Theme Song #36

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  1. [video=youtube;d8qUM4AxmTU][/video]

    Music touches people in different ways. Many people enjoy listening to music for inspiration,
    and others simply listen to it to relax. Some songs tell stories while others allow you to make your own story.

    Your challenge:

    Listen to the song above then take a minute or two to think about it.

    Write out a scene to this song; make this song your scenes theme song.

    Let me know what you see when you listen to this music.
  2. Tonight was the night. It was mine I could feel it. The pulse of the race the thunder under the hood matched that within my chest. This time I was going to win. Nothing was going to stop me. The track was clear of everyone but us. It was down to just the two of us. The tree was lit up. The engines revved waiting for their moment to scream to full power. We passed inspection. The bottles checked out and the course was set. I didn’t care that parts were illegal that was part of the fun. His smirk and my glare matched the tone of the race. It was skill jointed with power. Fuel and feeling.

    Guts and glory had nothing on holding the hand of the devil whiling kissing his lover. I was tempting it all. I had the insanity to match the course. I had slept with the sinner that made it all possible and now I was going to win. This race was for my soul even if it was cursed I wanted it back. A race with the devil. Four wheels and one prayer to a God that I trusted not. Would I win? Did I care? Yes and no for all the right and wrong reasons here we go the lights are changing. My foot on the gas release the clutch, no going back its do or die trying.

    The screaming matched that of the crowed as we took off. It was the rush I waited for all day long. My heart felt like it was about to explode as each car rocketed off the line. It was just as I had dreamed. Every moment felt like it was in slow motion but it was far from it. The sound was deafening as with each turn my car grabbed and snarled past the crowds, lights and buildings. It was all surreal. Nothing but colorful blurs of neon and white filled my sights as I hit the boost. Thrust back into my seat I felt the seconds flash into the held breath caught in my chest. It was almost over. It had started so quickly and it would end just as fast. Two cars this tight track and all at night. This area swarmed with cops. Last corner I could see the lights. The last flash and roar from where the crowd stood. It was all or nothing. My body tingled as it hit me. The thrust of power rattled me to my core. The sound of savage power snagging the prize and saving my soul and by soul I mean the pink slip to my car for she is my soul. Wrong as it might be she is. We are one.
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    Smoke rose nearly white in the air as the thousands of lasers danced and fractures. Voices faded in and as the mass of bodies moved to the thump of the music. Drowning out all other senses in a sort of group hypnoses, women in cloths tight as a second skin or no cloths in seeing a patch of bare flesh with a man’s hands groping her boobs tightly enough to hurt but no one cared. Male or female, gender lost to the any form of mind or personal lines gone and tossed out into the open. The club floor was a living movement of flow and movement of the bodies as they moved in a chaotic harmony. Still a few stood away from the mob, looking out of place in suits and eyes not clouded off from drugs in their bodies. Tight in the shoulders under the black suits, an outline of a gun hidden showed in the fabric as might move a bit to keep watch for anyone out of place.

    She watched, hidden by a pillar barely in a seat as a pair of women made out, wet sounds of lips and tongues close enough filled her ears for a bit over them beat of the techno roaring out over the numbers of speaks set around the club. Ebony hair kept out of range by a rubber band flashed blue black in the strobe lights flashing her shadow on the dance floor then and now. Lacking the body skin cloths, a simple tank top with a leather jacket and torn jeans to end in pair of normal high-tops made her look too much out of place, full lips lightly sipping from a can of beer. Oh the men had seen her, knowing the moment she had popped up on the cameras and watching with mortal eyes. Others with the cameras, some of them feeling a close wash of nerves in seeing what they knew to be a trouble with a capital T.

    One man, looking much like the clones with the hard built and shaved head moved out the door, eyes flashing amber and un-human in the light. Moving in a grace not all too human and all hunter to a trained eye made to watch for it.

    Shifting in the aura of the room of one of nearly sexual hunger to a chill if someone got caught among them. She kept her eyes on him, watching as he rolled his massive shoulders in the movement and pinch in the fabric of the suit. He moved his right hand up, fingers out and long to pull away the tinted glasses used to hide his eyes. Everything in that moment took a turn down wards as lips opened and fangs flashed white and fully curved from his upper jaw, the crack of bones shifting under the tone of the bass. No echo of the human filled the distorted skull.

    Grinning, the lesbians pair where to lost to see the change or care next to her. Smiling, it passed from simple empty happy to malice nearly. Things just a lot more interesting…
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  4. She knelt at the edge; one arm resting on her bent knee as she stared at the city moving beneath her. It was going to be a busy night. Already there were five calls for assistance for some robbery or another. Standing she adjusted the guns in her holster and the sword at her back. She might not need them but it couldn’t hurt. She jumped off the ledge onto the roof and ran to the wire hanging above the door. It would hold her weight she knew that from past experience and the size of it.

    She slid down it to the next building; tucking and rolling when she landed before getting back up on her feet as if nothing had happened. She was moving as fast as she could so she could make this next jump. It was longer than what she’d been used to but she knew she could land it if she had enough momentum and if she timed it right. Without stopping to reconsider she took the leap landing like she had before. The next building was too high to jump onto the roof but there were plenty of hand holds.

    Jumping onto the fire escape across the way she had to navigate along the walls to get to her next destination. That building had always been a problem for all living in it. There was a clear fire code violation with the half-finished fire escape; a rotting one to boot. A call came through on her portable walkie making her stop and listen. The corners of her mouth turned up and she hurried her current pace. The game was on.