EXERCISE Theme Song #6

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  1. Music touches people in different ways. Many people enjoy listening to music for inspiration, and others simply listen to it to relax. Some songs tell stories while others allow you to make your own story.

    Your challenge:

    Listen to the song above then take a minute or two to think about it.

    Write out a scene to this song; make this song your scenes theme song.

    Let me know what you see when you listen to this music.


    Black stone with names on it. A memorial.

    A woman’s fingers tracing a name.


    A woman hugging a man in uniform. There’s a ceremony in the background – he’s just finished training.


    The man and woman hugging again. This time he’s wearing Sergeant’s stripes and pulls away reluctantly.


    The Sergeant, in body armor and a rifle muzzle-up between his knees, in a transport of some kind. The ride is rough and occasionally shaken by explosions. An unheard announcement, and he barks something out. Soldiers start to release straps.


    The Sergeant, charging through a kill zone help a squad that’s pinned down.


    A woman – The Sergeant’s wife – running her fingers over an engraving of an obviously wounded soldier running a flag up a pole.


    The Sergeant, defending a wall. Behind him, ships are taking off. An evacuation.

    A private runs up, gets The Sergeant’s attention. Points to where one last transport is loading.

    The Sergeant shakes his head, takes the private’s heavy weapon from him and gives him a rifle.

    Nods toward the transport.

    Turns back to the wall and starts firing.


    The Private, flanked by two officers – his commander and a Chaplain. He’s speaking to The Sergeant’s wife and struggling not to break down almost as hard as she is.



    The Private, wearing Sergeant’s stripes and a Drill Instructor’s hat, surveying a platoon of fresh trainees

  3. The female fairy danced her way through the forest, only to hear a faint sound from beyond. A humble sound, something...perhaps from an instrument? She followed it, soundlessly. She stumbled onto a clearing. A boy. A human. He was a playing a flute. First, slow, moving fast. He danced near a fire. A fire that raged when he began to play fast. Shadows crept onto the trees. The fairy hid behind one, scared. Face unknowing, no sure what to do; too afraid to move.

    The boy looked into her direction, only to move faster, playing harder and more brilliantly. The shadows rose over the forest, marking the face of the fairy, sending a light to her watering eyes. The boy moved closer, as the fire danced in its place. Slowly, the sparkles flew down from the fire, landing peacefully on the cold plants surrounding. The boy slowly moved closer to the fairy, who, although afraid, took a few steps forward. The sparkles in her eyes brightened as the tip of their fingers touched.
  4. Far away from the cities which oppress the soul of those who dare to look up at the melding of human ingenuity, concrete and steel, in the middle of a beautiful meadow stood two small girls. Around them were flowers of all colours, mesmerising, pure green grass, above them was the blindingly grey sky filled with the reflections of those indifferent structures, and between them was a man coated in golden armour, both of his hands raised in front of the girls’ faces. The young girls were clearly twins as both of them wore the same clothes, had the same, sapphire blue irises and even had their long, raven black hair tied into a ponytail the same way. However, today was not one of the days were they had to show their similarity, as it was one of his exercises again.

    The man in golden armour, the teacher of the young twins told them that this would be one of the more important lessons. The two young girls, while looking exactly the same, were not the same person and regardless of the fact that they shared most of their experiences, thought in a different way, if ever so slightly. He intended this sparring session to show him the differences of the twins so that he may expand on their strengths and weaknesses, however, what he got was not quite what he imagined.

    As soon as the man in golden armour stepped out of the twins’ line of sight, the young girls did not budge a single millimetre. They looked like they were waiting for the other to make a move, to make a mistake, but the man knew that they were not taught enough to do something like that. However, the tension was soon broken as the slightly younger sister made a precise uppercut, but the slightly older one evaded it just as precisely. Blow after blow was traded between the sisters, yet none of them hit, and they used the same combination of moves without even the slightest difference.

    The man knew that this was impossible, because the twins were clearly not masters, yet now they behaved as if they had been practicing the martial art for a long time. He could not believe that these two were the same ones whom he just started instructing a few weeks ago, and as his mind followed strike after strike, he declared that this scene had to be impossible. Yet there it was, in front of his eyes, and even as the younger sisters grew more and more tired, they failed to hit each other, still evading every attack so precisely that even he would be proud of. However, as the fight grew longer, the man noticed something else: the sisters never even tried to use attacks that would involve grabbing the opponent, even if they were obvious counters to the moves used on them, they would just simply evade the blow.

