Theme Song #8

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  1. [video=youtube;qfliND2STV8][/video]

    Music touches people in different ways. Many people enjoy listening to music for inspiration, and others simply listen to it to relax. Some songs tell stories while others allow you to make your own story.

    Your challenge:

    Listen to the song above then take a minute or two to think about it.

    Write out a scene to this song; make this song your scenes theme song.

    Let me know what you see when you listen to this music.

  2. Well, I'm weird and this is probably done wrong/boring.

    Two armies lined up and facing each other, as if an OCD sufferer had done the organizing. The battlefield between them; an expanse of lush green grassland, soon to be wrecked by the feet and blood of warriors. Their armor glistens with the rain that races toward the ground, forming puddles in the dips and dents along the field. A chorus of pitter-patter fills the air from water droplets colliding with polished armor. They stand perfectly still, mad-dogging each other like only a seasoned warrior can. Only those who have seen the ugly that war brings can understand the gut-wrenching tension that clogs what air the rain gives ways to.

    And then a sound from the distance. Thunder, rumbling like the boom of a drum. Another sound. The husky pull and tug of a stringed instrument. Percussion and String are the opponents, the masterminds, the ones moving the pieces while The Choir is nothing but a third party simply there to narrate. In a clash of all three sounds, a burst of music, an impressive drop, both armies shout the cry of war and surge onto the field like the rushing of a fearsome tidal wave.

    Swords clang, the injured cry out in pain. The once beautiful ground is now trampled and muddy. The warriors fight in a flurry of strokes and swings and punches and jabs. As the battle rages, Percussion and String find their greatest warriors facing off. Their pace of concocting battle strategy slows, as does their music, the two great warriors circling each other like wolves fighting over the same slain deer. And then the inevitable pounce occurs once minds are made up.

    As the battle comes to an end, it is revealed that the opponents have come to a stalemate.

    There is no winner in this game of chess, only survivors.
  3. The "Infinite Tower" it was called, and it was located on an island deep inside the ocean. Those few who survived the journey perished at the hands of the island's natives, or died the moment they set foot on the island because they were too exhausted from the long journey. But not him. He survived the encounter with the natives, while still managing to hold on to his climbing gear, and now he was scaling the walls of the huge buildings.

    Not one of the natives followed him, even though the lower levels of the huge pillar had stairs built around them. He found that strange, but continued climbing the pillar as if his life depended on it. Eventually, his speed was the cause of his downfall: as he scaled the wall, he found himself to be increasingly tired, and just when he was one step away from a hole in the wall that lead into the huge pillar, his hands slipped. He tried to hold onto something, but the stones of the pillar were just too cold and slippery to grasp.

    As the man accelerated with the fall, he noticed that he could not see nor the top, nor the bottom of the huge pillar, and that he has been falling beside an ever-changing structure. The pillar slowly shifted shape as he fell, stones became steel supports, wooden support beams turned into nails or bolts, the window-like ledges transformed into glass panes, and most importantly a strange, red vine began to cover the walls.

    More and more floors passed by the man, until everything became a blur, and the man lost track of time. He has been falling for hours now, far longer than he should have. Eventually, the hours became days, but the man continued falling without an end in sight. It was then he finally accepted the fact that he was cursed to fall forever, unable to end his own life.

    "Ah," he came to the realisation as he continued his endless fall. "So that is why it is called the Infinite Tower."

    And then, his consciousness gave up, darkness enveloping his body.
  4. Captain Hawk looked ahead through a window where a planet greeted her ahead. She was in charge of this operation and had to end it as quick as possible. Around her was a chaos of crew people shouting and moving around."Listen everyone!" she yelled her voice overpowering all others until the noise quieted down, multiple pair of eyes looked at her in expectation."Our mission is to destroy this planet once and for all..." she continued as she looked into the faces of every single man and women."Today we end this battle! For the human kind!" she scream and raised her hand in victory, soon after that everyone was screaming along with her their hands either on the air or clapping in admiration. Her hands signaled for silence and once again there was no noise."Begin to fire!" she order at the man in charge. Glad that she had done her job well she walked toward her chair and sat down. A few seconds later, she could see the marks that the explosions have made into the small sphere. "Well done people" Captain Hawk said her tone strong and powerful. "Well done"
  5. Sparks flew, metal clanged, feet splashed blood and crunched bones. It was the biggest, goriest battle yet. Their armor felt heavy and weighed them down as they fought continuously against an enemy that had no end. The horizon shone red with the blood of the fallen surrounded by the black of the cloud of death hovering over the field. It was painted red and those who still fought felt little to no hope left. Their only saving grace was a redheaded vixen, she waved and flew as the wind blew through her feathers.

    The red hawk, it was their symbol, their saving grace, a memento from home. Most of them were already dead, scattered bodies hugging their enemies. The more the battle dragged on, the more men died till the red hawk flew no more. The blue and gold that surrounded her body sucked up the carnage below her as the last man fought for his country, his land, his life.