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  1. What do you think ten-year-old you would think about present you?
    Are you even remotely close to where you thought you would be?
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  2. 10: "Wow, my future self is so fudged up."
    Now: "Don't censor yourself you fuck."

    I am definitely not where I thought I would be xD. Rest in peace being a doctor or artist.
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  3. -Ish?

    I have my own apartment, but it's not in a hi-rise, and I have a job but it's not in my field. I'm happy though, and have lots of friends, so that's good
  4. 10 to present: "Stop thinking so much."
    Present to 10: "Do more thinking."

    And I never thought about the future, nor did I have any dreams or goals — just cruised along the stream and accepted all the changes around me. With that said, I still think ten year old me would be a little surprised — for better or worse.
  5. Things my 10-year-old self was correct about:
    • I do art stuff.
    • I don't like driving.
    • I play Pokemon everywhere I go (although I suppose the full extent of that would be more than a bit mind-blowing to my ten-year-old self XD ).
    • Dragons are still cool.
    As for stuff I wasn't correct about... eh. I can't even think of that many specific things that my ten-year-old self really thought about my future. I can think of plenty of things that I probably wouldn't have predicted (like me getting into tarot cards, or vinyl records XD ), but, I think that, say, my 13 or 14-year-old self would be a lot more surprised by a lot of things -- like me starting to enjoy traditional art a lot more than digital (despite how I thought I was meant for digital art), and just a lot of general changes in how my life and personality have gone. o.o
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  6. Since I'm twice as nerdy as I was when I was a kid, married, poor, a homemaker, a mother, and still haven't gotten my dream job... 10 year old me would think I'm a loser, probably. But 10 year old me doesn't know any better. It wasn't until my late teens that I realized the meaning of true happiness.

    I have a cat, though. And a sword. 10 year old me would be pretty fucking stoked about that.
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  7. Honestly? I can't remember much about 10 year old me's thoughts. What ten year old me liked, however, I can remember. Books, cats, chocolate, boys. And since I got one or more of all those four, I think ten year old me would think I was pretty cool. ^_^
  8. 10: Ughhh I hate this fucking teacher I just wanna get the fuck outta here.

    Guess growing up wasn't as pleasant as I thought it will be :(
    Don't think my 10 year old self would know what would hit her in about 2 years time

    Oh well
  9. 10 year old:HOLY CRAP I AM AWESOME

    now: yuuuuuup
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  10. "That guy is a loser"

    "Sorry, I know"
  11. 10 year-old me to present me: why did you ever stop writing? Why did you quit college? Go back!
    Present me to 10 year-old me: Stop looking down, keep your back straight. It gets better even if it takes time. Memories can be precious, don't block all of them.


    I'm 100% not where I thought I would be 15 years ago. I lived in two emotionally abusive homes and was bullied at school, didn't have many friends (the ones I had would betray all the secrets I told them lol). I was very smart though, so it's a surprise to everyone that I haven't gone to university. Depression can do that to you :unicorn:
  12. 10 year-old me didn't think I'd make it to 16. I'm in my 20's now, so I guess I'm doing better then I ever thought I would. To be honest, that chunk of my life was pretty awful and I blocked out most of it, but I do know 10 year old me would be amazed that I:
    1. Don't live with my parents
    2. Have actually lived on my own since I was 17
    3. Have more then one True Friend and people who actually like spending time with me/Have a good support system in place
    4. Have more of a backbone then I did back then and am more assertive, even if I am still a bit of a pushover
    I think 10 year old me would probably think Present Me is pretty cool actually.
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  13. Ten year old Logic meeting 20 something Logic. I think he would be confused and think that it'd be impossible; ten year old Logic had always thought that by the time he was my age now, he'd be hiding still or that he'd be on the streets. He never imagined in a million years that he would get as far as I am now, let alone survive it.

    Ten Year Old Logic's Personality:

    Flighty or aggressive, it was one or the other. he was bold and reckless, often times getting into many fights with the school kids and getting into trouble for stealing. He didn't make friends easily, and while other kids were out playing he was trying to figure out what to do when he got home for food and shelter. He was wild, mean and a very hard worker. He didn't give himself much time to make deep friendships, but the few he had never thought would last that long. He always imagined older him being the same way, eventually living off the land like he was for the most part.