    After the man noticed that, the battle slowed down for a few seconds, each sister eyeing the other as she rested, looking for openings yet again, in a way that left the man speechless. This time, it was the slightly older sister who broke the standstill, and it was then that the man realised the truth. What he mistook for a fight was actually a coordinated show, a theatre piece, a stage play, anything except what he actually tried to set up. But the twins had no way of knowing that he would set them up for this. When and where did they speak to each other about this, and more importantly, when did they have the time to practice this elaborate piece of art?

    As blow after blow was traded, the man realised the futility of his thoughts and clapped his hands, thus ending the fight. He would have to give some more precise instructions to these two and reprimand them for practicing when he was not looking, ignoring the warning bells in his head that told him there was something wrong with the twins.
  5. In a flowering field two young fox cubs played chasing each other through a pleasant land as a light rain traveled across the sky. In this place there was no worrying thought of death or destruction because in this world there was no poison, no slaughter. It was a beautiful world left untouched by the toxic atrocities of the humans and their machines.

    Startled the foxes looked up to the sky as the sound of an angry god traveled across the sky leaving the streaking cry of a star as it fell to earth. Racing the foxes darted out of the field and into the undergrowth of the forest making it a contest to see who can find the fallen star first. As they approached the ground upon which the star fell they were assaulted by the smells of fire and destruction but they pressed forward traveling over the freshly wounded earth.

    They found before them not a fallen star but a creature standing on two legs at a height far beyond the minute foxes. It’s dreary and monotonous grey color was in sharp contrast to the foxes own bright and brilliant crimson fur. Ever curious the twin foxes moved closer to this new being until it enveloped the entire sky blocking out the sun like an eclipse. Without warning the metallic biped scooped up one of the cubs quicker than either could escape. As if on command the sky seemed to darken turning the surrounding happy landscape into a dark and foreboding area. Then the sky began to fill with hundreds, thousands of stars all falling from the sky.

    Before the juvenile fox could pass a second thought its twin was dashed before the ground in front of him. Its body was mangled and broken revealing a beautiful crimson that could match its fur.

    Running the fox darted away from the metallic star creature as fast as it could, heading into the safety of the forest. Only the pursuer would not be befuddled by a simple forest. It crashed through the green growth with a fiery thrashing sending anything in its path crashing to the forest floor blackened and broken. Crying out for help the fox yelped as it moved as quickly as its small insignificant legs could carry it towards the mountain. The fox knew if it could reach its home it would be safe, but the star creature was relentless in its chasing. No amount of camouflage and concealment could hide the fox from the star beast as it could sense the tiniest heat and movement. The juvenile fox knew that it could not escape this monstrosity and was prepared to resign its futile escape attempts when it burst from the forest tree line and insight was the secret cave entrance to the mountain that towered over even the large star beast.

    As fast as it could the fox sprinted across the burning field of flowers that once held joyful memories. Narrowly the fox managed to escape into the tiny cave entrance that denied entry to anything larger than the fox itself. Exhausted the fox emerged upon the peak of the mountain where it could behold a view of the entire land as far as it could see. The scene that unfolded below was not one the fox could understand.

    The proud creation of man had come.
  6. The wind running through her hair, bare feet trampling soft moss, it was like being up in the clouds. She ran as fast as she could her arms pumping at her sides her breathing coming in near gasps. She’d been running for a half an hour in shifts, some fast and long others more of a jog. Her long black hair flew behind her, but she didn’t care. They trees on either side of her were like a protective barrier keeping her safe from all that meant to do her harm. Her home far behind her long forgotten as her mind cleared embraced the true feeling of freedom.

    The skins of the deer she wore, the feathers on that, it made her feel more connected to her roots, to the animals and nature. They were all a part of her world, nothing would change that. A cliff face came into view ahead of her and she slowed to a stop. This was new, she’d never been this far away from her village before and it both frightened and excited her. There were flowers in bloom she’d never seen and the closer she got the ground got more and more unforgiving to her bare feet. There were far too many sharp rocks to go much further but the sound of running water and voices drew her further in.

    Leaning against the rock face she gazed out at the wilderness ahead of her, her breath leaving her when she saw how it was being taken apart. Loud explosions echoed across the forest and she was horrified at how they could treat nature in such a way. This was her home, why would they do this to her home? Breathing heavily she fell to her knees and wept. One hand clutched the cliff while the other clung to her chest. She hurt inside, she felt like she were being torn in two.

    Something flashed in her eyes as her tears subsided and she stood. Knees bloody and feet sore she walked away. Her pace grew as she fell back into the woods she loved so much. Running at full speed she felt animals join her, others watched with curiosity from the skies as she ran like a deer but had the movements of an angry bear. They were going to pay for this, if it were the last thing she did they were going to pay. Her eyes were hard as she approached her village, she knew what she wanted and she was going to get it.