Theme Song #7

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  1. Music touches people in different ways. Many people enjoy listening to music for inspiration, and others simply listen to it to relax. Some songs tell stories while others allow you to make your own story.

    Your challenge:

    Listen to the song above then take a minute or two to think about it.

    Write out a scene to this song; make this song your scenes theme song.

    Let me know what you see when you listen to this music.

  2. Emerging from opposite ends of the colossal stone arena the two gladiators stood for only moments as the observed the barren sandy plane. Standing at attention in the center of the stadium was the death of one, and the victory of another. Charging the two slaves ran for the blades that remained in the heart of the arena, kicking up the bloodied sand as the moved. As quickly as they met at the center there was an explosion of metal as iron met iron.


    The battle raged and flared back and forth as each fighter pressed for the advantage. It seemed as if neither fighter would be able to gain the advantage as no one made a single error. But then it happened. A fatal misstep. One warrior stepped forward when he should have retreated. The lesser warrior now rested on the ground disarmed with his blood beneath him. Silence fell as he looked up to me, the deity of this stone and sand world. With two fingers he pleaded. I replied with one.
  3. The skyscraper buckled under the assault of the Blackened vanguard; above, Miriana gasped as rivulets of sweat fell from her body, her legs straining to hold even her own weight under the intense drain of her own power. Higher still the clouds were curling back, a grand line appearing as if the girl at the top of the building was forcing open a gargantuan gate to the skies above. The black clouds revealed light from above, which shone down onto the ruined cityscape below as a torch unto the darkness.

    The warriors were still clashing down below, and on a building opposite Miriana's, the Blackened conductor moved his hands accordingly, instructing the vanguard below and controlling them as one unit with his power. He was blinking in the sunlight, the harsh rays prying at his cracked skin as a fire to a tree's bark. Miriana raised her hands to the heavens, and as the building began to topple, cried out in pain and passion. The light suddenly intensified a hundredfold, carving a searing line into the city and incinerating the summoner's building whole; half the vanguard was caught in the attack, and their flesh boiled as they fell, crumpled in on themselves.

    The warriors were mostly unharmed, save for a few who did not get out in time: Victory always has a price. Miriana's body lay broken among the rubble, her sacrifice ensuring the outcome of the battle.
  4. As the millions of spaceships materialised in front of his own, the man realised that this was the battle that would decide it all. He had the responsibility of protecting the entirety of known space, and the spaceships sought to destroy all life. Even though he knew that according to the prophesy, everything will be futile, as not a single act can delay the sheer devastation that he was facing now. It was not evil, nor good, just acting according to its own set of reason, and that reason demanded every source of potential conflict eradicated. Which meant that it would consume every single planet, while leaving not even a molecule behind, and in its hypocrisy, extinguish the lives of millions of species before they could even comprehend what bronze was, while its empire remained ever-powerful.

    Opening a channel to every single vessel in the area, the man gritted his teeth, and with all his might, ordered his fleet to attack. Perhaps they would perish in a few seconds, or maybe last for a minute or two, but every moment of their fight mattered. And for the man, that was the most important: he knew he had to leave something behind, for even if what he leaves behind is a single molecule, it already made a difference.
  5. Cold air rushes over his face, as he runs out onto the field. It is the last inning and they are losing by a landside. The Fighting Pirates were on their last leg, one more game, one more loss, they’d be done for. So far in the season they’d won only one game, a single game and now they were fighting for their existence. The school they go to is primarily made up of artists, musicians, and the like, no one really cares about the sports. Odd for a small town but there it is.

    Andy is a senior and if he doesn’t step up his game for the rest of his team he wasn’t going to be able to face them again and then he’d had to drop out of school because of all the ridicule he’d receive. Of the guys who love the sports, there were a few girls who were allowed to play football as well, mainly because they had to. If they hadn’t allowed the girls to play then they wouldn’t have had a team.

    Standing information he glared at the other receiver and when the play was called he ran as fast as he could. His defender was all over him but he maneuvered clear for a moment long enough for the quarter back to throw the ball at him. Andy jumped as high as he ever would, caught the ball and went down hard. The other guy had tackled him but he had kept hold of that ball. A few more plays like that and they were bound to catch up.

    Time drew to a close and they were neck and neck. The team knew what was at stake, knew that if they didn’t win this it would all be over. It was the last play of the game and Andy was ready. Everything seemed in slow motion as the quarterback yelled ‘hut’, running he glanced behind him and saw the ball heading over his head. Picking up speed he stretched out his arms, the ball fell into them and he clutched it tight as he ran to the endzone. His defense covered him as he zeroed in on his target.

    The crowd went silent then a roar erupted like thunder. He’d done it, they’d won the game. It was their first win, after five games, since the start of the season. Andy was picked up off the field onto the shoulders of his teammates. The crowd loved every minute of it. There were teachers, and parents, people who normally didn’t like sports. Everyone was there to watch the final game, most hoping they’d go down in flames.

    ((sorry to the football fans for things I got wrong))