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  1. Music touches people in different ways. Many people enjoy listening to music for inspiration, and others simply listen to it to relax. Some songs tell stories while others allow you to make your own story.
    Your challenge:
    Listen to the song above then take a minute or two to think about it.
    Write out a scene to this song; make this song your scenes theme song.
    Let me know what you see when you listen to this music.
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  4. I imagine a lone man wrapped in clloth rising from behind a dune in the early morning with a pet mongouts on his shoulder, simply wandering the wastelands, stopping for a quick lunch under a dried tree's shade and continuining on his journey untill he reaces a village.
    After browsing the bazaar for some minutes, he reaches his destination, a large carved and worked monolythic stone where he bows and prays.