    Twenty something year old Logic:

    Assertive and gentle. No longer all that wild as I used to be, calm and understanding. I actually hardly remember much of my childhood anymore, many things are blurred to me. Bits and pieces (I scrounged for the memories of my past self) come at me, and I remember just a bit of that scrawny scared little child who never thought in a million years he'd live to being in his late twenties. One thing hasn't changed; hard worker. Guess some traits never leave you, though my trust issues still reside. For the most part however I can see younger self just staring at me for quite a while.
  14. 10-year old me would be very judgmental of present day me:

    Why am I not in Hawaii, or even in the US for that matter? What's so good about Japan???

    Why did I join the military? Don't you know you I'm a skinny person with asthma who falls over when the other kids even breathe on you???

    Why am I always ending up with different women? Isn't that kind of... Bad, and probably not fun?

    But I like the money part though, good job future me!
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  15. 10 year old me (Hell up 15 year old me) would be outright appalled by current me.

    10 year old me: "Why are you always so offensive?"
    Current me: "There's more important things to focus on than walking on egg shells"

    10 year old me: "Why do you constantly have to be disagreeing with Religion?"
    Current me: "Cause I actually decided to learn about Religion"

    10 year old me: "Did you know that Aliens are at Earth now and we lured them here with the waves from the nuclear bo..."

    10 year old me: "Why do you have being one PC guys? Only Consoles are built for games!"
    Current me: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You know nothing little one"

    10 year old me: "Men are a bunch of Assholes who constantly taken advantage of women. They need to stop thinking their dicks and give all women the Royalty respect they deserve"
    Current me: "You need to stop taking the passive-aggressive rants your Autism Therapist gave about their ex's so seriously... Relationships and People are FAR more complex than that"

    10 year old me: "... Does Mom still start arguments over minute stuff?"
    Current me: "Yup. She argued about Gravy just a few days ago"
    10 year old me: "Wow..."
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  16. 10 Year Old Me would be sad that I'm not a lawyer. But 29 Year Old Me knows it was for the best.

    Overall, no. I'm not where I thought I'd be when I was ten, and I would probably be disappointed in myself. But, life happens and that's something that ten year old me just wouldn't understand.
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  17. Ten year old me would be over the moon that I am far away from my mother and that I have no contact with her at all. She probably would be surprised that I didn't marry my elementary school crush, although I think she'd like my husband. She definitely wouldn't be too thrilled with the fact that I have kids, but he'd like the fact that I have pets.

    Honestly, ten year old me never put much thought into the future. I was too worried about trying to stay unpunished for more than a day at a time, and hating my stepfather. The only thing that I planed on was moving away from home and never looking back.
  18. 10 year old me would think I am stupid as hell cause I can have sex when I want but I complain about my problems in life... he wouldn't ever understand that there are stuff in life bigger than one's sex life.
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  19. 10 year old me with my mom's makeup all over my face, looking very clown-like: "Wow you look good."

    Me now: "Thanks."

    I'm not referring to me thinking I'm oh so good looking, more so, little me who sucked at makeup until age 15 would think I look great.

    Basically I am proud of my improvements.

    But there's also this.

    10 year old me: "I refuse to curse ever ever eveeerrrrrr"

  20. (Adding some more examples I thought of).

    10 year old me: "Sex should be something saved for Marriage"
    Current me: "Are both people consenting? Good, now fuck off"

    10 year old me: "... What are Gay People?"
    Current me: "What rock did you grow up under? Oh yea... My rock".

    10 year old me: "People who smoke weed or drink are terrible, rotten people"
    Current me: "I still don't do that stuff myself. But you seriously need to stop judging other people for how they have fun"

    10 year old me: "I believe in God and Jesus"
    Current me: "I bothered to read the book. And now I can refund my soul for an Infinite BBQ Party"

    10 year old me: "The power of love will fix all of lifes problems!"
    Current me: *Picks up the rock and throws it away* "LEARN HOW LIFE WORKS ALREADY!"
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