around them began to jolt spikes of stone. Penetrating the armor, flesh and bones of the guards. Killing them instantly. "Now I advice being civil. I will not needlessly harm you...I ask only a moment of your time." Ulfric spoke rather calmly. The archers which once secured the walls stormed from their post and readied their arrows. Despite this display of force Ulfric remained as firm and unmoved as ever. "I suggest telling your archers to lower the arrows. This town is littered with explosives. If I were to die needlessly the results may prove deadly." The people would begin to talk amongst themselves loudly as the general and archers began to second guess themselves.

    Beads of sweat began to roll down Varos face. As even Syn seemed nervous. "Brother that power..." Varos would sigh as he regained his composure. "I know...It's similar to that of our own. He's definitely a platinum eyed witch and a master at the element of stone. But why would be involved in politics or injure a human needlessly? Does he have no honor?" Nothing was more terrifying then a fallen member of the guard. A rogue element. "What should we do?" Syn replied. Varos turned toward the twins and Miho. "What do you think of this?" He concluded. The atmosphere was heavy and full of both anticipation and uncertainty.
  14. Miho had watched the scene before her with nothing short of a lack of interest, but she was none the less interested in the priest. She had no idea what a platinum eyed witch was. Miho was thinking about a lot of things. Miho was a Shadower. She didn't know much about the race the other pair was talking about. The reason someone would get involved in politics is to get the favor of the people. Miho was impressed with the power that emanated from the person who had murdered the general. It was rather insane and she couldn't rap her fingers around the look of it. The element of stone bended to his will and those two were similar to him. Why were they after their own kind, Miho did not know. It took her a minute to realize that she had been asked a question and Miho took a second to answer it. "I think that the perosn you two speak of is trying to gain the favor of the people and if he does that, we won't be able to touch him..."

    That would be the only reason for someone to even bother with politics. Once one gained the faith and favor of the people, it would be that much harder to touch them. It also meant that the public would die for him without hesitating. Whoever this man was, he was good. The priest that she was after was untouchable at this point also. He had the favor of the people already because he was the head of a church... there were very few options for them to take. Miho paced and thought her eyebrows furrowed. She could think of nothing...

    The twins simply nodded with Miho's answer. The two of them had nothing to say about the situation. They were only accompanying Miho and whatever she did or hoped to accomplish they woudl do and accomplish such a thing with her.
  15. A cold stare would find itself barreling down on the assassin. She had presumed much, and Ulfric understood her logic. However her subjective value would prove flaccidly flawed. Frail and brittle like the bones of the dead soldiers and their wounded general. Silently his gaze would fall from her finding itself resting on the trail of crimson, which adorned his spears of stone. Ulfric never took pleasure in ending another man's life. However the time for talk had long since dissipated. Action was required to remove this insidious infection. Sometimes for the better of the whole a limb or two needed to be sacrificed. This was an all too familiar unfortunate truth which resonated soundly in the labyrinth of a mind that is Ulfric's. The bear cared not for the support of the people. Complete support was an in-ascertainable feat.

    For the hearts and minds of the people often proved far too intangible to captivate as a whole. Even now as his eyes galloped from one citizen to the next he could sense those which were horrified by this display, and those which seemed relieved. And though not all approved of his methods he was thankful for those which understood why he walked this path. Only history and time will tell if this crusade of his will prove worth all the bloodshed. For time was the only judge we all must face. "Kill him! He's bluffing!" The Mayor bellowed like a frighten child playing king. This outburst would earn him a frigidly stern glance as Ulfric turned to face the archers which readied their arrows once more.

    "In God's name strike this heretic down!" Both the church and the state seemed to stand in his way. A pity that a "man of God" would so boldly and hasten utter such condemning words. It was clear by the tone of his voice that this was a personal endeavor to him. "It seems you leave me with little choice. I was hoping to avoid this but..." Ulfric would raise his hand heaven ward. His fingers ready to snap. "Stop this madness!" Syn found herself uncontrollably screaming at the top of her lungs. Her words reaching both the wolf and the bear. Both Ulfric and the archers would hesitate for an instance. "I was wondering when you'd interfere platinum eyed witch." Ulfric replied. The crowd once more seemed to become ensnared in whispers of gossip. No doubt a result of this recent epiphany.

    "Sister..." Varos whispered as his hands rested firmly on the hilt of his blade. "How could you betray our tenets so lightly? How could you take a human life and involve yourself in this political game? It is not your place! I beg you to reconsider this path you have so willfully chosen." Syn found herself attempting to reason with the bear. However to no one surprise it would prove to no real avail. "I was taught to slay the monsters which prey on our world. On the demons which stalk the night. Nefarious entities whom cling to shadows and plague our society from closed doors..." Ulfric retorted as the archers prepared themselves once more. "Then why kill humans!? We are charged to slay demons; not man!" Varos found himself getting involved as well. A peculiar display no doubt.

    "There is no demon more vicarious by nature and gluttonous then the heart of man. Where you see apparitions I see a struggle against not a single entity of government...Rather against the human condition." Elegantly Ulfric would retort. His words coming as a shock to both Varos and Syn. "Enough of this! If he had explosives he would have already set them off! Kill the heretic and anarchist!" The priest barked his order with a sense of ungodly authority. "Then you leave me little choice..." Ulfric would snap his fingers. "Stop this!" Syn would yell once more, but she was too late. The market street several hundred feet behind the priest and mayor would suddenly exploded. A chain of demolitions being set off in a clear order from the back to the front.

