Theme Song #57

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  1. Music touches people in different ways. Many people enjoy listening to music for inspiration, and others simply listen to it to relax. Some songs tell stories while others allow you to make your own story.

    Your challenge:

    Listen to the song above then take a minute or two to think about it.

    Write out a scene to this song; make this song your scenes theme song.

    Let me know what you see when you listen to this music.

    (Sorry it is late again. I will do better. I promise.)
  2. Nia shifted her feet restlessly, her deep green hued eyes darting back and forth anxiously as she took in her surroundings. White plain walls, white furniture, white desk, white chairs and she couldn't help but think, why the hell is everything white? The pressure of her mother's soft hands on top of her own shifted her focus away from the blinding color to the warm smile and beautiful visage that stared into her eyes. The soft pink full lips, crazy that they are still in perfect shape without one wrinkle at the age she was at now, moved in an effortlessly way letting the sweet breath escape them. The sounds of her mother speaking to her was muffled, Nia noticing she was entranced by her mother's beauty shook her head and looked back at her with furrowed brows murmuring, "I'm.. What was that mother?"

    She felt a pat on her hand, and now heard her mother crisp and clear, "Dr. Hana will be in a second. You'll be in peace soon." Nia could only frown even more, confused all of a sudden. The voice sounded caring, the expression of motherly affection yet the emotion that came out and molded these words within them, was detached and impassive. Nia immediately released her hands away from the warmth, and let the cold air within the room start to send chills back through them. For it was better to feel the slight change in temperature than to hear those words falsely enacting affection.

    The door opened, a loud creak following the tap of heels and in walked a tall lean woman, average looking but knew how to make her facial features work for her with a natural look and her hair tightly knotted in a bun. She dressed in a long lab coat, the tapping coming from her small black heels continued when she took the small box she was holding in her arms over to the desk. It was obvious this was Dr. Hana, as Nia's mother rose and shook hands with her after, greeting her in a formal manner. Nia couldn't help but feel that both of these women shouldn't even be conversing, such different levels of class and beauty was unseen in normal living. Yet, they both turned to her, and found they had one thing in common: her.

    "Nia," Dr. Hana said, her husky voice surprising her, "Let's try something shall we? I want you to lay down on that sofa you're sitting on and I'm going to put something on top of your head. You won't feel anything, it's going to make you much more at ease, okay?" Nia gaped at her as she listened thinking that what she was asking was absurd, crazy talk. Her eyes shifted to her mother and she had the feeling that now was not the time to disobey. Her mother's eyes were glued to her own, a silent glare of dominance emanating. She found herself lying on the smooth surface of the sofa, gawking at the the white bright lights that were blinding her again. She squinted her eyes and soon, the light went away and replace of it was pitch black darkness.

    There were murmurs outside the helmet she wore but Nia couldn't hear a thing, she felt that this was the time to start panicking but her body felt completely calm and loose. In the darkness, Nia saw a flicker of light, flash on off to the distance. Then there were more flickers, more lights flashing on and the blinding light increased worse than what was in the room. Nia wanted to panic so much, she wanted to scream and cry for help, it hurt, or was it suppose to hurt, it all confused her and she couldn't understand a thing that went on. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head, the light still following her but now her consciousness was fading. Her ability to feel, to think, was disappearing. Nia wanted to cry, she felt inhuman, not being able to show emotion, feel it, or move her own body. Her mind instantly went blank.