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    How do you feel about this? I mean... I heard all of that from my parents, and I think I turned out just fine. Does this really leave children emotionally damaged? Does this allow our children to become wimps by not saying some things? What have your parents said to you? Were they the harsh type? Did they actually pussy foot around you? Tell me..

    If your roleplay character had children how do they treat them? Would they be a loving parent or a bit rough around the edge?

    But strict when needed.
    Or just loving. ._.

    I don't know any other way to be with kids.
    Twas how I was raised. Thus, I like being as such. - w- Especially with my characters.
  3. I was in a family that loved me, and the love and care was abundant and sincere. However, "I Don't Care" and "Don't you Get it" were two of the strongest voices that came from my parents. And I have some serious communicative issues with both of them. I don't talk to my family about my life. They don't know what my goals are, and unless forced into speaking to them, they will most likely never know.

    Also, there's one thing not on that list that I think should be. While its not really something you shouldn't say to your kid, it is an idea that should NEVER be put into disciplining a child. Do NOT play two siblings against each other! "Oh, but your brother did so well in this class! Don't you want to be more like your brother?" This not only does damage to your child's psyche, it also causes resentment between siblings. I love my little brother. To pieces. But I was compared to him. I'm the artist. My brother is a math genius. It didn't matter that I pulled off 90s in english and writing. It would always be down to the fact that his math mark was higher than mine. It made me bitter towards him for a long time. It wasn't until I was out of school that our relationship improved.


    If my usual role-play characters were to somehow become parents...

    I feel so sorry for any child of my character's. I normally play a psychopathic killer. If he were to actually sleep with someone, he'd likely kill the mother shortly after, and drop the child off at an orphanage. He wouldn't keep it. o_o
  4. If this is what the kids of the current generation were 'not' told, then it explains a lot. Most every child I've come across lately has been ill-mannered, or think they run the world. My parents were 'hard' on me, if you consider the things said in that article as 'hard'. I was grounded constantly as a kid, and by junior high and high school, I practically became a model student. I straightened up, and stopped my shenanigans, mostly because I knew college was around the corner and I was tired of being grounded every other weekend.

    But, the only character I've ever had that had a child, well, she smothered her with a pillow when she was a baby and killed her. So, I'm not going to talk about that in this conversation.
  5. I think it depends on the child, some may not take it too hard and some may interpret it into their personalities and become a bit closed up. I was very outgoing and grew up fast, acting beyond my age often, now I'm more closed up about my feelings and shy though I think it has a lot more to the with my time in school than with my parents. My mom was always busy when I got a bit older and I am much closer with my dad who despite being in a wheelchair since I was born was the one who often took me to preschool, invented bed time stories and such. I was raised with love, I never had any iron clad rules as I had been taught early on how to behave and my parents never had to threaten me to get me to do things. But having a kid that grow up too fast because of difficult living situations isn't the best either, children should have their time to play and act like children.

    And I agree with Lulu, it is never fair or right to compare siblings. Just because one child does better in something doesn't mean the other sibling is useless, you just have to appretiate each child in its own right:) I am an only child, unless you count dogs as half siblings;) so I have never had any experience with the competition between siblings but I am very used to our dogs coming in first hand always, now as an adult I don't even think off it as very weird, though as a child it was frustrating.

    If any of my characters ever got pregnant and had a child she would probably be as scared to mess up like I would be, but the child would be raised with love, having rules of course but hopefully she would succeed in raising a child that doesn't need strict rules and instead can take responsibility for his/her own actions when they grow older.
  6. um i might not have had the best fact i knew my father did not like me if he told me he would leave without me he would in fact leave without me ((and usually that meant going without my mother because she wouldnt leave me alone))
    my dad wouldnt say dont you get it he would say that even dumb motherfuckers get this. i knew my dad didnt care because he left for a trip with his friends on my birthday. but with all of that being said i knew i was loved if not by him then by my brother mother and grandparents (his parents included) i didnt need to act out because i got all the attention i wanted from them. and i agree lulu i was always told by my father that i wasnt as good as my brother ((didnt make me hate him it actually made me love him more because i always saw my brother as perfect))

    the sad thing about it now is that my father lives alone and i am the only one who will even speak to him ((they wont because they think he deserves to die alone)) but i just do it so i can show him i am a better person than he will ever be ((and to mention the fact that when he dies the world will be brighter but still))) I dont think any of that hurt me i think it actually made me better of a person because it showed me what kind of person not to be.... my mom told me i was going to shine brighter than them and i prove that even when im being a bitch i am a better person than him because i usually only am a bitch when they hurt someone i love. but it might have damaged me in some way because i tend to play the daddies little girl...i dont want to be my fathers little girl but i think it would be nice to be someones little princess.

