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  1. Bryce slammed his locker door shut still scowling because he knew what today was. Thursday, which meant he had to go to that stupid group therapy thing today. He had to go to the stupid thing 2 times a week, Mondays and Thursdays. He really didn't see the point in going anymore, everyone knew he wasn't going to talk they may as well just let him leave the group. He has already been in that damn group for a month. Take a damn hint. He let out a sigh as he watched people exiting the school. Lucky bastards. He dragged his feet and began walking down the hall. He turned the corner and entered a room which the meetings were always held at. He saw everyone sitting in chairs that formed a circle. Everyone was sitting in their own seat except for Bryce and... there was another seat beside his that didn't have a person sitting on it. Was someone new going to join this hell hole?
    Bryce groaned at the cheerful smiles everyone flashed him as he took his seat.
    "Hello Bryce glad you came today." Mrs. Wilson, the person that ran the group said.
    Bryce rolled his dark grey eyes, "Did I really have a damn choice?" He asked bitterly.
    Bryce was actually a handsome young man. Tall, muscular and built, emo-like hair and his features maybe tough and mysterious but that was what made him attractive. He very rarely showed any emotions besides anger.
    Mrs. Wilson shook her head, "Well put on your happy face because we are going to have a new member in the group," she looked at her watch, "I wonder where she could be..."
  2. Roxy knew she was late. She did it on purpose. She had been forced to join the schools counseling group. All because she had an 'attitudes problem' according to all her teachers. She had to go or she wouldn't graduate. She needed to graduate. Graduation was her key to freedom. With a diploma she could go to college and finally be free of the asshole who forced her to call him father. So she had agreed to the group counseling twice a week so she could finally get free. She took her time walking to where the meeting room. Her biker boots echoes through the halls. She paused to study the 'group' before entering. She knew how she looked like to them. She had long jet black hsir, eyes the color of old golf, a black baby doll shirt that did little to hide her well developed breasts. A old faded bsckrr jacket over it. She wear tight black leather pants. She looked like a biker chic. Or atlessy that was the look she was going for. Dismissing the members of the 'group' as uninterested and unthreatening she took the last open seat.
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  3. Mrs. Wilson smiled at her, "Roxy! I am so glad you decided to join us."
    Bryce scoffed and rolled his eyes leaning his back against his chair. Mrs. Wilson gave him a look.
    "Oh relax woman I didn't do anything."
    She let out a sigh and looked at the rest of the group. In total there were 6.
    "Alright everyone this is Roxy everyone say hello."
    Everyone except Bryce said their hellos. Bryce didn't say anything until the boy next to him lightly nudged him. He let out an irritated sigh then looks at the new girl, "Sup." He said simply, everyone knew that was the best he was going to do.
    Mrs. Wilson looked at Roxy, "Roxy can you tell us what brings you here today?"
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  4. "That would be the principal. Apparently if you know more then the the teacher you have an attitude problem. If you have an attitude problem they won't let you graduate. Since I want to graduate I agreed to join this marvellous 'group' so that I can get my freedom." Roxy told them. There she thought she had shien up and shared. Where was her cookie or whatever they use to reward the minons?
  5. Bryce couldn't help but smirk at her response. Mrs. Wilson nodded slightly then looked at the rest of the group, "How about the rest of you introduce yourselves and explain why you are here."
    They all introduced themselves then it was Bryce's turn and Mrs. Wilson gave him a look, "Are you going to open up finally."
    Bryce rolled his eyes again, "My name is Bryce and I am not giving you my whole god damn story. Its none of your business. I will say I was forced to be here as well otherwise they wouldn't let me graduate."
  6. Roxy was less than impressed with h most of the group. Most of them had typical teenage problems. Things like no parents to help with homework, no time for schoolwork because they have a job, peer pressure, and bullying. She dismissed them all with a roll of her eyes. Lucky jerks was all she could think. Until they got to the last boy. His answer had her studying him thoughtfully.
  7. Mrs. Wilson sighed, "Bry can't you just open up a little bit?"
    Bryce crosses his arms, "Uh, no. Why the hell should I? Its not like I would be seeing any of you after I graduate."
    Mrs. Wilson sighed and stood up, walking over to her desk and writing their names and quickly putting them into a hat. As she does this she says, "You know we are going to try something a little different."
