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  1. [video=youtube;KLwtRh1QW2Q][/video]

    Music touches people in different ways. Many people enjoy listening to music for inspiration,
    and others simply listen to it to relax. Some songs tell stories while others allow you to make your own story.

    Your challenge:

    Listen to the song above then take a minute or two to think about it.

    Write out a scene to this song; make this song your scenes theme song.

    Let me know what you see when you listen to this music.
  2. Death opened his eyes as he descended through the swirling black and grey tunnel towards the human world, scythe in hand. As he exited the other end high above the sprawling plains desecrated by battle he snapped his wings out, the flesh and feathers having long since decayed to leave only the bones intact. He flapped in place for a moment, raking the ground far below with his gaze before pulling his wings in and diving once more. He poked the tips of his wings out to control his descent, maneuvering around bombshells as he drew closer to the ground. His wings flared out to allow him a safe landing, and as he did he slowly brought his scythe up to eye level. In a flash he shot his hand out to cleave the head off a departed soldier's ghost, and a moment later the severed appendage dissolved into smoke and rejoined the body. A divine light slowly blossomed to life around the specter, growing brighter and brighter until at last the now-star-bright soul shot upwards at speed rivaling Death's descent. With a smirk Death began weaving around the living, delivering more dead to the afterlife as he did so, moving so gracefully it looked like water flowing around stones. Decapitated stones. For hours he did this, the hours stretching into days that stretched into weeks that stretched into months. For eons, it seemed, the battlefield was littered with pillars of brilliant white light that stunned anyone that could see them. Which, of course, was nobody but their maker. At last one side, Death didn't very much care which, won the war and retreated, and as the last soul was delivered the eternal rest he or she had so rightfully earned, Death murmured, "All quiet on the western front.", before taking to the air once more...
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  3. (Decided to make this a short aftermath for the main character of another theme song challenge I did, which can be found Here)

    Her eyes are tightly shut. Her grip is firm. Her will cannot be corrupted. And above all else, her might and passion cannot be fathomed. She is unstoppable. Azlaya pulls her lids away, revealing light blue eyes. She pulls her blades up to her chest for a moment, playing the Warrior's Prayer through her mind before pulling them back down at her sides and rushing forward. In her life, she had no meaning. In her death, she had saved the nations of the world. In her afterlife, she was faced with an eternal hell.

    Where she was, she did not know. Why she was so well equipped to handle her situation, she was even less aware. She thrusts her right hand blade, a piece of red metal with the appearance of being permanently tempered and then slid into a hilt of gold and diamond, into the heart of another Grakk. The strange, goblin-like creatures never relented. Behind her lay a trail of bodies, easily counting to her first hundred. Before her charges an army of Grakk, easily counting to her next thousand. She strikes the next with her left hand blade, causing its body to freeze as it runs through. The blade was the opposite of the other, looking as if the blade had been frozen solid with blue ice and then slid into the same hilt of gold and diamond.

    The female dwarven rogue ran both her blades across the next Grakk's neck, removing its head. No blood poured from the creatures. The lack of gore itself spread fear to her in its own cryptic way. She did not falter, however. Her blades struck down another, and then two more, followed by another hundred after those. Suddenly, a large Grakk breaks through the wall of the cavern she's in, large mace in hand. It swings at her, and she quickly avoids it. The mace swings by again, and she jumps, landing between two of the spikes on the mace. She quickly hops between the spikes until she lands on the shaft of it.

    She runs up the shaft, blades prepared for a lethal strike. She runs the blades across the eyes of the humanoid beast, who then screams in agony as she runs her blades down its back so that she lands safely. She strikes another three Grakks, managing to reach the next tier up of the cavern by grabbing a ledge and pulling herself up. She looks out over the cavern, and it begins to fade. Begins to change, to a village. Is she in heaven now, for surely she is dead for such strange things to happen? She continues to watch as the scenery changes the the Grakk fade with it. The village, she's noticed, is actually her home town of Erylon.

    Now she knows she's in hell.
  4. She knew the moment she opened her eyes from her sleep and heard the sound of the rain splattering on the rooftop of the condo's ceiling that it would happen again. That, feeling, the one that slowly stirs in her chest and swells into her veins, and that whispered thought that told her that she could never be like one of them...Slowly she removed the knife from under her pillow, feeling the hilt in her palm, her small fingertips trailing along the blade, mindful of the weight of the warm, kind man sleeping beside her...And then she turned, her hair whipping over her shoulder as she suddenly plunged the whole blade into the man's throat, feeling the hot blood squirting over her face and ignoring it as the man awoke with a gurgle, his eyes wide and hands blindly grasping at the knife that carved into the back of his throat...It was only a matter of moments before the struggling, choking man had finally gone limp and the room was left to the sound of her heavy breath as she tried to keep herself from crying aloud with what she has done...Not another one, I loved this one, she thought, wiping a tear that trailed through the blood on her cheek, and yet the voice in her head only whispered no. No, you can never be like one of them...
  5. His hands gripped the steering wheel; eyes focused on the road ahead. There was only the smooth black tar and him. Tires spun at astounding speed the speedometer moving to adjust for curves and straight ways. His hands moved automatically as he shifted gears. His car was part of him as much as he was a part of the car. It was not his first time racing nor would it be his last.

    Steely grey eyes caught glimpses of the others in the rear-view. No one was close, no one could get close. He was far in the lead and he loved it. The thrill of the race. It was what he’d strived for since he was old enough to drive. His father raced, his brother’s raced, he raced…a different way. They were all pro racers on a track but he preferred the open road. The unpredictability of it all made his heart beat faster. This was his arena and no one was going to take it from him.
  6. Up on top of the city's roof tops. Out on patrol. He looks to his right. "Hey Nyx see anything?" "No sorry Mike." Nyx replied. "That's fine come on lets move maybe there something down there." "Yes sir." The two jumped down in search for any possible crime. "Over there I see something." Nyx yelled. "Right you go on ahead I'm right behind you." They went to were a gang had just broken into a bank and were starting to load the truck. "Hey let me help you with that buddy." "Oh thanks man it was getting kinda heavy." "No problem." Right when the man handed Mike the bag Mike punched him and knocked the thug to the ground. "Whoa take it easy.... Crap it's Mike and his girlfriend." "I'm not his girlfriend." Nyx replied as she hit two guys in the crouch. The three guys got back up and surrounded Mike and Nyx. "I don't know girly you to are always with each other." "We work together of course were always seem to be together." Nyx replied anger in her voice. "Calm down they know this is getting to you let's just take them out and turn them into the actual police." Mike said looking ay Nyx but keeping his guard up. "Yeah your right sorry." They looked to think of there options as though they knew what the other was thinking Mike said. "Now!" Nyx took out one on the right and Mike took out the one on the left they regrouped and Nyx garbed Mikes right arm. Together they knocked down the third guy and then they made sure he couldn't get back up. Finally they tied up the three villains and made them ready for the police. "All in a days work..." "Yeah but technically it's night... Anyways would you like to go to the cafe and get something I heard they have a new smoothie." "Sounds good." with that the two were off for the night.