    i think i might have gone off track im sorry but reading that kinda made me think of how my father did things.
  7. I don't think saying those phrases are bad at all. ...but rather WHEN, HOW, and the context of the SITUATION that can make it really suck ass. x___x Cause I can tell you now, while a child grows up and has major issues with their parents, it comes from a LOT more issues than just those few words choices. O___O

    I have so many characters. XD Some of them are AWESOME parents. ....and some of them should never have had children. >>;;
  8. Loving but I swear, if the kid is crying because he can't find his shoe. Then the parent will become a monster and beat the crap out of the kid. = w= No patience xD At least, for one of my rp characters...
  9. I love my parents, and while I am definitely not the most sociable person on this planet, I think it could have been much worse. And yes, they did say those things to me occasionally, although I can not remember if they said it to me often, or not. But in my opinion, nowadays, we are becoming afraid of everything, and we believe that every single mistake we do will cause an inevitable catastrophe. I feel the same way about this article, as it is giving us advice on how to be perfect, and what not to say. But is it really so bad, saying those things? I think not. What really matters is that the parents love their child, even if they sometimes say things that they do not mean.

    I think if I roleplayed a character, who had a child, I would roleplay them as the kind who treat their children with love and kindness, but they would make some mistakes now and then, they would get angry at their children and such. So I would try to do it a little realistically.
  10. Well, I love my mom. She's a single parent and she tends to be guilty of saying things near or worse than that.

    Particularly I don't care or mocking when I do try to tell her my feelings, it just hurts my feelings and I noticed that I have issues with talking to people. I get nervous, talk to quick or I don't pronounce my words fully. I actually find it easier to talk to children then adults my age, -.-;;

    And when me and my parent do talk, she tends to cut me off mid-sentence so I'm always left with the feeling of being unheard. Smh.
  11. thats because children are awesome and adults usually suck
    i used to work at a toysrus and i was in love because i could be a giant child ((i mean heck how many jobs can you admit yeah i play with barbies and transformers and im getting paid to do it))
  12. 1. "I don't care."

    Wow, mom...really? Are you saying that because you really don't care, or are you saying that because you're mad. I'm the daughter but I'm old enough to know that you have to think about what you say before you say it. You can really hurt someone's feelings by saying things like that. My mom would always say that but I never took her seriously. She was the type to snap when she got mad because she knew I always had some sarcastic response that will shut her argument down. So, I can't really blame her if she says she doesn't care. She probably doesn't. Oh well. At times, even I wont care.

    2. "Act your age!"

    If I was asking, I would have an oscar. No one 'acts' their age. There have been cases where a 5 year old boy was serious, all the time, and a mathematical genius. What age did he act, huh? That's so stereotypical. I think parents only say that to lay down the role of who is the adult and who is the child in the situation. In that case, why scream at the top of your lungs at me, like the 'adult' you are, over something stupid and act your age. See what I did there? I can't stand parents like that. Glad my mom and dad didn't do that.

    3. "Say you're sorry!"

    To my little brother or older sister whom's feelings I have hurt? Yes, sure. Too you? No. If I have not said something heartbreaking and life shattering, why do I need to apologize? Sometimes parent's pull this card to make themselves seem superior and dominant in an argument, just because we as daughter's and sons have to listen to whatever they say. That's sad.

    4. "Don't you get it?"

    Yes, but if I explain it to you, you're just gonna cut me off, sooo...

    5. "I'm going to leave without you!"

    You know, my dad actually did this to me because I took to long to get ready. He really left me at home alone, and I was distraught. But, it taught me a lesson. Get ready fast.