    Closing the distance as several shops and buildings including the empires barracks found itself exploding from the inside out toward the street. The loud explosion would cause the archers to drop their arrows and cover their ears as the locals began to scream. With a single twitch of the fingers several men within the crowd would draw short blades. Sneaking behind the disoriented archers and cutting their throats open. "Do not fool yourselves...there is more where the came from priest." Ulfric seemed unmoved by the blast. His bearing clearly beyond reproach...displaying his extensive resume when it came to combat. "Wh-what are you?" The mayor would inquire into. "I am this world's deliverance." He concluded. His stone arms forming a fist as his eyes turned toward the lot. "Dammit!" Varos whispered to himself as Syn looked down toward the dirt. 'Why? Why would you?" Her words merited nothing, save for silence.
  16. The twins took this opprotunity to protect their Lady Miho. It was madness to say the least. This was not their place to interfere. They were only interested in the priest and nothing more and right now, it looked as though Lady Miho would not survive in trying to kill her latest target at this time. The twins looked at Varos and Syn and spoke, "We hope you don't take it personally... but Lady Miho is in danger and we must protect her. We will no longer play in your dangerous game of wits." The words were simple.

    The twins also didn't understand much about Platinum Eyed Witches. Miho was nothing like that type of demon and she was not at all interested in what happened to this world. The twins weren't worried either, but they would take Miho away from all this.

    Miho simply waved off their worries with a hand and the twins were about to protest when she glanced at them. If he was not trying to win public affection, then he was simply showing his power off to the world and trying to rule them through fear. That never worked... What was this person trying to accomplish? It sounded like a bunch of nonsense to say the least and Miho was only here to slay the priest. After that, she would simply leave. Miho preferred not to mettle in the affairs of the other demons. This was the reason right here. Someone always wanted to rule something or simply be heard. It was never easy and it was always the powerful ones. Unfortunately, the most powerful demons fell because everyone rebelled. If you don't have any people you rule over nothing. The smart thing to do was win their favor, but perhaps he had another plan up his sleeve.

    "I won't meddle in your affairs... but it appears that the two of you... have some issues of your own..."

  17. Ulfric was no more equipped to explain his purpose than these children were in a position to understand. He sought not to rule this world, rather longed to watch it burn. So from it's ashes a new genesis could rise. A philosophy few comprehend or care to embrace due to our more fearful aspects. For fearing the unknown was a natural reaction. So no hatred would he harbor toward these children. "The time for words is at an end." Ulfric replied turning his back toward the lot. Obviously showing no sign of fear. It was as if he didn't even find them in the least bit threatening. Something most would interrupt as arrogance. A few of Ulfric's men would step from the crowd. Avoiding the corpses as they whispered into his ear.

    "It seems I am no longer needed. My purpose here is complete. Assassin enjoy killing your holy man." Ulfric proclaimed. Seeming rather well informed. "Platinum eyed witches we will meet again. And next time I will kill you. But for now have fun with my pet." The terrorist would reply before him and his men casually made their way down the street toward the harbor. This recently development sowing more questions then answers. Leaving the general to bleed to death slowly.

    "God damn him..." Varos mumbled under his breath. "Brother what shall we do?" Syn asked looking toward her brother. Varos would step forward drawling his blade once more as he tapped it on his shoulder. "Isn't it obvious? We're going after that fool!" His bull like instinct to charge randomly at a problem and swing till it was no more displaying itself. A quality that Syn both admired and feared due to it's self destructive nature. Syn would simply nod before sprinting toward the road Ulfric took. But before she could exit the town square a giant beast would simply appear from thin air. A bipedal undead lizard with an electrical current dancing from it's body. "Syn!" Varos yelled, his sister coming to a halt. However was unable to dodge the swing of the beast tail.

    Syn went flying through the air rolling like a ragdoll across the brick road. "Dammit!" Varos bellowed as he raised his blade on high. Crimson fire could be seen exiting his wrist and engulfing his blade. Forming a tornado of unholy fire. "I don't have time for this!" Varos yelled as he swung his blade. The tornado of fire cutting the creature in half before dissipating. The monstrosity would let out an almost mechanical cry of pain. "That wasn't so tough..." Sounding almost disappointed as he made his way toward Syn. "Are you alright?" He asked as he helped her to her feet. 'Yes brother, I'm fine..." But before Varos could reply the beast would attach it's halves. It's tissue regenerating as it became hole once more.

    It was at his point that the priest fled to the cathedral. Using the chaos to evade the grasp of his killer. "The priest is getting away!" Syn yelled. However the beast stood between them and Miho's target. "Miho is he really your target? Are you really an assassin?" Varos inquired into. However before she could reply another player would enter the act.


    A beam of light would erupt from the shadows. Blinding those ill prepared for a brief second. The locals scurrying to their homes like insects, hoping their walls would protect them. A foolish and vain notion. Slowly Varos would turn to investigate the source of the energy. There he saw a familiar face....their teacher Regnier. His long brown hair and unbutton suit coat blowing in the wind wildly. His eyes frigidly locking on both Syn and Varos through his glasses. Granting them a stern look. "Regeneration only works if there is a head...Didn't you learn anything? Your lack of implementation of my lessons in the field almost makes me sick to even call you my student." His voice deep yet oddly beguiling.

    "Miho is it?" Regnier asked, his gaze galloping toward her. "Your target has fled to the cathedral. I have a feeling there is more to him then meets the eye. Take one of my students just in case. I will cover you." Though what he would be covering them from seemed rather vague and cryptic. It was rare for Regnier to help others let alone get involved in foreign affairs of any sort. Varos and Syn turned to face the monster now lying dead on the floor. His shoulders, neck and head completely missing. And in their teachers hands rested his signature weapon. Two silver handguns composed of raw energy. Firing burst of spiritual energy and magic harvested from either the wielder or his environment.