Theme Song #50

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  1. Music touches people in different ways. Many people enjoy listening to music for inspiration, and others simply listen to it to relax. Some songs tell stories while others allow you to make your own story.

    Your challenge:

    Listen to the song above then take a minute or two to think about it.

    Write out a scene to this song; make this song your scenes theme song.

    Let me know what you see when you listen to this music.
  2. The moon was full with the stars shinning above, lighting the pathway for any late night travelers. Tucked away in the forest was the small hut where Radic had stolen away to meet with Selene. The two were forbidden to see one another, but that had never stopped them in the past. Events leading up to his arrival this night were not going to stop him either. He'd broken a promise he'd made to Selene, but it had to be done. HE was not proud of the blood he'd stained himself with in the past few days, but this was war. It was necessary and part of the cycle. Radic knew that Veren knew this as well, he could tell from the final look in his eyes and his last words. The words that still haunted his dreams Take care of her.

    Arriving at the small hut, a thin stream of smoke rose from the chimney signaling that Selene was inside keeping the place warm. Radic approached and slipped through the door without knocking. There at the small hearth knelt Selene, diligently tending to the fire and unaware of Radic's appearance. His eyes scanned over her slender figure as he felt the warmth grow within him. Radic approached quietly and wrapped his arms around his beloved, tenderly kissing her neck and shoulders; feeling the goosebumps form upon her pale skin as as soft sigh escaped her lips.

    "You came" she whispered softly, causing a small smile to form from Radic's lips while he turned her to face him. His body was large compared to hers and covered in scars, some fresh. Selene ran her fingers along each one with a tender stare. "Of course I came, I promised I would."

    "They'll kill you if they find you here" she quietly spoke, a sad look upon her face as her gaze drifted toward the ground, her hand resting upon the star shaped scar that spanned his exposed chest. Radic gently lifted her chin and looked her in the eyes, "Even death could not stop me from coming" he spoke truthfully as he leaned in for a kiss. As the fire crackled the two lovers took to the bed (a simple mattress stuffed with straw). The words that Selene spoke were all too true. If he were found and caught, he'd be executed on the spot.

    Enraptured in the throws of love, though his thoughts were on Selene, a part of him remembered the deed he'd committed. Selene's moans of passion swept into his ears intensifying the mixed emotions he felt, and slowly stirring the animal within him.

    It was raining and the battle raged on around them. Imperial forces clashed with the rag-tag rebel group as mud turned into a red liquid clay. Even being vastly outnumbered, the men fought on. They would rather die upon the battlefield for the cause than flee a coward. That was why Radic respected all his men "Take the hold at any costs! They may outnumber us 5 to but don't let that dampen your spirits. I know each and everyone one of you is a capable warrior and I'd gladly give my own life to defend each of you! Today we fight not for glory but for our cause! Lets show them that we are not to be trifled with! Let us show them the true meaning of fear! If we die, we die with honor knowing that we are fighting for something we believe in!" he called trying to rally his men prior to the encounter. It worked and he was proud of the courage of his men.

    Selene continued to moan in pleasure, her back arching as their bodies slid against one another. Radic was poised over her, his muscles tensing and relaxing as their hips moved together in a fluid motion. His hands slid down her arched back as her arms wrapped around him, fingers drawing down his spine.

    Pulling his sword from the corpse before him, blood spattered his face as he moved on. Always forward, pushing toward the hold they were trying to overtake. He knew he'd already lost a good deal of men, but the battle was not yet over. As thunder crashed in the skies above his vision became sharp as he locked on a familiar figure. The two made eye contact knowing full well who the other was. The battle raged on as a body flew past Radic, who simply ducked under and made his way toward the other male. His bare chest heaved heavily, his warm breath condensing in the cold air.

    "It comes to this?" Veren spoke to Radic as he took off his helm to reveal dark hair and two different colored eyes. The general of the imperial army Radic know faced, an enemy. According to the prophecy, they were destined to face off, and so here they were now. Radic kept his gaze fixed, "You knew it would."

    "Is she well?" Veren spoke as he removed his own armor drawing his blade. Though battle raged around them, to each other they were the only ones present.

    "She's safe. Let's stop this nonsense, and get this over with!" Radic said charging forward seeing that Veren was ready.

    "You still believe yourself to be the prophet then? Then prove it to me!" Veren replied as he drew his blade and charged forward, the clash of their swords ringing through the air.

    Just like the clashing of the blades in battle, Selene's cries of pleasure echoed within the small hut as the fire slowly crackled. The lovers continued their thrusting dance, changing positions with one another. With Selene on top, his hands traced the curves of her body as he took in every moment of pleasure he could. Her eyes closed she finally opened them and peered down at him. Those same heterochromia eyes awakening the beast within as he thrust hard against her letting loose the demons within. Her moans growing in intensity and the warmth of her body wrapping around him.

    They were both injured from the brawl. Wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, his energy was quickly slipping away. He could tell that Veren was getting there too. Staggering back to their feet, this was the final moment. Would prophecy once more be one step closer to being fulfilled? Of would the supposed prophet fail? Powering up their last strikes against one another the two finally made their last charge. With one final swipe the two stood, backs to one another as the rain came down. Radic fell to a knee as blood trickled from his wound. Behind him Veren sneered, "So, you finally did it after all these years. Became what no one thought you would. I guess I was wrong about you Radic," he suddenly coughed as blood sprayed from his mouth. Radic stood once more and staggered toward Veren, pushing the man onto his back. In his last moments, Veren looked up at Radic and spoke those words, "Protect my sister at all costs. Take care of her--" and with that the life fled from Veren's body.

    As the beast came full circle within him, Radic thrust hard into Selene's soft flesh. Had he been wrong to fulfill his place as the prophet? Was he wrong to have broken his promise not to kill her brother if they came to battle? Probably. It pained him to no end that he had broken his promise to Selene, but it had to be done. He could not go against what was fated for him. With a final fit of feral passion, both came to their climax as they fell into one another's arms. His grief for the act he had committed pained him, but his love for Selene selfishly overcame that guilt. This was now his burden to carry. As promised, he would protect her at all costs.
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