  8. Roxy watched the old bat in charge of the group get up and put their names into a hat. "Seriously? You think that pairing us up is going to help?" She asking guessing the teachers intentions. She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. She had done her part for the day. They weren't getting anymore out of her. It wasn't like any of them would understand her life. So what was the point?
  9. Mrs. Wilson raised an eyebrow, "Yes actually. I want you guys to help one another. I believe this exercise will help alot of you," she says as she enters the circle and the kids take a piece of paper and read the names. There were still a few people left when she came to Roxy with the hat, "Come on and just do it. Otherwise you don't graduate."
    Bryce scoffs, "Gee that is real mature." He says sarcastically.
  10. Roxy rolled her eyes. Damn it the stupid school was using her desire to graduate against her. If she didn't know better she would think that they knew why she wanted to graduate and they were determine to stop her from reaching her goal. She wasn't going to allow them to keep her from it. She reached into the hat and withdrew a name. Bryce.
  11. Out of curiousity Bryce leaned back a bit so he could get a better look at the paper. It had his name.
    Mrs. Wilson raised an eyebrow at her waiting for her to say who it was, "Well?"
    Bryce looked at Mrs. Wilson and rolled his eyes, "Its me woman. Now will you get off her back?"
  12. "Now what are we suppose to do stare at each other?" Roxy asked snidely. She was beginning to wonder if this teacher knew her father. Her father had connections everywhere. It wouldn't surprise her to discover that the woman was connected to her father. If she was this therapy thing was going to be harder than she had thought.
  13. Mrs. Wilson sighed, "I actually want you two to get to know each other. This session is almost over and that should be an opportunity. I also want you guys to see each others home life so you can have a better understanding of what you two go through and help one another."
    Bryce blinked... wait he had to take her to his house?... bad idea...
  14. "You're kidding right?" Roxy asked in dismay. She couldn't bring someone home. She had been very careful her whole life not to let anyone see inside her world. It was safer that way. Both for her and the person in question. Maybe the idiot teacher wasn't involved with her father after all. She couldn't imagine her father inviting such a low level person into their home. It was too risky. Her father wasn't one to make stupid careless risks. She studied the boy. His answer hadn't been any more detailed than hers. She wondered if his life was as messed up as hers.
  15. Bryce glared a the teacher clearly not impressed as well, "That is fucking stupid. You must be insane for even coming up with such an idiotic idea like that."
    Mrs. Wilson raised an eyebrow, "Is there a problem with someone in the group seeing your home life?"
    Damn... Bryce thought but kept a good poker face, "No but-"
    "Good! Then its settled! Session dismissed."
    Bryce let out a low growl and stood up glaring at the teacher, "Yeah eat shit and die." He said to the teacher then looked at Roxy, "Lets get the hell out of here I guess."
  16. Roxy was briefly tempted to tell the teacher 'Yes. As a matter of fact there is a problem with taking someone home with me. You see my father tends to beat the shit out of me and than rape me. I'd rather not have someone else see that.' But she didn't. Saying something like that would only make things worse. She had once tried to tell a teacher about the things her father did to her. She discovered very quickly that the teacher was working for her father. She wasn't going to risk that again. She stood and headed out of the classroom. This wasn't what she had agreed to. She didn't know what to do next.
  17. Bryce groaned as they left the room then looked at Roxy, "I can't believe that woman!" He said angrily, "You know I seriously hate people like her. I say we just trash her car instead of this shit. That seems way better."
  18. Roxy smiled at the image in her mind. "If I didn't think it would cause me to have to repeat the school year I would be tempted." She told him honestly. "But graduating is the most important thing to me right now. Once I have that diploma I can escape. I just need that key." She told him seriously. "So how do you want to do this? It's clear you don't want me in your house anymore than I want you to be in mine. So how do we do this?"
  19. Bryce stopped walking for a moment and looked at her clearly serious now. He leaned his back against the lockers and thought for a moment, "Well we could avoid that situation as long as possible and I guess just hang out or whatever and guess get to know each other a little like we are suppose to. Because like you I just want to graduate so I can get out of this hell hole."
  20. Roxy nodded. "I don't have to a lot of time. But I guess that is as good as a solution as any. She wants us to get to know each other. So I guess that's a good plan. As long as we do enough to met the requirements. What days or times work better?" She asked him as she studied him. She was curious now about his world. But she wouldn't ask. Not until she was willing to share her world with him. She didn't see that happening anytime soon.