Theme Song Challenge #35

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    Music evokes different powerful imagery from every person. As one of the first true forms of recreation and entertainment, every note carries something whether it be story or even emotion.

    The Challenge:
    Listen to the song posted above and while you do, let the imagery flow.
    Repeat as many times as you need to write out a scene for the music, or write
    out the imagery that came first to your mind.
  2. (Opening Scene)
    The are all coming together from different humble paths. Scenes of their lives and homes flash and the troubles they come from. Each one looking to the Heavens. From seeing their families suffer they travel to fight this evil alone. But end up joining together, and becoming know as the "Band Of Five"

    (This is read 45 second into the music)

    In the distant land of Kartha a battle is about to ensue. As our travelers of the Band of Five come together to vanquish an evil that has been ravishing the lands.

    (Pause For 10 seconds)

    The Warlord Mercrious the Merciless. Has been killing to raise an undead army of fallen warriors. These Five are ready for war.

    (Start Reading At 1:30 into the music)

    The Mage Wildorm: With his Staff of Urschel he wields the powers of heaven and earth. The great Battle Mage Frost: With the mighty Axe of Talis he strikes his opponents down with a clashing bolt of lightening.

    (Start Reading at 1:58)
    Princess Mara The Amazonian Woman brought forth to free her people wields the Sword of Gaia pulled from her womb in the volcanic plains. Then there is Flic the reformed demon of Hades given the great battle Hammers of Devval. With these hammers he send a trembling through the earth that none can stand against.

    (Start Reading at 2:34)
    And finally The greatest warrior Child of Herloc Sanshi: who lets guide his strikes true the twin Blades of Jericon. With these blades in hand the enemy is slain by the fiery storm that they produce. These Five Champions will not stop until this Great Evil has been destroy.

    And then flash of each of them striking Mercrious, with Sanshi sending the final fiery blow scattering him into ash. And then fade to black.
  3. A tender embrace, and the fiery passions of love. Brushing aside a strand of his lover's hair the male looked upon his beloved softly, "I must go," he whispered softly to her as he began to dress himself. Pulling on his pants he felt her warm touch as her arms wrapped under his arms and pulled him close, "Don't go" she begged, but he knew he had to. Taking hold of her hand he kissed her knuckles and turned to face her, "Don't cry. We will meet again" he said with a kind smile and a final kiss as he untangled himself from her naked arms. Finishing dressing himself he turned and walked away as his lover stood with her long hair draped over her naked breasts. Her words whispered from her crimson lips "my love. Until we meet again." Then he was out of sight.


    Clunk. Clunk. Heavy footsteps of tarnished black boots crept along the wooden pier as he and his men boarded the ship preparing to depart. The light of day was still trying to peek over the horizon as the ship spread its sails and lifted anchor. Catching the morning wind the ship left port as the male stood at the front of the ship watching the open waters. Wind blew through his dark hair as the ship sped forward toward the rising sun, and his adventure once more began.

    His name was Cedrick Sandovol, and he was an explorer, adventurer, and some dared to say hero. He was, also, considered immortal. In his long lived life he'd traveled far and wide across the oceans and seas of the world seeking fame and fortune. Along the way was love, passion, and mischief but always the hunt for the adventure drove him on. This adventure being one of the many he would catalog away forever in his memories and within the story of his life that would be told far and wide one day...

    He'd came to the island of Illuvia exactly 5 months ago. His ship had been ravaged by a great monster of the open waters and crashed upon the glowing shores. The people of Illuvia found him and his crew there near the brink of taking perhaps their last breath. However after being nursed back to full health he'd learned of a great foe that plagued the village. Taking it upon himself and his crew for the villagers having saved them he dared to accept the challenge of facing this great foe for the villagers. However, unexpected, along the way he'd soon fallen for the village leader's young and beautiful daughter Sonya. All was good until Sonya was taken away and the villagers blamed Cedrick by a foul trick played by the foe.

    Cedrick had lost the trust of the villagers and was being banished, along with his crew. However, he was one who wanted to prove his innocence, and the night before their banishment they stole away. Only a note was left explaining where they were going and telling the villagers to be patient and wait. Alone with his crew members he marched off two months after landing and faced one of his greatest challenges in a long while. For three months they traveled through unknown terrain, vast traps and ambushes, and great battles as they moved forward; losing some and gaining others the final day came. Cedrick came face to face with the foe as they grappled for the upper hand. In the end only one stood, Cedrick himself. Saving Sonya, he brought her back home to a great celebration. Forgiveness had come and his name was now cleared.

    However, Cedrick wasn't someone to stay in one place for to long. He was an adventurer at heart, and always would be. Sonya knew this and had accepted it when they met and fell in love. For she knew that despite everything they would still love one another forever. After accepting the town's blessing and a hefty reward for slaying their enemy he'd prepared to depart. A week after Sonya's safe return and the village celebration preparations were made for Cedrick to depart and start on his next journey.

    And so here he stands once more water bound as he and his crew travel the world for the thrills and fortunes that await. Listening to the seagulls above and the dolphins on either side of the ship he reminisces of Illuvia and its mysteries. He remembers his and Sonya's love. Just like all the other adventures he has witnessed in his long life. Opening his eyes slowly, Cedrick Sandovol turns toward some unseen force (you the audiance) with a mischievous grin and a sly wink.

    ((okay this is meant to be a sort of final cut-scene like snippet post...not my best but it looked cool in my head XD))
  4. He stood staring out at the battle ground at his feet. Bodies of friends and foe alike were lying like brothers on the blood soaked sand. The dirt on his face streaked clean by tears he’d shed over the fallen. The blood seeped into his pants, shirt, hair, shoes. He couldn’t escape it, everywhere he looked the dead lifeless eyes of a fallen comrade or enemy stared back at him.

    The relentless attacks of the enemy drove them back to the shoreline. The death toll was more than anyone could have imagined; neither side willing to give up. The flies had gathered and the smell was making the others sick. Many had fallen to disease already both sides still refusing to be the first to surrender. He stared out at the field of the dead, wondering if there was a point to it all.

    His knees gave out and he fell to the ground. No one moved, no one made a sound as he hugged himself. His officer would yell at him, tell him to come back to the lines or risk certain death. He didn’t care anymore. Too many had fallen for him to justify this crusade anymore. He slowly stood and made his way back to his camp. The other men staring at him like he’d lost it, like he was nothing more than scum to them. He didn’t care, didn’t care.