Theme Song #34

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    Music evokes different powerful imagery from every person. As one of the first true forms of recreation and entertainment, every note carries something whether it be story or even emotion.

    The Challenge:
    Listen to the song posted above and while you do, let the imagery flow.
    Repeat as many times as you need to write out a scene for the music, or write
    out the imagery that came first to your mind.

    Personal note from myself: "Does anyone else hear Chrono Trigger during one of the strings?"
  2. Our horses ran across the lake of fire. Flags held on high. Swards at the ready with our shields gripped tight. Never before had the men beside me been so willing to fight. Not a single one had but maybe two seasons beyond me. All of us were young and fresh for the fight. With sand, dirt and sweat imbedded in our uniforms we road on into the nightmare before us. The sky the warped with the colors of blood orange mixed with unforgettable reds. The battle had been going on for hours and in this lake we found what remained of the ones before us. Not only where their bodies of mean and horse but those of fish, birds and trees. I knew in this dry lake bed that we would not be riding out and back home to our pregnant wives and waiting mothers. We wouldn’t feel the rays of the next morning’s sun or the kiss of winter’s first snow. In this age, on this night, in this battle we would die. We would win but we would fall. Honor to us all I cried out as the clang and clatter rang in my ears. It had begun.
  3. It was another dreary day. The snow had fallen earlier that night but was already becoming brown and dirty from the heat of the sun. This was supposed to be a joyous occasion. The festival of lights. It was held only once a year and was the only time the general public were allowed to enter the palace on none official business.

    The people flocked and the royals waved from their high balcony. Not one person made a sound as the king spoke. His words floating like ice on the water. They were not the cheerful words they were used to. As each person listened they felt their hearts ache and their eyes fill with tears. No one spoke, no one dared to.

    When the king finished he smiled at the people and pulled something from a pouch at his side. His wrist flicked and the item flew into the air before exploding in a bright array of lights of all colors. His next words were simple and heartwarming. The story he’d told were of the old days, but the festival was of rebirth and renewal. That tale was to remind them of where they came from and the hope for the brighter future. He clapped his hands and the guards made room for the people to enter. The time of the festival was at hand and everyone couldn’t wait to see what was in store.