EXERCISE Theme Song #42

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  1. Music touches people in different ways. Many people enjoy listening to music for inspiration, and others simply listen to it to relax. Some songs tell stories while others allow you to make your own story.

    Your challenge:

    Listen to the song above then take a minute or two to think about it.

    Write out a scene to this song; make this song your scenes theme song.

    Let me know what you see when you listen to this music.
  2. None story stuff (open)

    I really liked your choice of song this time Celestialis. I hope you enjoyed my writing in return.

    A woman was sitting alone in her living room staring into the picture of her dearest love. The sun had not yet breached the horizon to offer any warmth to the early hours of the day. Suddenly a knock on her door, confused she placed the picture down upon the table as she stood to walk to the door. Turning back she gave it one more wistful look before opening the door. Before her two men stood, both dressed in their very best uniforms with hats in hand. Her heart sunk as she realized who and what they were. She felt tears well up in her eyes as she waited for the words that would break the dam letting them flood over her face. Then it happened, they expressed their sorrow and sadness for her loss. Stricken with grief her face was drowned with tears. How could it have happened to her? This had to be a dream. It just had to be…

    Now she was at his funeral grieving as the mourners trickled by professing their sadness for her tragedy and loss. They were his friends, his superiors and his brothers in arms. They wished they could take his place so she could be happy once more. But she was left alone, sitting in front of a casket all dressed in black wishing she could go back and tell him once more how much she loved him. But no matter how hard she wished and how hard she cried, it would never change. He was gone forever and she would never again feel his touch against her body, his breath upon her neck and his love intertwined with hers.


    She was wrong. His touch would never be forgotten for within her stomach grew their child. It was a new life and it would forever contain part of him. Something that she could hold onto for all eternity to remember how great their life was, and how it will continue to be. She could feel the child move and each time it reminded her of his touch. He will never be gone, not while her new love lived and one day the child would know the sacrifices their father made. Why he was no longer around, and how great of a man he was. Her love would only grow stronger and never be forgotten, not until her last breath was taken. Then her love would be carried on passed down through the generations. The tale of a great man and a father that gave everything he could, for the child he could never hold.
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  3. The young teenage boy hadn't known love in a while. When he turned 16 he tasted it for the first time, but since then he's never been able to forgive and forget. That girl broke his heart, using him, lieing to him with every touch, every hug, every word. He went around, never smiling, never laughing, not since she broke him, but then a new girl came to school, he saw new found hope in her eyes, his broken heart slowly healed and sprouted new wings, he dared, and she agreed. She opened up to him and welcomed him into her heart, as he then welcomed her into his. Years went by and the flame never ruffled, it stayed burning brightly, the spark renewing everytime they looked into each others burning eyes. There pashion was unspeakable, there love true. She helped him believe again, and as they went through college he made enough money to make her happy for the rest of her life. Since she gave him his love back, gave him back his inspiration so many years ago, he would make sure her flame would never dim like his once did. He got down on one knee right there in front of the whole park, and said," Will you allow me to make you as happy as possible for the rest of your life?" as a tear fell from her eyes, she dropped to the ground beside him and nodded, "Yes," kissing him passionatly, like usual, but this time, the flam grew brighter than it's ever been. She inspired him again, and now, he's inspiring her.
  4. A lone brave child stands among a crowd of people clutching a stuffed bear. He watches people pass him by. He is dirty and dressed in tatters and is unloved.
    Suddenly a woman calls out to him through the crowd. She says his name repeatedly as she pushes against the crowd. He hears her and takes off again, leaving the woman alone as the crowd sweeps her away. The boy aways off now looks back for her and realizes now...he is lost and now really alone.
  5. As always, the small noises that these raindrops make remind me of a gentle melody, one that I have listened to so gladly. It is a melody which brings me peace, happiness, fulfillment... But most importantly, it is a melody that brings me despair. I wish I could forget it, yet this life seems to enjoy tormenting me. It seems to have found unending pleasure in making me relive those wonderful memories, the days I wish I could forget. Sometimes I wonder if there is a sick, utterly twisted God behind this, who is watching me from the heavens above and wishes for me to suffer. Other times, I blame life itself and the river Léthe for being so unfair to me. But there are times when neither of those help.

    In those times, when I cannot find anything to place the blame on, I am forced to remember Her. I am forced to recall how She looked in Her glory, how She ascended the stairway to heaven, how She lived, how She died, how She laughed and how She loved. At those times, I curse my perfect memory, for even if I can recall every single moment of Her life that She spent with me, it only makes me feel more alone. It only makes me curse this body, this life, this river Léthe. It only makes me wish that I had never met Her, but then, how would I know what it meant to truly live? Without Her life entwined in my life, how could I ever discover that there was something behind this shell called a body? I wonder how She changed my life, drawing me into Her world step by step. I wonder why She sacrificed Herself for the sake of one such as I.

    But all those questions are useless. Only these perfect memories are left of Her and Her sacrifice, and so much time has passed since I have seen Her that only my immortal mind remembers Her kindness. She was left forgotten by the world regardless of Her divine nature. In fact, She was so forgotten by the world, that when She died, there were no tears shed over Her death. To the world, She was but an ordinary girl who played the piano, but to me, She was salvation and damnation at the same time. How could humans even start to understand what I feel when through the sound of the rain, Her melody comes back to haunt me? How can I expect humans to understand what I am if even She was shocked by my nature?

    I do not know. But I know that these raindrops will torment me until the end of the universe. I know that these raindrops will never cease to make me recall those painful memories, those sweet moments of life that I experienced with Her. It makes me wish that there would be another one of Her so that She could make me forget those experiences. But then, the wounds on my heart will only be greater if the new She leaves me alone again, after spending the lifetime of a mere mayfly with me. And if I repeat that, eventually, then it would be my very soul that gave up on this body, because I would realise that She is but a momentary existence in my life.

    But then again, that would not be so bad, would it? I would be free from the sound of the rain and the melody of Her piano, after all...
  6. It was all over...

    Closing her eyes tightly, her fingers would grip at the side of her arms, hugging her shaking form. All around her the sky erupted with ease. Drops of rain pattered against the cemented floor. All around her she watched with a childs fascination as the floor changed colour. The once dry cement was now flicked with big round spots of water. She felt it along her skin, meandering down over her shaking form. It licked, pulling with it a layer of grime from otherwise pale skin. Raising her face towards the broken sky above her the drops of rain would land on closed eyelids and follow the curve of her cheek down to slightly parted lips. Here the drop would hungry soak into dry lips.

    She was free..

    Breathing in a shakey breath, a sound would catch her ears. Way off, in the distance she heard them. Her salvation. Sirens blared through the still sleeping city. Opening her vivid emerald eyes they would take in the scene before her. The sky was a burning orange, streaked with yellow clouds that meandered and slipped with ease and playful manner above her. The rain still fell around her and she listened closely to the sound. The soft pitter patter around her. The tinny ping as it hit the roof to her left. Slowly those eyes moved down. She glanced the buildings lining the view around her but she didnt take them in. Her eyes had a goal and swiftly they found it. Before her lay a body. She had killed him. The weapon, a hammer, held heavily in one hand. Blood coating her skin, flecking her clothes. Those sirens drew ever nearer, ever louder.

    She was safe now..

    The hammer dropped to the floor, her own form with it. On her knees she pushed her head back towards the sky, blinking as the rain landed against her skin. Her kidnapper was dead..And she had survived. The sirens were so close now, and as the minutes ticked by she realised the rain had stopped. It was now her own tears that moved silently down her face.

    She was alive.