Theme Song #56

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  1. Music touches people in different ways. Many people enjoy listening to music for inspiration, and others simply listen to it to relax. Some songs tell stories while others allow you to make your own story.

    Your challenge:

    Listen to the song above then take a minute or two to think about it.

    Write out a scene to this song; make this song your scenes theme song.

    Let me know what you see when you listen to this music.

  2. A man walks down the street. He is wearing overly-large sunglasses and a black fedora. His clothing seems right out of a jazz club, with a black coat, dark blue shirt, and a tie to fill out the ensemble. He seems calm and casual as he walks through the crowds, slipping his hand into the pockets of anyone who gets close and pulling out anything of value while somehow remaining unseen.
  3. There she lies; the grey eyed seductress entangled in sheets of ebon satin. There he stands; entranced by her beauty but he does not see the blade. There she sits; staring wonderously at the lifeless man. Smoke rolls from freshly painted lips. And then she's gone; she is but dust in the wind.
  4. Grey, rough asphalt, and cement walls, brick by stony brick potrayed a wonderous transformation from light to dark, a flurry of activity on the sidewalks and behind the scenes alleyway dealings. While anyone could be taking a simple stroll, driving out to nightclubs and hitting their friends up for a good time, it was one soul that had ulterior motives. Multitudes of people moved their bodies to an erratic and sensational beat, flowing out from the speakers, and making their hearts speak in tune with the flickering of colorful strobe lights, and whisping about the smoke generated by smoke machines. There was booze, and cigar smoke as well, but there was so much more going on beneath the party setting.

    It held a business type feel.

    Keh.. He should be here any moment now. Thought a shady dealer, Mikael, or otherwise known as Mike. His eyes swept across the rave of bodies hungerly, searchingly, posture slouched but chin held up high to signal he was very much alert. To the untrained eye, he could have been just a loner, down on his luck, or far too timid to go up and actually dance, but to an acutely aware person... Well, those people Mike had to watch out for. He was there on important business matters with his accomplice Ezekial, if that was his real name, Mike would never know- the sly ol' bastard was far too paranoid for his good. For the right reasons, too.

    Zeke oddly however, seemed to be running late tonight.

    "Hello there hansome," a sleek, rich voice purred out to him, a beautiful creature swathed in a deep midnight and sparkling blue dress belonging to it; his ever observative gaze resting on her.

    Her garb was far too formal for a dance club, but whatever suited a person was no business of Mikael's, an eyebrow raised itself as a grin splayed across his face. Intrigued by the creature before him "I wouldn't say hansome, you on the otherhand are a gorgeous thing to behold" his voice was flirty, and somewhat teasing as he invited her subtly to sit with him.

    The broad took the bait.

    She languishly sat beside him and relaxed, her intent was blunt or so Mike thought "you were sitting here all alone, I figured you were... Lonely."

    "Lonely?" Mike echoed, amused at her reasoning for joining him, it was so obvious "Not with someone like you around." He slid over to sit next to her closely, siddling, with his own intents and purposes being displayed quite clearly; he wanted to get to know her a little better. The creature really was a catch, she had skin that might just as well have been kissed by the sun itself, and such dazzling blue eyes, framed neatly by flowing locks of sandy colored hair, with all the right assets in the right places to catch any mans eye. There was just something about her that made her seem so innocent, but at the same time.. So dangerous.

    "Really, not even before I arrived?" She asked him coyly.

    One of his rough hands found the stubble on his chin and rubbed it in thought, it wouldn't hurt to let a little information out, right? "Yes, really, actually I was waiting for someone to come by...before you-"

    "Oh? Who?" She cut him off a little too quickly, her act wavering.

    Hard brown eyes narrowed down at her, glancing towards the exit once or twice "a friend, we were suppose to meet and have a few rounds tonight...Hoping to collect a few girl's numbers" he added in with a wink at the end. Trying to make it seem like he were single, and totally there just to have fun, and totally not there to deal in drugs with his accomplice. Since that was the sole purpose of being there tonight, and his 'friend' had yet to arrive still, the ol' bastard was never late usually, or at all for that matter. Something had to be up, but what? He tried to piece together what little information he had currently.

    Maybe it was best to forgo the meeting, and reschedule a different date later in case Zeke met up with trouble beforehand. Politely excusing himself from the lovely woman, he made his way towards the exit without another word. It was then that his thigh buzzed with life, his cellphone was receiving a call, or had just gotten a text message. Flipping it out, he looked at the unknown ID and recognized it to be Zeke's secret number. The call ended before he could answer. That can't be good... Mike thought to himself, feeling his gut drop slowly to the ground, an inkling that perhaps... Something did happen.

    There was a voice, it was the womans that had sat with him before.

    In front of him a man came up, and knew that he himself and Ezekial had been busted along with a number of other accomplices that had been in on his business, his body turned to look at the coy little creature looking at him so smugly, another man beside her. "Oh, wonderful..." he uttered out. It was just another night, similar to any other night except this time it seemed there would be no more nights like this afterwards... This time he found himself in the back seat of a police car.